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Hanie or McCown? Lovie leaves QB for Packers open

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Bears coach Lovie Smith would not commit to Caleb Hanie as his starting quarterback after Hanie threw three interceptions and had two of them returned for touchdowns in the Bears' 38-14 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

''Who's going to be our quarterback?'' Smith said, repeating the question during his Monday press conference. ''Right now Caleb Hanie is our starting quarterback. He played yesterday. We felt we needed a boost, we needed to change the course a little bit yesterday. But we do that with all our players. None of those decisions have been made.

''With any of our positions, we evaluate the video, which we're doing right now. And come Wednesday, for you guys out there Wednesday, you'll have an idea then.''

Smith also indicated it's unlikely that rookie Nathan Enderle will play in an effort to get him experience.

''This isn't a tryout period,'' he said. ''We're trying to win a football game. So the best guys that give us an opportunity to do that -- of course [after] talking with our coaching staff -- will be on the field. No more than that.''

In four starts, Hanie has thrown three touchdown passes and nine interceptions and has a 41.8 passer rating. Josh McCown replaced Hanie after Hanie threw his second pick-six of the day against the Seahawks. But his second pass was intercepted.

Those performances continue a disturbing trend. Since Jay Cutler arrived in 2009, Bears backup quarterbacks have thrown four touchdown passes and 17 interceptions for a 33.8 passer rating. Three of the picks have been returned for touchdowns, so they've nearly given up as many points as they've scored.

Smith refused to single out Hanie as the problem, but he perhaps unintentionally pinpointed the Bears' problem when asked how the Bears could do a better job of evaluating and preparing a backup quarterback.

''You have to have the right player in that position as much as anything,'' he said. ''It's tough to prepare a No. 2 quarterback. You prepare the No. 1 guy and you do what you can with the No. 2 guy. How do you prepare him? Through the offseason. With him in meetings. But as far as actual work, it's hard to get a backup quarterback a lot of work. You just hope to have the right guy in that position.''

Preparing a No. 2 quarterback is tough for the Bears, but not so tough for other NFL teams. In fact, quarterbacks who began the season as backups have an 89.8 passer rating so in Week 15.

The Colts' Dan Orlovsky, who by the way spent two seasons in Mike Martz's system with Detroit, had a 95.7 passer rating (11-of-17 for 82 yards, one TD, no INTs) in a victory over the Titans on Sunday. Jake Locker replaced slumping Matt Hasselbeck in that game and was 11-of-16 for 108 yards, a TD and no INTs of a 108.3 rating, rallying the Titans to within a touchdown with 3:48 to play.

And it can't be ignored that Kyle Orton, who joined the Chiefs less than four weeks ago and was making his first start for them on Sunday, led Kansas City to a monumental upset of the previously unbeaten Green Bay Packers. He was 23-of-31 for 299 yards, no touchdowns and no interceptions for a 104.1 rating.

Hanie, meanwhile, is making the same mistakes now that he did against the Packers in the NFC Championship Game. Smith acknowledged disappointment that the team has struggled with Hanie at quarterback and said they're working on it.

''WE are making some of the same mistakes that we made against Green Bay, as a football team,'' he said. ''Caleb is a part of that. You just keep working to get better. We are doing that.

''Anytime we see a guy making a mistake in that game, we're working to get it better. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer. And I'm going to say that about our football team. We're 7-7. We need to get that solved pretty quick.''

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Ummm yeah... I don't think it really matters, there totally ######. I can't wait for the off-season so I can watch Angelo ignore the O-Line, and recievers and just leave it all up to Cutler and Forte to make an offense next year.

Lets be honest they all suck. You want a solution that jkust might work I have one for you.

My nephew turned me on to the Madden football games for XBOX la couple years afgo. Have you guysd heard of them? Its very similrar to real football where you tackle thorw the bal and all that good stuff. Well the first few times I played it I was pretty bad but then i got better and better until I won the Super Bowel on franchise mode which is like a whole season of the BFL. I didn't just win I was unstooppable. On offense I new just what the defense was doing by the looks they gave me and where to go wit the ball almost 100% of the time. I am good, no excuse me, dam good.

Now I no some people may think i;m crazy but i really do think I cand lead this team to Ws in the next two games. I dont no if Ihave to have people sing a petition or tryout or whatever but I want to play for my home team sense I no Ican help. I would so be up for it. I dont have a canon like Cutler but I can throw the ball better then mostr people and like I said from playing madden, I can read a defense like a book. I no waht to look for in the packer 3-4 D and the vikes 4-3 Cover 2 I guarantee iwont be making the same mistakes like Hanie.

This is no joke iswear i . get my name out there at Halas and tell them you want to see the Creighton in at QB. n omore garabage at quarterback losing games for the Bears.

spend your time studying english and the written language. Reading this post is like trying to write with caulk in snow............

Dude!!!! You are crazy!!!!!! Have you even played high School ball???? You can predict a computer, but on the field the defenseive players actually have brains. This means they can change up the play even after the snap of the ball. I say I hope you get a shot. You would probally make Hanie look like Joe Montana

I agree with your first comment, Creighton, but the second, if that's really you, is too silly to comment on. I think McCown should start if Cutler cannot make it.He can't be any worse than Hanie has been. I would love to see either Cutler or McCown light up the scoreboard against a Green Bay team whose defense is not very strong.The game plan will probably be to run the ball hoping to keep the Green Bay offense off the field, which means another boring fiasco. I have been lucky the last two Bear games because they were not telecast in my area, which, as it turned out, was probably a blessing. I usually get the scintillating Minnesota Vikings instead.

The only way to tell if that's the real Creighton is too sniff his pink panties!


Can we have a "tryout period" for GM's, Head Coaches, and bloggers named creighton?

Ummm... not only do you want me in pink panties, you want to sniff them? What is wrong with you, what kind of guy says that to another guy, what are ga..., ohhhh that explains so much.

I leave it up to you guys to figure out if that is me, gosh he sounds just like me, and always post right after I post. Although I would enjoy playing for the Bears, I think all of us would like to dress for a day, or in Brando's case apperantly he just wants to watch us get dressed and maybe sniff some of us, and dress us in womens panties, excuse me pink panties.

Neither! Why go with proven bums who you know will play poorly and lose the game!? At least go with the unknown, rookie Enderle, and see if he can at least play so you know whether he goes or stays next season!

Geez, why can't Lovie pull his face out of his rear and do the obvious best thing for this team now and for the future?

Or heck, I'd even go with Creighton's suggestion! Don't worry man, I'll help you "sing" the petition you need LOL!

Brando | December 20, 2011 2:46 AM | Reply

The only way to tell if that's the real Creighton is too sniff his pink panties!

2:46 in the morning, I was bartending at that time and Sean or Mark you know I put my E-Mail up every time how did you let this one go by?

I will be sending in an E-Mail to the Sun-Times cause that post was uncalled for!

I think McCown would be a better choice, Mike. Enderle can get his chances next year when there are no lock-outs, and a few pre-season games. Besides, maybe McCown, knowing the Martz system, will prove to be the ideal back-up.

Oh the humanity someone posted under your name, that never happens on this blog. It only happens to you, it's all about you. I am sure Sean, Mark and the rest of the staff are investigating your compalint. Do you think it's fun for them having to baby sit people, or to read extra emails in the middle of there busy season. They actually have job reporting, they blog here as a favor to the fans. I know for a fact that one of them does not even like blogging, but they do it to be nice to the fans.

Do yourself a favor and get over it. Whinning about it will do nothing for you.

By the way you were bartending at 2:46 on a Mon/Tues shift, what kind of bar is open that late on a Mon/Tues, most places close early on those days even in Luch Porte Indiana. That seems pretty fishy to me, even the fact that you made an excuse seems strange. You could have just said it wasn't you. Oh and the whole email thing doesn't really help you can have a dozen email addresses and nobody would know, they would need to check the IP address. Why don't you ask them to take even more time out of there day to do your laundry and cook for you. Cause that is what they are here for, to do everything you want and to make you happy.

Poor baby someone used your name, poor little Brando who has never done anything wrong is gonna stop his feet unless he gets his way. Tell you what I will investigate this for you, leave the phone number to your job and I will check how late your work was open.

Now let me also point this out to you, most of Indiana is on Eastern time, and this blog posts on Central time which mean who ever wrote that posted at 3:46 eastern time. The latest an Indiana Bar can be open is 3 pm on a weekend legally. As a bar tender you would know this. You would also know most Bars close early on Monday and tuesday which are considered off days. Now either you work in Gary which I doubt because you don't live there and I doubt you would want too. No you live right by Southbend which you have stated that's eastern time. So you could not have been bartending at 2:46 central time. Also Gary does not have 3am laws on week days, so either way your kinda screwed. You were not working at that time, it's impossible. I am not saying that you posted that, but your excuse is phony.

I dont know about anyone else, but has anyone heard of a pool league, I have. I gonna make this simple and easy enough for Creighton to understand:
Holidays are for the next two weeks mmmmmK.
With no pool leagues going on the for the next two weeks, there is double nights that happens every year, year in and year out
So most every bar in Lunch Porte is open (20 out of 26) keep open till 3 a.m. last call no later then 2:40.

Not trying to bust your twig and berrys Creighton, I am just stating the truth.

I dont know this but do those 4G phones have an IP?

Does anyone really care whether or not Brando was tending bar at 2:46 in the morning? If he is from northwestern Indiana , there would be no problem finding a bar open at that time in either Gary os Calumet City regardless of the legal closing time.

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