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Do the Bears want Donovan McNabb?

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The Minnesota Vikings are going to grant Donovan McNabb his release, according to multiple reports.

ESPN was the first to break the news.

The Bears would appear an attractive option to McNabb on several fronts. First, the Bears are a playoff contender with the starting quarterback sidelined because of an injury. Second, McNabb is a Chicago native.

The question is, would the Bears want him? The second question is, will another team claim him?

The Bears -- along with the Dallas Cowboys -- put in a claim for Kyle Orton, but the ended up with the Kansas City Chiefs because they had the worst record.

The Cowboys and the Houston Texans both could still be in the market for a veteran backup quarterback. The Bears and Cowboys have the same record (7-4), but the Cowboys are ahead on the waiver priority list, according to ESPN. The Texans are 8-3.

Any team that claims McNabb would pay him about $1.485 million for the remainder of the season.

When he was benched in favor of rookie Christian Ponder, McNabb, 35, insisted he still had "a lot of football left in me."

If he believes that, McNabb will want to play well so he can get an opportunity to start somewhere next season.

McNabb, though, hasn't played at an elite level for quite some time. He was 1-5 when he was benched this season.

His final start was in the 39-10 loss to the Bears. But, it was his best game of the season, as he completed 19 of 24 passes for 177 yards with no touchdowns and no interceptions. His passer rating was 97.4.

The Vikings are 1-4 under Ponder, but they are committed to the rookie.

For the season, McNabb was 94 for 156 passes (60.3 %) for 1,026 yards with four touchdowns and two interceptions and an 82.9 passer rating.

In 13 starts for the Washington Redskins in 2010, McNabb had a passer rating of 77.1.

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Chunky Soup's best days are behind him. His early success was predicated on mobility and his size being able to absorb a hit. He never seemed to be a master of the touch pass, doesn't own a cannon arm to zip a ball through a tight window, and no longer can use his legs to keep a defense honest. At his age, he is no longer able to absorb a hit without risking serious injury.

His best bet seems to be in the broadcast booth. This would also force him, like most athletes making that conversion, to brush up on his speaking and grammar skills. It would also provide some irony should he voice an opinion that was outrageous, a la Rush Limbaugh...

Well I would take him over McCown in a heartbeat, but I would have taken Enderle over McCown. McNabb at least was once a successful starting quarterback in the NFL. I don't know that McCown has ever really done that.

My feeling is that if the Bears have to go to a quarterback after Hanie, they are pretty much sunk anyway. If that is the case, they might as well get some developmental value out of it. That means Enderle. It sure doesn't mean McCown.

It's not going to matter probably. The Bears are too far down the ladder on waivers, and I don't think they would do that anyway. It would mean eating McCown's salary for the year, plus then paying McNabb. If they did want to talk to him, they would wait to see if he cleared waivers and hit the street.

As a lifelong Eagle fan that goes back to the days of Dick Vermiel , I am sad to see the way Mcnabb's career has come to an end. Go wih youth, because there's no fighting father time on this one. Nice guy's do sometimes finish last but don't cry or pitty this man. He's well off and very "respected" as a man around the Philly area. This is a guy who went to six pro bowls and 5 NFC championships for god sakes. I hope he comes back to Philly to "retire", and go out with a bang....

Scott Lindner

I would welcome McNabb as a back-up to either Hanie or Cutler. I agree with him that he has a lot of quality football play left in him. If an injurey took place in the play-offs or late in the seaso, I think having McNabb would be terrific.

Your an Igles fan? How about that game last night? Those Igles sure do show a lot of heart. When Seattle gives you a whoopin you know your teams has quit. What a disgusting display, as an Igles fan how did that make you feel Scott? What a strange team, the ESPN love child, the dream team, seems to be more of a nightmare.

My vote is that McNabb would love to play in Chicago, since he would be at home in the place he grew up and rise to the occasion, should he be called upon in relief of Caleb.

Only one problem the cost of over a million for just a few games would be like pulling a whale out of a frozen lake fishing hole for the McCaskey family, they will cheap out but they sure have a lot of money saved up this year in the bank.

I still have this desire to see Favre return and beat the Packers on Christmas Day in Green Bay and then beat them again in Rush Limbaugh field in the NFC Championship game before the Super Bowl win.

Pour me just one more or light up just one more you bogart.

Good point,dahlilama, about the cost to get McNabb. I agree, but winning a Super Bowl with him would make that $1.845 million seem like petty cash. In any case, seeing what materializes should be interesting. I really would not be surprised to see the Bears grab him if Dallas passes on acquiring him. The questions would then arise figuring out what to do with Hanie, McCown, et al.

I, too, hope he goes back to Philly. Can I help?

Now that he has passed through waivers can't he now be brought in at less than the original guaranteed contract amount?
Regardless, Hanie should still be the guy until he proves he is not ready to handle the job. having McNab ready just in case would be smart.
Paul, yes a small cost for him if a Super Bowl win.

Hey Dahli, going are you still in town? Going to Ricly's for the K.C. game? I get there about a half hour before the games.

Hey WFB:

I don't know if I can make tomorrow, but I can tell you this I am sure that I can probably make it over to Rickey's before the end of the season for at least one game. It would be good to finally meet you WFB.

All my best,

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