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Earl Bennett signs four-year contract extension worth $18 million

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The Bears have retained one of its key players before he became a free agent, signing Earl Bennett to a four-year, $18 million contract that includes $9 million in guarantees.

Bennett has just 18 catches this season. But the Bears admire what the former third-round pick brings to the table, in terms of his attitude, his toughness and his obvious chemistry with former Vanderbilt teammate Jay Cutler. He is also one of the better slot receivers in the league.

Bennett had his best season in 2009, when he caught 54 passes for 717 yards.

By comparison, the Detroit Lions signed receiver Nate Burleson to a contract that included $11 million in guarantees. But that was a five-year deal, with a total value of $25 million.

"I's home, man," Bennett said of Chicago. "The organization has been loyal to me, and I want to be loyal to them. They had the first shot at it."

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Hey some good news! Angelo got it right for a change! Do you suppose he got a clause in there about covering fines for orange shoes?

Now if you are going by the alphabet, that covers "B", when do they get to the F(s)?

Referring to the 1st comment.....if they're going by alphabets how about "D" for Donavan McNabb!!!!!!

Yipee the Bears just gave an injury prone number four receiver $18 mil that's just dandy isn't it pMSBearsfan.

Escuse me for not leaping for joy over Angelo's brilliance like you but I've got this extra weight in my head do to my brain being there. Darn it.

Maybe next we can sign the great route runner that is Jonny Knox and the almighty Sanzenburger to big time extensions to. In fact I trhink I here Angelo printing out there contracts right now.

glad someone got a extension. now if forte will only prove hes worth heck even what was offered initially which is a ton of money. last three games hes forgotten to show up. marionbarber had a better game vs raiders.. wish the guy luck, but the last three games, prooves its not just the line thats holding back forte..

Dude you are one angry Creighton. Bennett is a solid number 3 not a four, and your right he does get injured to much, and he don't score a lot, but he does not drop much either. 18 mil is about right, and he is a good kid to.

Normally I would not recomend this to anyone, but really you may want to try smoking some weed, it's legal in some places in Cali and Canada. You should move to one of those places and inhale, often.

You really need to understand, while I am flattered you are such a huge fan of mine. To go so far as to change your name to Creighton, because you love Creighton so much and you live to be like Creighton., may be taking your Ceighton worship to far. You need to deal with the fact that you will never be the Creighton. To be the Creighton, you got to beat Creighton, and oh baby I am the Creighton.

Bennett for 4 years when he's consistently injured? I get it, he and Cutler work well together... but why sign an extension now when you know the Cutler/Bennett connection won't be on display for the rest of the season?

You know Forte's going to get the Franchise tag at this rate. No way they're going to pay him a large deal... they'll wear him down and delay a contract with the tag.

Bennett has been a solid BEAR, this money seems reasonable to me at this point. It will not look so good over the last five games if he doesn't catch many balls from Hanie. this siging is for Cutler and Angelo, I'm glad it was done !

No McNabb claim off waivers is odd........Martz is winning this battle for what type of insurance QB the BEARS have on the roster, if McNabb does not sign with a team by Monday it's time for him to file his papers and start working on his next gig !

Still he's one of the best to ever hit the league coming from the city, and he's been a model citizen for the league and not an embarassment to Chicago. I'm proud of him as a Chicagoan and he has done his parents and our city proud.

Creighton - That extra weight in your head is not due to a missing frontal lobe. "I've got this extra weight in my head do to my brain being there" of the word "do" you should really use "due". Wait your missing your whole brain. You state "In fact I trhink I here Angelo printing out there contracts right now" of the word "here" you should really use "hear". Prior to buying Rosetta Stone you really should start with Hooked on Phonics.

The only foolproof way to know is to check for pink panties. As far as I'm concerned that means we will never know.

You would catch me checking for pink panties on Creighton, I would rather get a sharp stick in the eye than to be tortured with that visual.

As for Bennett, great the Bears need a good reliable receiver that can work the slot, now how about getting Forte and Okoye signed along with some of the others yet to be solidified for next year and beyond.

Hey I look good in anything damn it, but that whole pink panty thing kind of blew up in my face didn't it? Oooops. You know I actually asked security there about it once. That was an intresting conversation, I am not sure which scared them more, the idea of an Angelo tatoo, a man in pink panties or the fact that they had spank me printed on the back. After the strange looks passed, they mentioned they had seen worse but, it would also mean a life time ban and I would probably lose my job, or at least get in a lot of trouble. All in all the pink panty thing was not one of my better days.

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