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Bears running back Matt Forte 10th in Pro Bowl votes from fans

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Bears running back Matt Forte has maintained his position as the 10th-leading vote getter from fans for the Pro Bowl.

Forte, with 563,441 votes, has about 10,000 more than Philadelphia LeSean McCoy but 120,000 fewer than Minnesota's Adrian Peterson in the NFC.

Nine other Bears are currently among the top five in fan votes:

* Fullback Tyler Clutts moved up one spot to fourth.

* Center Roberto Garza slipped into the fifth spot 94,621 votes.

* Defensive end Julius Peppers is still third, behind Jared Allen and Jason Babin.

* Weakside linebacker Lance Briggs is still fourth.

* Middle linebacker Brian Urlacher remains third, behind San Francisco's Patrick Willis and Green Bay's Desmond Bishop.

* Cornerback Charles Tillman remains in the fifth spot.

* Devin Hester is first at kickoff returner.

* Special teamer Corey Graham moved up from fourth to third.

* Kicker Robbie Gould moved into the fifth spot, but he's still behind San Francisco's David Akers, Dallas' Dan Bailey and Detroit's Jason Hanson.

The Packers, meanwhile, maintain a stranglehold on Pro Bowl votes from the fans. Coaches and players will vote later this month.

* Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, fullback John Kuhn, safety Charlie Peprah, cornerback Charles Woodson, safety Morgan Burnett, kicker Mason Crosby, special teamer Jarrett Bush, offensive tackle Chad Clifton, guard T.J. Lang and center Scott Wells all lead their respective positions. In addition, receiver Greg Jennings, linebacker Clay Matthews, offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga and guard Josh Sitton would have starting spots because they are second in votes.

Other Packers in the top five at their positions include defensive tackle B.J. Raji (4th), receiver Jordy Nelson (fifth), punter Tim Masthay (2nd), returner Randall Cobb (2nd), tight end Jermichael Finley (4th), linebacker Desmond Bishop (2nd) and linebacker A.J. Hawk (4th).

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These standings are ridiculous! Come on, Bear fans, get the vote out. Breen Bay has a very small population compared to Cicago, so let's get going and play catch-up.

Unfortunatly Paul GB's fans much like Chicago are not limited to GB. Besides do you really want to vote in guys who don't deserve to be there? I agree there are GB player that do not deserve to be there like Raji who only seems to play well vs. Garza, at least this year. Clifton, Burnett, Peprah (ranked as one of the three worst Safeties in the nfl by PFF and that's where he deserves to be), and Woodson is also not having a good year but at least there is a reason to send him with QB's holding a passer rating of 60 when throwing at him. Guys like Lang and Hawk have had okay years but also are not even close to be ing in the top 5 at their positions None of the GB players I listed deserve to go and just cause Packers fans are retarded and don't know who is good or bad on their team does not mean Chicago fans should get stupid.

Who would you send from Chicago? Briggs, Urlacher maybe but not over Willis, Peppers without a doubt. Without him there is no pressure from the D-Line he either gets the pressure or creates it. Tillman has fallen off the last couple of games but if he steps it up he will deserve to go. Then you got Forte and Hester who both deserve to go, although if Forte keeps up his decline that will be in question, not sure what is going on there, maybe he it a mid season wall, and the play calling has not helped him of late. Gould clearly deserves a shot as well.

It's not a competition between fans to see who loves there team more, although GB seems confused about this. It's not a fan competition if it was GB would lose. I mean really your talking about a fan base that wears cheese on their heads and calls themselves cheese heads. The competition ends right there, can you imagine people from Chicago running around with giant ears of corn on their heads calling themselves Corn holes or wearing giant stuffed pizza's on their heads calling themselves the "stuffed sterotypes?"

Please as one Bear fan to another, don't act like a Packer fan. It starts with giant foam things on your head, then degenerates into drinking Old Milwaukee while hunting deer with a bow just so you can strap it to the hood of your Dodge Ram pickup and drive down the highway arguing weather or not Garth Brooks is more country or rock n' role, eventually it ends with sheep giving you dirty looks while they run and hide in fear and terror. Please the less Bear fans act like Packers fans the better. A rule of thumb should be if a Packer fan does it, a Bears fan should not. Just say no Paul, just say no.

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