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Bears defense accepts blame; isn't buying into "Tebow Time"

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DENVER -- Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow led his team to a sixth consecutive victory, four straight in fourth quarter -- and now overtime.

One could argue the defense -- which has limited four of the last five opponents to 13 or fewer points points -- that the defense has played a huge part in the Broncos' run.

But the Broncos couldn't have won 13-10 in overtime Sunday without Tebow's clutch play.

After going just three of 16 in the first three quarters for 45 yards, Tebow was 18 of 24 for 191 yards and one touchdown in the fourth and overtime.

The Bears weren't impressed.

"Nobody had panic in their eyes, thinking, 'It's Tebow Time,' " Bears cornerback D.J. Moore said of the Broncos' fourth-quarter rally. "Nothing like that."

On the Broncos' touchdown drive, though, Tebow was seven-for-seven for 63 yards, including a 10-yard touchdown to Demaryius Thomas.

"It's not really what he's doing," Bears cornerback Tim Jennings said of Tebow. "He's making the best of it, but that's what any professional does, so I'm not really sold on it.

"We - and other teams - have to find a way to put the foot on the throat and finish games."

Asked what he thinks of Tebow, Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher said, "He's a good running back.

"He does a good job for them. They have a good offense with him back there. They do some different plays. I thought we did a good job, overall."

Israel Idonije, who had a strong game, was speechless afterwards.

"I'm just like, 'Wow.' But what's happened has happened," Idonije said.

The Bears were in excellent shape, with about nine minutes remaining, when Bears safety Craig Steltz sacked and forced a fumble of Tebow, which Idonije recovered at the Bears' 45.

But the offense mustered just five yards on three runs, and they punted the ball to the Broncos. The Bears offense also went three-and-out on the next two series. Remarkably, they possessed the ball just four minutes and 22 seconds. In the fourth quarter, the Bears mustered just 18 yards of offense, all of them on runs.

Asked about needing one more first down, Bears coach Lovie Smith said, "Well, we were trying to get that first down.

"One play we talked about after the game was holding onto the ball. I still like the plan that we had."

After tossing six interceptions in his first two starts, Bears quarterback Caleb Hanie didn't have any turnovers Sunday. But he attempted just one in the fourth quarter, and he missed a wide open Marion Barber on a third-and-10.

In overtime, though, Hanie completed his first three passes for 39 yards, before missing tight end Kellen Davis on first-and-10 from the Broncos' 41-yard line.

Hanie finished the game 12 of 19 for 115 yards with a passer rating of 79.9.

"We saw some good things out of Caleb," Smith said.

Several Bears defenders, though, insisted they were to blame for the loss.

"Put this one on defense," Bears cornerback Charles Tillman said. "We got to be able to keep the lead. Bottom line, plain and simple."

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As a Chicagoan-- finding Bears post game comments interesting. Disapointing. Pathetic. And revealing. Listening to post game Tebow interview, he had nothing but respectful words for any Bears players he was asked about, including the aging Urlacher and drunk-driving Briggs (who both apparently spent more time last week smack talking a kid than they did preparing for the game). What a study in contrast! say the least. Perhaps Lovie needs to have a 'come to Jesus' talk with these dolts we pay gazillions to represent amour city in the NFL. They are embarassing on every level...before, during, and POST game.

You know I think I will put it on both sides of the ball. Defense didn't hold and there really was no offense.. Defense didn't hold, but Tebow does not win this game if Barber stays inbounds, or does not fumble. Defense can blame themselves all they want but Broncos lose if Barber doesn't screw up. Defensive play calling late was a joke, Lovie will never learn to stay away from the prevent. Seems like the Bears are finding new and unique ways to lose games every week now.

I am a Denver fan, and I am pretty sure that most intelligent Denver fans know it is the Denver D that keeps us in the game. But to say that they "win" the game is just uneducated. The defense gives the offense a chance to win the game, and that is where the offense capitalizes. But this game was a gift from Chicago. And i'm pretty sure this lose should hang on the defense.


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Offense needs to put it on them, coaches need to be blamed, Angelo needs to be blamed, everybody including Tebow's mom for having Tim, needs to be blamed.

Bears miss the playoffs this year, I would not be surprised at all to see a change up. I think Lovie will stay but Angelo, Martz, a few players will be dumped.

How about this - Marian Barber, not very bright. Caleb Hanie, only one word, he sucks. Lovie Smith - nice reaction when Barber ran out of bounds. How can you show no reaction to that? Wish Ditka were around.

Interesting nobody is questioning the playcalling in this loss. With the ball (and the win) at the opponent's 30 yard line, why are we calling plays that run the risk of losing the ball? Take a knee, run the clock, and kick for the win. Instead these geniuses try and outsmart conventional wisdom born of almost 100 years of Pro football.

Marion Barber is by no means the reason the Bears lost. In truth, he was only the reason they were still in the game. Imagine had he not been in the game--think Kahlil Bell could have gotten the yards Barber did?

Once again, Lovie Smith was asleep at the wheel.....maybe a little too much Nyquil...

Eh, Creighton, I'm not sure that the defensive playcalling really was that bad in the end and I don't think they were really in prevent. I think they were just gassed and got beat. Jets brought all kinds of pressure against Tebow late and got burned. Vikes played cover-2 and got burned. Bears played a hybrid zone pressure/cover-2 in an attempt to burn the clock and got burned. Apparently, everyone gets burned late in the 4th and in OT by the Tebows. It's just Tebow willing it to happen I guess. Can't be stopped. That's why you have to be more than 2 TD's ahead of them with less than 4 minutes to go.

Barber is the goat here, unfortunately, but he'll have to suck it up and pick it up for next week. He's still the guy we're going to be depending on to have any shot to make the playoffs at this point. Obviously the outlook is cloudy.

Ironically, we're going to need to pull for the AFC West to help the Bears out in the coming weeks. Oakland and SD need to beat Detroit to help us out.

What a way to Blow a season, these last three weeks have been like cleaning a grease trap watching the BEARS. In a season that was showing great promise our lack of depth and foresight have this team headed for the middle of the 1st round in the draft.

Our 2nd tier players Hanie and Barber do not have game breaking ability, our receivers were complementary parts all year and now we need playmakers stepping up to help a young QB we see no one ready for the role. Bennett has not been seen since Jay went down, and Forte's value has only gone up since he went down as well. I do not see how we can win 2 of the last three games with Hanie at QB, and I do not blale him for this mess........Angelo may have denied he's retireing, but he may have no choice if the Bears go 0-6 to end the year......

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but yiu giys now me old carpa-otn...just rtring tp on e posraibnt

ps i hate brando..... SOS SOSOS SO SOOS SO MUCH!!!!

hey Urlacher; you thought you did a good job, overall?? and still lose the game, beaten by a team w/o a QB or a running back posing as a QB? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Hope you can see the Broncos during the playoffs ON YOUR TV AT HOME!!! HEHEHEHEHEHE......

I really liked what "cheilaAmazing" had to say. Class and pure ability to play the entire 60 minutes and more is what this kid (Tebow) is all about. Something the NFL has lacked for a long time. We're just glad he is here in Denver. We're just going to enjoy it and not explain it. His play on the field, the W's and his class at the podium explains it all.

Patrick B.

Denver, Colorado

Should have never let Robert Hughes go.

When you are ahead by ten points with two minutes left and lose, the defense is usually blamed and should be, but Barber's blunderhas to have contributed to the defense's breakdown. Playing your heart out and giving the offense the ball, only to have them give the ball right back because of a stupid offensive blunder, is bound to have an impact on the defense. Sometimes recovering from that is tough.

How in the world can you blame a defense for a loss when it only gives up ten points in regulation? Only in Chicago, where people haven't seen offense in so long that they have forgotten what it is could anyone possibly make comments like these.

For whatever little blame you can lay on the defense, that goes to Lovie Smith's play-not-to-lose attitude. There's no way the Bears should have been in their "standard" defense, which is a prevent defense. at the end of the game. Prevent defenses are for when you're up by at least three scores with two minutes left, or two scores with the ball deep in the opponent's end with less than 30 seconds. That's because a prevent defense GIVES UP SCORES. It just tries to make you take longer to get those scores.

And for the Bears to switch defenses when they had SHUT OUT DENVER THE ENTIRE GAME was beyond idiotic. As Hank Stram used to say, coaches outsmart themselves when they stop doing things that work without the opponent stopping them first. The more aggressive defense had worked the entire game, why switch?

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