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Gabe Carimi prepares for another knee surgery

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After mulling his options, Bears rookie offensive tackle Gabe Carimi has elected to undergo another knee surgery to stabilize his right knee, according to league sources.

The surgery is expected to take place later this month.

The first round pick has had a difficult debut season. After showing promise in his first six NFL quarters, Carimi dislocated his kneecap against the New Orleans Saints. He tested himself during the team's bye, but he suffered a setback and underwent a scope.

Carimi obviously hoped not to need another surgery -- given his long history of knee injuries at Wisconsin -- but will have surgery soon and he's projected to need four months of rehabilitation before he can resume normal physical activities.

The first-round pick told the Sun-Times a few weeks ago that his knee issues were a "one year deal."

"I just hope it happens once in my career," Carimi said of being placed on injured reserve in November. "It's something I just got to get through."

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A second surgery? What did they do during the first surgery? The only reason you have surgery after a dislocation is that the cap does not sit right in the socket, because the socket is usually to shallow, which is probably the reason for most of his knee problems. So what did they do during the first surgery, if they did not fix the socket? Gosh the Bears said we would have him back in 2-3 weeks, they know so much about injuries it is amazing. Right after Knox got hurt he will be fine in a month, or more like six months.

Dislocations tend to be a reoccurring problem, which is the real rason it is such a bad injury.

Anything else the Football Gods want to do to this team? Maybe strike down Peppers with a career-ending injury on Sunday?

Bite your tongue, Mike, for even imagining such a possibility.

Marc Colombo, Tommie Harris, now Gabe Carimi. Anyone see a pattern here? Maybe the Bears are just unlucky, but I'm starting to think that in addition to being incompetent in other areas, they don't know how to resist drafting players who are injury-prone. I always thought Colombo was just bad luck, same with Harris, but this is getting to be too much of a coincidence.

I think Colombo was a clean medical check when he came out, but your point is accurate. The Bears take chances on players who have injury history that scares off other teams. Gabe Carimi, Chris Williams, and Tommie Harris were all premier talents at their position, but we were able to get them in the middle to late first round because of injury concerns (and in the case of Carimi some more athletic players ahead of him). And that's not even getting into the players not in the spotlight as first rounders, like Wootton and countless others.

The Bears front office still seems to think, after repeated failures, that they are smarter than all of the other teams, and that when they take chances on risky players, they will always work out. That is the legacy Jerry Angelo will leave on this team and organization...repeated failures in the draft, and overspending in free agency to make up for it. And this roster is bereft (like that word?) of talent beyond our aging stars, with the exception of Cutler, Bennett, and Forte on offense. Is there a single player on either side of the ball that we as fans are excited about for the future? Devin Hester I'll grant you, but not as anything more than a return man, and he can be taken out of the game in most cases.

Peppers, Briggs, Urlacher, and Tillman, the cornerstones of the defense, are all aging, and will be slowing down. Briggs is probably going to skip the offseaon in an attempt to get paid again, which could mean we trade him before the draft, or in the best case scenario, we get the same, slow Briggs we had for the first 4 weeks of this season in 2012 as well. Tillman can only play so long as much as he has been torn apart through the years...Peppers doesn't appear to be slowing down, but with no help on the line outside of occasional bursts from Melton and Okoye, he is having to do it all himself.

This team, which is already showing signs of falling apart, is set up for a dramatic rebuilding process. They held on about 3 years too long before starting the process, and are now just 3 years older, with the same lack of talent on the roster. And Angelo is rumored to be retiring after this season....Perfect timing for him, getting out before it gets really ugly....

I see your ratonale, Wrigley Field Bear, and would add Benson, C. Williams, and Forte, plus the rest of the injuries suffered this year, but Benson and Harris are doing okay with their new teams, so I think plain old misfortune is the more likely conclusion.

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