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Bears start preparations for Tim Tebow

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After a 1-4 start, the Denver Broncos have salvaged their season and are actually atop the AFC West.

By leading the Broncos to a 35-32 win in Minneapolis, Tim Tebow is now 6-1 as a starter, including five straight wins.

He's unconventional in that he's more of a runner than a passer, but Tebow has proven clutch and effective, especially late in games.

Asked about the Broncos unconventional offense, Bears coach Lovie Smith said his team will be ready.

"This is option football. Our defense is based on sound, option principles, but we don't have to have all of our option responsibilities ironed out each week," Smith said. "So this is forcing a lot of teams in the league to be sound in all of those things. But our defense is set up to play this type of offense."

Specifically, Smith called Tebow "a unique athlete."

"He poses a lot of different problems," Smith said. "We're just starting to evaluate him and look at what they're doing right now. There will be some challenges, with this offense."

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Sean is it me or did Hanie really not have that bad of game? I mean he missed Bennett and that is on him, it was a bad throw. But Barber cost him a TD or at least the team, and Williams cost him a TD. Not only that but Williams cost him a pick and Hanie had a pick on a Hail Mary at the end of the half.

I know the offensive timing was off, and he moves around to much and he can't make the hot read yet, but it took Cutler some time to make the hot read as well. I don't think he is a good QB but I don't think his game was not as bad as people are making it. I mean I have not heard Louis mentioned once today and the guy gave up 5 sacks. Webb didn't have a good game and neither did Ed Williams.

The guys who really caused the loss were Hester who was bad running around waving his hands and letting the ball drop, Louis was awful, Webb was bad, Roy Williams gave away 7, and Chris Conte gave them 7, Barber also cost them 7. Melton and Okoye also were pretty bad, when the Chiefs were running they ran at those two and they had success doing it. Gould missed a kick but that does not get you 7 and a win.

I hear a lot of Hanie hate today, and a lot of Williams hate, but they both had a lot of help in this loss. Everyone is mad at Roay and he deserves it, but nobody is mad at Barber or Conte. Except maybe Lovie

Whoa there Creighton, have you gone soft? You know if I wrote what you did you'd accuse me of being a Bumstead? I mean, this is the real Creighton, right?

Sure, it's not all Hanie, it is a team game after all and you can't discount the, umm, "contributions" made by certain players including Chris Conte who is obviously far-sighted and #11 a.k.a. Ole' Butterfingers.

But boy oh boy, trust me, Hanie had a bad game. Think of the deep pass where Knox had his guy beat, Hanie underthrows the ball on what could have been a touchdown and it results in a pick. The overthrow on a wide open Bennett that would have been six. Missing open guys on third down and we were what, zero for twelve on third downs?

Plus, aside from being inaccurate, Hanie is also very predictable. The moment he feels pressured he runs to his right. If I see this and know this then so does the next NFL team Chicago plays.

Put it this way, when you get upstaged by Tyler Palko, the writing is on the wall.

And don't even get me started on Butterfingers. Watching the ball squirt through his hands and into the defender's time and time again, or seeing him run the wrong route, wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't shown laughing like an idiot right after or making moronic comments to the media about another one of his whoopsie-daisy blunders.

Anyway, they're probably both gone by season's end. I was surprised at least by Hanie's poor performance but Williams I knew wasn't even worth the trouble.

Tebow stinks. I mean, he's only won 5 in a row (first time since Elway played in Denver). The guy is a winner, period. I'm a Falcons fan and would take Tebow as our QB in a second.

Hahaha I know he had bad game Mike, and I am far from saying he is good, but if your gonna call out a team on a lost call everyone out. Hanie is taking the blunt of the blame and a lot og guys have gone under the radar. Not one word about Lance Louis who gave up 5 damn sacks. That's a PFF number, not something off the top of my head.

Oh and yes I alread hammered Hanie on the blog today before I wrote this, but I was surprised everything was about Hanie when the whole team stank it up including coaching. I mean the Bears actually helped the Chiefs out on a drive by taking 2 timeouts for them. Not one word about Barbers mistake, nobody has really said anyting about Conte, and really of all the dumb ### plays I saw that day, that one takes the cake. Williams dropping a ball is not a surprise he has been doing that his whole damn career and he is afraid of taking a hit.

What I said about Hanie was true, his timing is off with the offense, he can't make the hot read, and it's also true that Cutler struggled with that for about a year. The run blocking was bad, the pass blocking was brutal and nobody is calling out the line.

Also people give Lovie credit for the defense right? But blame Martz for the offense, Lovie is not the DC he is the head coach and if you gonna give him credit for the defense he deserves as much blame or more for the offense. Because he is in charge of the offense, defense and special teams and he brought Martz here.

I am not asking for less anger at the team Mike, you missed the point of what I wrote. I am asking for fans to nail everyone who was at fault not just Hanie and Williams. I mean my god the play calling on offense, what was Martz doing, it was like he looked at Hanie and said I am gonna build a game plan around what he is bad at. Which is not that hard to do apperantly.

Offensive game was horrible and that goes on Martz and Lovie.

Hanie was like chicken in butcher shop, scared, running for his life, and crashing into things, mostly the ground and or Chiefs players.

Williams on a inside goal line post rout?

Matt Forte hurt because the TE missed his block

Lance Louis looked like he was stuck in mud and half asleep

Webb got pushed around by guys who were almost 100 pounds lighter than him

Chris Conte decided he was in charge of the defense and to spot the Chiefs 7 points, plus what the hell is with the angles he takes?

Barber doing something dumber than a backflip

Hester calling for fair catches and then leting the ball drop

Gould he can hit from the 50's just suddenly not the 40's

It's easy easy to hammer Hanie it's like shooting fish in a barrel. Maybe you forgot but who was the one guy on this board who went after Hanie after the NFC title game. But nobody wanted to listen then. How Hanie played should be no surprise to anyone, and I even gave him chance to prove he was better than what I hve seen from him. I waited 2 games, but I already said everything I have to say about him and have said it more than once. I didn't build him up like some people when Cutler went down, I just gave him a shot to prove me wrong and he didn't.

Mike I go after everyone, but I don't go after Jerry cause Martz called an end around or went into the wild cat on 3rd and 4 inside the 20. I am gonna say what I saw, and the truth is Hanie could have had 2 more TD's and 2 fewer picks. That late Hail Mary was not going anywhere and Williams play was just a bad joke. Look when people went after Cutler I defended him, why cause I saw what I saw. Hanie is not Cutler and he sucks pretty bad but the whole game is not all on him and I get tired of people always going after one guy when so many more deserve blame.

Let me ask you the Bears stacked the box all day, so where was the pass rush? 2 sacks, 3 hits and 3 pressures against that line? They played the run well for the most part except got beaten on multiple draw plays. They managed to shut down 40 year old Thomas Jones, they dropped 2 interceptions, spotted the Chiefs 7 points and once again they didn't bend but broke at a crucial moment in the game. They did that a couple of times. The worst offense in the NFL just had its best in the last 5 games on the road against the Bears vaunted defense. What the hell? The Bears for some crazy reason thought they needed to stack the box against jones and decided not to bring the heat on Palko. Who the hell came up with that game plan? "Lets make Palko beat us." You don;t have to do that you can beat the snot out of Palko and stop the rushing attack of the Chiefs, it's really not that hard to do against them. Palko had 30 drop backs and the Bears had 2 sacks on him against that line? The boy had 7 turnovers in the last 2 games, he had zero against the turnover machine that Chicago is suppose to be.

Blame is due Mike, just not enough of it is finding it's way to everyone that deserves. Bears just played one of the worst games your ever gonna see and it wasn't all Hanie, he just helped make really, really bad, he helped a lot, and he also had a lot help making it that bad. It was like a perfect storm of crap from both teams, the officials, and the broadcasters. Who really I am pretty sure were not actually watching the game. They compared Steltz and Conte to Fencik and Plank, I mean really WTF was that?

I was gonna watch the game again see if I could find anything else, but I can't do it. I would rather spend a month watching nothing but the Twilight movies over and over than put myself through that game again. I would have to get drunk to watch that game again and would take a shot everytime someone made a bad play. I would not make it through a quarter before passing out.

Sorry Sean but the 10 observations was from me. I was typing fast and forgot to put my name down.

Ha is that a Joke? Tebow won 5 in a row? More like the Denver defense won 5 in a row. The whole reason Denver is always behind is Tebow. Who won the Vikings game for Denver, was it Tebow or a bad throw by Ponder that led to a pick that gave Denver a field goal? Maybe you missed 2005 when the supposed play of Kyle Orton led the Bears to the playoffs and some idiot Bear fans started thinking Orton was great they called him a Winner. Most fans are stupid enough to believe the whole winner loser thing. He passes the ball 15 times a game, the rest of the time he hands it off. It may sound crazy but when you hand the ball off the running back is actually the one doing most of the work.

Right on Mike!

Cry-ton, you are the reason the Bears keep losing!!!! The biggest and fattest fair weather fan on the planet!!!! Go back to Green Bay you cheesehead "looser!" And also go back to second grade to learn how to spell!!!!

Oh and one last thing, in 2009 Orton won 6 in a row with denver mostly because of the defense. What happened after that? You also seem to be missing the Detroit game where was the great winner Tebow during all that?

I can see your point, Creighton, but Hanie in the first half was as tentative as thirteen-year-old girl ( or boy for that matter ) on her first date. I had confidence that he would do well in his second start, but he was pretty pathetic. He had spurts of good play and was certainly hurt by receivers and the Barber blunder, but he was also save at least two or three times by excellent catches by receivers, at least two by Johnny Knox after Knox's blunder.
Getting to the Tebow subject, I think the Bears will prove his Waterloo, and I expect him to lose most if not all of the remaining games. He has been good, bordering on great, but luck has definitely been a lady for him up until now. The Bears will stop all that.

Hanie did have a bad game but lets face the facts, Hanie and whom ever is the 2nd stringer does not get much work with the first team until someone goes down with an injury.

Hanie is learning on the fly as Creighton suggests and it will not be pretty but he will improve week to week and by year end might be OK. Mike I do think it is a little premature to already get rid of a player like Hanie until you really know what you have in his play. Essentially 3 games one of which was pretty good play on his part (Packers game) last year.

The game plan was definitely poor and the Bears as always came out after half time without any halftime adjustments that make them more effective, they were P poor after half time and the play calling was pathetic once again by Mr. Martz.who left his QB totally exposed to the rush.

Martz is so busy worrying about his next job he is doing a very good job of helping the Bears miss the playoffs, Lovie has not been that impressive either and of course lets not even talk about Angelo, he had not prepared this team at all this year, there is millions of dollars not spent on securing good talent and is in the McCaskey's and management pockets. A good OL lineman or a decent top level WR could have played dividends this year, we all see the results of the lack of depth Mr. Angelo provided to save a buck for the family.

Mike you and Tripper teaming up on me? I am so sorry for you, so very very sorry. I used to think Tripper was just really sarcastic, then I found out that he is really like that. I ummm do blame myself on the Bears losses, "sniffle' but ummm I'll try and do better. Why must I be so evil?

Hey Paul people seem to be missing the fact I think Hanie was bad, but he is not the only reason they lost and he could have easily won the game for the Bears. Three plays, Conte does not go full retard, Barber does not go full retard, and Williams acts like a pro reciever for just 2 seconds. Grandted it would be an nfl first.

Oh and Tripper "Right on" ? Really? You threw a "right on" out there? Would you like to add, "groovy" in there, or maybe a sit on it Potsie?" Actually I kinda like Groovy, don't use groovy you will just ruin it for everyone. You can have "De plane De Plane" I never liked that one, that midget creeped me out, he had those midget hands.

Here is a list for you.

"Holy man holes batman" Robin actualyl said and that tv show. That's all I am saying.

"DY-NO-MITE" You will sound so coolk if you say this all the time.

"Whachoo talkin bout Willis!?" You should use this when ever your confused.

"That's all folks" Use this one whenever your done saying something.

"May the force be with you" you can go nuts with this all you want. I think you should say it all the time, like "Mike may the force be with you."

"To the max" you are so totally valley

"Your momma" I just want to see you use it

Be There Or Be Square, go nuts with this all you want,

Sayings you can't use.

"Can You Dig It' not many people can pull this off.

"The crib or the gig" again you can't pull this off.

"Spaz" You can't use it cause it really would be the whole people in glass houses type of thing in your case.

"Dream on" don't ruin this for everyone else, besides I use it all the time.

"Far out" I am doing you favor telling you not to say this.

"Booking" I use it, you can't, find your own catch phrases

"Bunny or Betty" If you try using these women will just slap you, leave it to the big boys.

"Chill" I figure your probably just tired of hearing it at this point.

'4-sho" no, just no, you can't, you just can't.

"Awe Sooky Sooky now" You would have to be me to pull this one off and your not me.

"Can Ya Dig It' to many good memories will be ruined if you use this, besides you need to be like Samuel L Jackson cool to pull this off, I am talkin full blown Pulp fiction SLJ, not Jurrasic Park SLJ.

Woo Hoo Mike... It's me you haven't returned my phone calls so I thought I would chat you up here. Don't worry about Creighton, we will take care of him together handsome. We will be like Ahab and Starbuck, after they kicked that whales ###, the whale totally losses and we so will win.

Oh Creighton, you now face your doom. Let's get him Mike.

There he blows! - there he blows Mike! With a hump like a snow-hill!

Mike are you not game for his crooked jaw, and for the jaws of Death too? Have at him.

He tasks me; he heaps me; I see in Creightom outrageous strength, with an inscrutable malice sinewing it. That inscrutable thing is chiefly what I hate; and be the Creighton agent, or be the Creighton principle, I will wreak that hate upon him. Talk not to me of blasphemy, Mike; I'd strike the sun if it insulted me. For could the sun do that, then could I do the other; since there is ever a sort of fair play herein, jealousy presiding over all creations. But not my master, man, is even that fair play. Who's over me? Truth hath no confines.

Aye, aye! It was that accursed Creighton that razeed me; made a poor pegging lubber of me for ever and a day! Aye, aye! and I'll chase him round Good Hope, and round the Horn, round the Norway Maelstrom, and round perdition's flames before I give Creighton up. And this is what ye have shipped for, Mike! To chase that Creighton on both sides of on the internet, and over all sides of the world wide web, till he spouts black blood and rolls fin out."

Towards thee I roll, thou all-destroying but unconquering Creighton; to the last I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee.

Mike this is gonna be so boss, you and me together at last. My Ahab to your Starbuck, they were the bestest friends ever. Just like in Moby Dick we will destroy Creighton. I didn't finish the book but the stupid whale clearly must lose, he doesn't even have a boat and like Starbuck was so boss he even got a gig on Battlestar Galactica, twice, once as a girl. That confused me though. You know what really confused me, why wasn't Ahab on Battlestar? The guy is a total hero, he survived a whale attack and put together this super crew to hunt the evil whale. Dig this some idiot once told me the book was about man vs nature and even man vs god. Yeah right, it's about a bunch of guys getting together and going fishing for a big fish cause that's all a whale is a big fish, right?

Oh and Mike don't worry if you didn't read Moby Dick, neither did I. But I loved the quotes in Star Trek the wrath of Khan. Lock phasers Mike we are after our white whale just like Kirk and Spock who must be Ahab and Starbuck, right?

Ok, ok I get what you're saying Creighton. It makes sense. Kinda. It's just that in the past you would rip into guys like a psycho slasher. So when I see you criticizing a guy, but in a more reserved manner, I just don't know what to make of it if you know what I mean. But what are we looking at here anyway? A kinder, gentler Creighton?

Also I don't know exactly what Tripper is commending me for. I thought he was being over-the-top funny at first too, but it turns out he wasn't. To be honest, he kind of scares me. By the way what did you do to him exactly to make him hate you so much?

Now my biggest beef with Hanie is that when he is getting protection and he does have a guy open he will still miss him. Accuracy. If a QB doesn't have it, then what is he doing on the field? The Bears might be better off running the Wildcat with Bennett and Barber every play. Now I see what you're saying about the other guys messing up but I can't really get too mad at someone like Louis when he's a guard who got moved to tackle. I can't really get too mad at Barber on that illegal formation either. It's not like he's used to lining up wide. But Hanie's been a QB for a couple years now collecting six figures for sitting on the bench. At least show me that when a guy is wide open you can get the ball in his hands.

And Dahli, I'm not saying cut Hanie now. I'm saying that at the end of the season he's most likely gone. He is a free agent in 2012, right?

The Bears shouldn't be worried about Tebow, they should be worried about Denver's defense. If the offense plays ANYTHING like what they did against Kansas City, not only will they get shut out, but Denver's defense will do some scoring.

Dahlilama is easily the most astute contributor to this blog.

Conte did not take charge of the defense. He played the ball exactly as he has been taught. If you must fault someone make it Steltz whose job is to block out the trailing guy but didn't. You owe the kid an apology. Are you up to it? Take inventory, man.

Courtesy of the pop/rock group Chicago and their song "Saturday in the Park" we have the lyric line "Can you dig it? Yes, I can." Perhaps you think "Ya is cooler than "you"? Or, that reading is cooler than writing? Or, maybe you've never heard of Chicago? Or, that anything that SLJ says has just got to be cooler (keep that one locked up, please.)

Western, thanks for the compliment. Mike ok I hear you as Hanie is a free agent but at this point the Bears should still consider strongly bringing him back for the simple fact he has knowledge of the offense and we have not determined his true value.

Knowing management and ownership their cheapness may allow a few of their decent free agents to depart in 2012, we will see. The Bears need a lot of help next year. I hope they place the priority on the D line, O Line, WR, Corner, LB and RB should be the first priority if Forte leaves the Bears. The Bears have to find a compliment to Peppers and need someone that can create panic in the QB with a pass rush, DT or DE either one would make the Bears awesome defensively.

If the Bears miss the playoffs this year, you have to look at a few changes with the coaches and how about the bean counter Phillips and Angelo, Martz? and even Lovie.

Given what Tice has had to work with, he seems to be a keeper at this point.

I did read __Moby Dick__ ( a sperm whale if you missed Melville's pun ) and even taught the novel to a bunch of mostly disinterested university literature students a few times. At best, one could say that Ahab's' obsession ended in a draw. I suspect Moby Dick is still swimming around wih a harpoon stuck in him even though Ahab drove his harpoon possibly deep enough to kill. At least Ishmael came out all right floating on a decorated coffin, and whenever I am suffering from "a dark drizzly November of my soul," I watch a football game ( big men trying to kill each other ) rather than go to sea to kill whales, white or otherwise.

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