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Confident Hanie unfazed by subpar game vs. Chiefs

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Whether or not Caleb Hanie feels the heat, the dynamic has changed after his second NFL start.

Hanie was given a virtual mulligan after throwing three interceptions against the Raiders on Nov. 27. It was a road game, his first NFL start and he played well in the second half.

But after throwing three more interceptions against the Chiefs last week and losing a game at home that should have been won, he's already in a position where he has to be better this week against the Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium.

''Oh, no doubt about it,'' Hanie said Wednesday at Halas Hall. ''There's definitely a huge sense of urgency and no choices but to go get a win right here. Denver's got a good team, so we've just got to go out and execute a lot better and fix our mistakes and make the plays when they're available.''

Hanie was expected to be better against the Chiefs than he was against the Raiders, but instead he was worse. His teammates didn't help -- a touchdown pass to Marion Barber was nullified by an illegal formation penalty when Barber was not on the line of scrimmage as a wide out; Roy Williams bobbled an apparent touchdown pass at the line of scrimmage that was intercepted in the end zone; and the offensive line allowed seven sacks to a team that came in with 13 sacks in 11 games.

That left a lot to improve upon.

''Just overall intensity, taking advantage of the plays that are there to be made,'' Hanie said. ''We left three scores on the board. We're down there in the red zone three or four times, and we only come away with three points. That's never good. We just need to take care of the opportunities that are given to us and make the plays.''

Though Hanie looked out of sorts against the Chiefs, he said he is fine with Mike Martz's offense.

''I'm very comfortable with what we're doing,'' Caleb said. ''The plays are there to be made, we just need to make them. I'm very confident in Mike's play calling. I'm very confident in whatever he brings in, and I'm confident that our guys are going to improve and that I'm going to improve and I'm going to make the plays that need to be made.''

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This kid is like 1- of those "punch-drunk" fighters who's languishing on the ropes getting his brains beat out and refuses to go down. After the ref "mercifully" spares him any further punishment. He goes to the press conference and swears he could have gone on.

I was so disgusted by this team's effort again Tyler Palko and the KC Chiefs that I have "officially" joined the I hate Lovie, Angelo, Martz gang of marauders who go around spouting the negative vibe in here.

Sorry Sean but I cannot fool myself any longer into thinking this team is being ran by competent folks, has a(Capable) Coach(s) and a GM that is skillful in evaluating talent. I just cannot allow myself to be sold a bill-of-goods.

And to her this kid talk out of his neck like last week was an "aberration"? Give me a break.I know youjustran down how many o fthe poor plays were not his fault BUT,the kid is averaging over 2-Interceptions a game!!!

And Martz has all ready said he was gonna put More on the kid's plate for Sunday. I HOPE Martz is blowing smoke because the LAST thing he needs is to have to THINK MORE-

I'm all ready predicting that-


You heard it here first! Hanie is gonna hold on to the ball TOO LON, 1-play and Dumervil is gonna knock him into next week.

lol I'm not gonna predict a score(Mainly because I'm TERRIBLE at it)and have the slightest-tiniest hope they can(eek-out) win but, I do feel Hanie won't finish the game because just like the- Angelo, Lovie, Martz- "triumphant", he operates primarily on "Ego, self-aggrandizement and hails from the Planet Zulton . What in his 3 starts tell us he's capable of handling a "raucous crowd" in Denver next week?

"Enderle or Mc Cown's" up next?-

I think I just threw-up in my mouth

Hanie is a happy camper all right - not what you want in a quarterback.

It is great to have you join the team Gee, oh I have had bouts of throwing up blood since the loss by the Bears last week.

Angelo, Phillips, McCaskey's, Lovie and Bears Fans need a good spanking and to be sent to their rooms.

McCaskey's for being cheap and pocketing the available estimated $25-$35 million dollars in 2011.

Phillips for being their lackey and bean counter and having no true leadership of the team.

Angelo for being a lackey and not insisting that ownership spend the money needed to secure decent depth talent when money is and was available. How about a real quality #1 WR or OL proven NFL starter, a proven backup QB (McCown?). Angelo should be let go simply because he has not provided the Bears decentg OL talent or WR talent, but I do feel sorry for him because he did not get the financial support from Ownership and Phillips.

Lovie for being just good enough to hang on but never really good enough to get it done with a Super Bowl win. Lovie oversees this band of hoonyats but does little to ensure success. When was the last time you saw the Bears play better after halftime and make some real adjustments during halftime. Lovie is a good guy but give me a Harbaugh type, a Cowher, someone that gets the blood flowing, some emotion, I feel like Lovie takes Qualudes before the game.

Bears fans for still selling out the stadium and not putting pressure on ownership, accepting mediocrity in the team, not screaming louder for positive change and the owners spending more money (when they have it) and for buying Bear merchandise (when not buying it would send management and ownership a message) and by not insisting on getting the Honey Bears back, how could they let them go, geez.

Last but certainly not least, my hope and belief is still with Caleb Hanie. I do believe he can help carry the team in the absence of Cutler. The whole team will have come together to get this team to the playoffs and they can't let the QB Hanie get blown away by the pass rush, they have to catch passes, they have to have a pass rush and stop the run and they have to make turnovers. A game breaker from Hester would be nice, since we can't rely on the Coaches to do much at halftime except sit around and nap.

I cannot blame coaches, managers, etc. for dropped balls, passes thrown too short or too long, fumbles, missed routes, stupid penalties, and all the other blunders the Bear PLAYERS made against K.C. Hanie is unrealisticallly cheery. This team needs to take a long look at themselves, especially Hanie, dig in, and play their absolute best the rest of the season.

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