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Bears will release Sam Hurd today

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Bears general manager Jerry Angelo announced that the club will release receiver Sam Hurd this afternoon.

Hurd will be subject to the NFL's waiver wire, which means other clubs can pick up the remainder of his contract.

Angelo insisted that the club had no suspicion of Hurd's alleged involvement as a drug dealer.

"For me to say we should have known something we didn't know, I can't say this. There's no foundation for anybody to say that," Angelo said. "No facts, no flags that anybody can present tangibly to say otherwise.

"I want to make that perfectly clear to the public and the fans. We did our homework. We do our due diligence. We did everything you could possibly do given the information we can allocate," he said. "Saying that, we go back, we ask questions, is there something we could have done, something we should have done in the process. Sometimes there are glitches. In this case there are none. I can sit here and tell you with total transparency that we did everything we could do in terms of our research and there was nothing we found that would create a flag or alert or real concern in Sam Hurd's case."

Angelo said the club wasn't aware that Hurd's vehicle was pulled over on July 27, in Texas.

"He was not the driver. That was never made public. So he was never charged with anything," Angelo said. "There was never any record to our knowledge. And it was, from my understanding, a citation, but other than that, there was no other information that was presented to us."

Asked if the Bears will try to recoup some Hurd's $1.35 million signing bonus, Angelo said, "I'm not going to get into that.

"Our biggest concern right now is to do the right thing. We talked internally. Logistics, the business side of it, those are secondary to those issue right now."

Angelo said agents, "95 percent of the time," know everything. But he noted that he knows the agent "very well."

"I would say in this case, because there were other things he did not know, that agents should have known but he really didn't know, that, no, he did not have any knowledge of this," Angelo said. "This is what makes it shocking because you've heard going back to college, what our players our coaches, not only here, but in Dallas as well. Very disturbing. We're all very shocked and upset about it as well. And I want to make that very clear."

Angelo also declined to comment when asked if any other Bears were involved.

"I can't talk about that," he said. "I'm certainly not going on any witch hunts about players. The one thing that we've done when there's been a wrong, we've acted. We don't justify wrongs. We've acted. We have a track record of doing that. Unfortunately, a situation arose that caught us off guard, but not to the point where we aren't going to do the right thing. And the right thing is to cut Sam Hurd."

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This is horrible!!! You don't cut pro bowl talent like Hurd!

Ok I understand he was using and selling Coke, and that's a no-no, but I have a confession to make. While I never had Coke because its too strong for me, there are some weekends when I will completely go wild on and drink a can or two of Diet Coke myself while listening to my favorite hard rock band, Enya.

Oh well, all will be forgiven if this clears the way for Mike Hass (MEGA-BEAST) coming back to the Bears. Shucks, one can only hope.

****"I can't talk about that," he said. "I'm certainly not going on any witch hunts about players. The one thing that we've done when there's been a wrong, we've acted. We don't justify wrongs. We've acted. We have a track record of doing that.****

Witch hunts? This guy is seriously delusional.

Bumstead, be careful banging your head to Enya. Too many rocks might spill out. Can't have that.

Be patient, Bumstead, Hass is working his way back to Halas Hall as we speak. It's just that he is very slow, so it might take a while. What's making it worse is that he's listening to Enya on his headphones and that slows him even further.

Bummer I hate to break this too you but I know for a fact that you have a drug problem. You have long been a slave to that evil temptress Swiss Miss, that vile minx has you under her thumb. After all Cocoa is made from the same plant as Cocaine, hence the name. You have been speed balling 3-4 cups of that bitter sweet mistress for years, and those marshmallow kickers you use to boost the rush, marshmallows are made from suger, it comes from the cane plant. My man you have on the cocoa suger cain train for years. Double rich extra marshmallows and whip cream, we all know canned whip cream is for whippets. Dude you got problems, you need help.

Get off the junk man, next thing you know you will be popping Gobbstoppers aka speed balls, snorting suger straws and main lining yoohoo. You gotta stop, before it's to late.

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