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Jerry Angelo sas he's not mulling retirement

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Bears general manager Jerry Angelo said he's not considering retirement, although an NFL Network report said that there is "persistent chatter" that this could be his last season.

"I've not talked to anybody about retirement," Angelo told the Sun-Times before today's game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. "It's business as usual. I'm not thinking about retirement.

"When that day eventually comes, like it comes for all of us, hopefully I'll be in a position where I can determine when my time is. But, that will come from me, and no one else, or a rumor mill broadcast."

Angelo is under contract through the 2013 season, and he said his mindset is to fulfill those terms.

"As long as I feel good about what I'm doing and feel good, I'm going to continue do it," he said. "It's no more than that. I've been in football a long time, so I understand where people might pick up the idea."

More specifically, Angelo confirmed he plans to return for 2012.

"I feel good, going forward," Angelo said.

NFL Network Insider Jason LaCanfora cited "multiple general managers and executives from other teams" as the basis of his report this morning.

LaCanfora was initially asked about the future of Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz, who has a contract that expires after this season.

"His head very much is trying to get the Bears in the playoffs," LaCanfora said on NFL GameDay Morning. "If the Bears were to come at with something more lucrative or something that maybe made more sense for his future, that's one thing. But obviously this is a two-way street. He's been asked questions about this and it's not something he wants to get into now, but it has come to light.

"The reality is if the right college head coaching position is out there, maybe that makes sense and maybe even another coordinating position," LaCanfora said.

Then, LaCanfora talked about "instability" of the Bears front office and highlighted Angelo possibly retiring.

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good, don't retire - let's fire him first...

The '"persistent chatter" that this could be his last season' can only mean that the Bears organization might finally be coming to their senses and actually talking about firing a man who is beyond incompetent, someone who should have been fired three or four years ago EASILY.
The biggest problem the team faces--even right now, after the horrendous loss to the Broncos--is a lack of true quality offensive linemen. It was Angelo's job to keep the team stocked with them but he failed MISERABLY.
If the Bears organization is really serious, they will hire a GM who gives them a true chance of winning.
They need to find the Theo Epstein of football and find him now.

I'm all for this retirement. Too bad it cannot be retroactive.

This is HORRIBLE!! Jim Hendry, the greatest GM to ever helm a baseball team gets canned this year, and then this news?! That Jerry Angelo, the bestest, wonderfulest, and winningest GM in football history would retire?!!!! Pray tell this horrible rumor started by some mean hater is false! Oh, perish the thought!

Even if true, though, as my great grandfather Theodosious Troglodyte Bumstead III once said, "All good things come to an end."

I'm Kevin Bumstead, and Larry Mayer and Bears Management approved this message!

There's no analogy to the Cubs situation here, so let's stop with the Theo Epstein comparisons.

NEW OWNERSHIP of the Cubs is who brought in Theo Epstein, and new ownership of the Bears is what will be needed to rid us of Jerry Angelo and his waiting-in-the-wings successor Tim Ruskell. Ruskell might be much worse than Angelo and entrenched for years and years, so those of you licking your chops for Angelo's retirement while the McCaskeys still own the team might want to think twice.

As Jim McMahon and other Bears players have pointed out over the years, the McCaskeys are the underlying problem.


Don, you're exactly right, this is THE problem: McCaskeys.

As long as people keep supporting the culture of failure by buying up garbage made in China with a Bears logo on it. Or by paying ridiculous prices for a ticket, you'll keep that old bag of bones in power - $$$$.

The condition of McCaskey's anatomy is irrelevant to your argument, Sanchez. Sounds to me like you have two agendas going on here, man. Try to keep it on the uppity-up. You know where your choir is.

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