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Barber miscues turn victory into defeat for Bears

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Tim Tebow thanked his savior Sunday.

Marion Barber?

No offense to Tebow's spiritual beliefs, but Barber had more to do with Tebow's latest uncanny victory than anybody or anything -- mythical, mystical or otherwise.

Barber rushed for 108 yards on 27 carries, including a nine-yard touchdown and was inches away from becoming a hero for the Bears, until fate mysteriously moved its huge hands in favor of Tebow and the Broncos:

With the Bears trying to run out the clock to clinch a 10-7 victory in regulation, Barber inexplicably ran out of bounds after a five-yard run to the Broncos 46 with 1:55 to play. By running out of bounds, he saved the Broncos -- who had no time outs -- 30-40 seconds. The Bears ended up punting and Tebow drove the Broncos for a tying 59-yard field goal by Matt Prater that sent the game into overtime.

''I might have thanked the Lord when he did that,'' Tebow said. ''He obviously ... shouldn't do that and that kept us in it. I mean, we probably would have had 10 seconds if he stayed in bounds. But it was just special.''

Barber was given a reprieve when he took a Hanie pass 16 yards to the Broncos 41 in overtime. On a third-and-seven play from the Broncos 38, Barber gained five yards to get the Bears solidly in Robbie Gould's field-goal range. But as he tried to get away for more yardage, Barber fumbled and the Broncos' Elvis Dumervil recovered. Tebow drove the Broncos for a field goal that gave them a stunning 13-10 victory.

''We all know what type of player Marion is,'' Bears coach Lovie Smith said. ''All running backs are trying to get a couple more yards here and there, but we have to know the situation. In that situation [at the end of regulation] we have to keep the ball in bounds. He'll tell you that. I know we'd all like to have that one back.''

Actually, we don't know if Barber would tell us that, because Barber avoids talking to the media almost without exception. No surprise he was nowhere to be found after Sunday's debacle. We're still waiting to ask him why he didn't line up on the line of scrimmage against the Chiefs last week, nullifying his own four-yard touchdown pass.

But Barber had the full support of his teammates.

''Marion Barber is a heckuva football player'' linebacker Lance Briggs said. ''And Marion Barber is going to help us to get into the playoffs. He made some great plays today. Things happen. It happened to all of us. I'm proud of the guy. If he keeps his head up, he's going to help the Bears win.''

''That was tough,'' quarterback Caleb Hanie said. ''You always want to stay in bounds pin those situations. He was making a tough run, trying to get a couple more yards. But that didn't lose the game for us. We lost it by not scoring more points.''

It's just one of those things that happened.

''In that situation a lot of things are going through your head,'' running back Khalil Bell said. ''I didn't really know what to think. I knew we were trying to get a first down to seal the game. So all my concern was trying to get us the first down.''

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I think if some popular Christian athletes would honor God completely... they would be blessed more.

Promoting NIKE... the company named after the pagan goddess Nike is not pleasing to God!

God hates Nike!

God has called me to make it known.

When you see articles about Tim Tebow... look for me exposing the truth about NIKE as God and I work destroy the work of the devil!

Yeah, Marion Barber screwed up big time. But why are their NO voices raised about the dum crap pal calling by the Bear coaching staff during the last temn minutes of the fourth quarter. Three runs and out four TIMES Hell even a college team could figure out how to stop that and the Broncos did. They had nobody (one) back for passes. Hell at that rate once the beaers D stopped the broncos why not just give the ball back to the Broncos immediately and punt on first down.
There was no attempt to even try to get first downs.
Conservative play coalling cost the GAME not Barber's miscues.
Fire Lovie

Ok Charles...yeah, yeah you believe what you want.

Look Bears faithful, I'm not gonna lie that was the most sickening loss I have ever witnessed. And yeah, we're probably not making the playoffs. But as bad as that was, it couldn't have been worse than what Chargers fans went through when Rivers fumbled the snap on a kneel down against the Chiefs earlier in the season.

Just trying to cheer up some of the regulars here because I know how we all feel.

Charles... are you a comedian? Is that satire? If so, bravo.

Otherwise... wow! You need some serious help. I suppose I've fed your obsession and insane desire for attention by merely responding, but whatta ya gonna do?

Oh... and good luck destroying Nike. Addidas and Reebok have been trying to do that FOR YEARS!

That game was not about Tim Tebow. He didn't win the game, the Bears lost the game with their inability to close it out. When they needed to come up with plays, they didn't. You can put this one on the coaching staff and Marian Barber. Veteran players shouldn't be making mistakes like that. I forgot about Hanie - he just sucks!
If he's in a Bear uniform next year, the whole coaching staff should be gone.

Marion Barber Was Shoved Out Of Bounds After A Gain, And Was Striped Of The Ball While Breaking Threw An 8 In Da Box, Run Stop Line.

Both These Happened While He Was Running For The End Zone.. Attempting To Obtain 6 More Points,To Secure A Victory.

For Some Strange Reason, He Must Believe That Actually Out Scoring The Oposition.. Is The Best Way To Win??

I'm Sure The 'Coaching Staff' Will Spend This Week Schooling Him On Their Kill The Clock Offense, And Prevent Defense... Since Both These 'Systems' Have Worked So Well For The BEARS, In The Past.

Marion Beiber had a good game up untill he doest use his brain. I would like to know shouldnt he have been told to stay in the field of play.Then prevent defense was terrible.
Marion good game but it is the second week he has made bone head moves and then fumbles.
Defense had a good game, players flying around, Tillman making a crazy int, but the coaches had to put their hand in it and call the prevent.

Angelo:"When you get to a point in your career, the thought is always going to come up," Angelo said. "I've been in the league a long time. I enjoy what I do very much. I've been very fortunate. I work with a great organization, great people. I still want to make a run at this." RETIRE.

Angelo has two more years on his contract and Lovie as well.Bears miss the playoffs who will be the scape goat?

There's just one problem, Charles. Tebow has an endorsement deal with Nike. So, apparently, he worships at the altar of Nike's money as well.


I have tolerated Lovie's coaching style far too long. True he has a very calm and tolerant demeanor, however, yesterdays game is a glaring indication of a lack of leadership on the bears coaching staff.

Marion Barber exhibited the most glaring mental lapse I have ever seen in professional sports! How at the point in the game can you not have the awareness of the situation!? He is BEING PAID as an athlete and does not know to just fall down and keep the clock moving.

I played sports all my life and had the benefit of learning life lessons from excellent coaches. These learnings included how to be mentally focused. I experienced Barber like mistakes that immediately resulted in being benched.


Post game comments by Smith stated "you've got to give them (Denver) credit. No you don't Lovie, give yourself credit for calmly standing on the sidelines while you hand the opposing team a victory!

I think what I find amazing is how the bears seem content to just miss out on the post season and start the off season!!

What a gift the Bears gave Denver. The Bears lost the game as they usually do by going into a cover 2 when they clearly were playing very well defensively and would have easily won the game, just by keeping the aggressive defense. The prevent defense cost the Bears the game, Lovie and his coaches cost the Bears the game. Why can't the Bears defense stay aggressive in the end of games and when they have a lead, instead of playing that soft give up 10 to 20 yards defense to end games. Tebow started deep in Denver's own field of play and took it the distance, the Bears looked lost the last 5 minutes, they lost their aggressive style and were simply pathetic!

As for Barber, yes he should have known to fall down in bounds rather than letting anyone push him out of bounds during the last few minutes. Come on, this is exactly what Lovie and his offensive coaches should have been reminding the offense of when the poor use of timeouts occurred well before the end of the game. This point about not going out of bounds should have been emphasized over and over, the players should have reminded each other in the huddle. Come on! The fumble was a hustle play it happened, that was on Barber, he should have protected the ball in that situation within Field goal range but what about Martz and Lovie emphasizing to protect the ball with both hands in those situations, this should have occurred when the plays were called into the huddle.

Lovie is a joke, Angelo is a joke, both need to go, Phillips is a joke, so are the McCaskey's, I would bet that Virginia's father George Halas probably kicked his television over in heaven. This team has not been prepared for the last 3 weeks and it is not all Hanie's fault, considering the circumstances yesterday he played OK, not great but OK in crunch time. The First half he sucked but so did the o line.

Virginia, please sell the team to an owner that actually would be committed to winning Super Bowls again. George Halas would not have let this happen to the Bears, no way and no how, he would have found ways to get championship teams and champion coaches on the field and win more than the one Superbowl for the 85 season.

Lovie does not personify what Chicago is all about, fiery passion is not his game. Take a look at the Patriots yesterday Brady and his Offensive coordinator almost got into a fight on the sidelines in the fourth quarter after the interception turnover in the end zone, now that is passion.

The Bears blow it and the message is give credit to the Broncos, come on Lovie can't you get p-----ed just on occasion.

If I read you right, I think you are right - the Bear players don't seem to care all that much about losing this or any other game. The fans care more, and that shouldn't be, though Marion Barber seems to be really aching. Why is it that with 1:58 left on the clock losing felt inevitable? Anything to do with the prevent defense?

//God has called me to make it known. //

1 Cor 5
9 I wrote you in my letter not to associate with immoral people;
10 I *** did not at all mean *** with the immoral people of this world, or with the covetous and swindlers, or with idolaters, for then you would have to go out of the world.

12 For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Do you not judge those who are within the church? 13 But those who are outside, God judges.

Verse 11 discusses someone in the church. That's the point. He is "in the church". 13b discusses what to do with someone in the church acting this way.
Verse 10 and 12 and 13a, that's people outside the church.

If you're talking about TIm Tebow. Then Matt 18 shows the steps to take. FYI, they do not start with a public (internet) forum. In fact, there is no step involved that is outside the church. One on on, with a few witnesses, inside the church.

You can throw Romans 14 in there as well, as for judging another brother in disputable matters.

Romans 14
10 But you, why do you judge your brother? Or you again, why do you regard your brother with contempt? For we will all stand before the judgment seat of God.
12 So then each one of us will give an account of himself to God.
13 Therefore let us not judge one another anymore, but rather determine this—not to put an obstacle or a stumbling block in a brother’s way.

Bears aren't missing the playoffs because of this game. They missed the playoffs when Knox slipped three weeks ago, and cutler broke his thumb. I haven't had much interest since then.

Still just too bad. Bears looked like the third or fourth best team in the conference at the time of cutlers injury. Now, they are maybe the worst. You are only as good as your qb, and hanie has looked awful.

Now hold on a minute Chuck thats not fair to call nike evil. I for one think they make great sweatpants and for a big guy like me who has hemoroids I owe them big time for comfort. My mom is also on the heavy side and she loves them. Now onto football.

It would be way two easy to say I told you so. But I will say it anyway told you so. I have been on this blog longer then anyone. I have been consisant for years in my message. How many times on here have I said fire ANgelo, fire Lovie, fire Turner, fire Maranelli, fir Babich fire Martz

How many times have I said Chris Williams is a bust. Robert Garza is a bust. Lance Louis is a bust. The whole f***ing line is a bust. Hester is stupid. Knox is god awful. bennet is nothing special. Forte is now a bust and Mendenhall was the back we should have picked. Hanie is not an NFL quarterback. Steltz is a bust. boweman is abust. Conte is abust. Major Wrong is a bust. Melton is abust. Wotooen is abust and so on on and doson on.

Wow looks like I have been 1000% write this hole time. Like I said told you so.

Oh but the homers on hear didn't want to hear that. No no Creighton they would screem your being too negitive stop it. Your not a real fan Creighton. Please Brad or Sean ban Creighton. I would get slammed on hear over and over again but whose smelling leik a rose now while the rest of yoy are covered in s***? Oh yeah, ME, Creighton the Invincibel. Hahaha, nice try chumps. But Iam, and awalys will be, the KING.

This wouldn't even be a story if Caleb Hanie had reminded Barber in the huddle. McMahon would have reminded even Walter Payton. Why did Angelo think Hanie would make do as a QB? It always comes back to Angelo, who comes back to Philiips, who comes back to the underlying cause - the McCaskeys, who won't sell the team because where else could they make millions of dollars doing nothing? At least Ricketts got off his butt and hired a general manager himself instead of employing a management consuting firm.

This loss was painful. If it hadn't been for multiple weeks of other teams getting "Tebow'ed", then the Barber going-out-of-bounds would not have struck fear in me when it happened. But seeing the Tebow highlights the last few weeks, when Barber slid out of bounds, I was like "NO!!! The one thing you cannot do!!".
And it played out like script.

The Bears offense is bringing back some bad and former memories.

The Bears had an outside chance with no Cutler and with Forte playing a super-season. With no Cutler and no Forte, it's time to accept the reality (if the lost to Kansas City hasn't done that already).

People asked me 3 weeks ago if I thought the Bears would make the playoffs.
I was like "Playoffs? They may not win another game, and they may not score another touchdown".
At least the team had 1 touchdown yesterday.

Even as a Bears fan, I am happy for Tebow. Because he is proving the "traditionalists" wrong. I hope he matures in the position.

But I think some of the things Tebow is trying to live out (from Scripture) does have an effect on the people around him.
Including his teammates and coaches.
When I hear him talking, I hear these encouragement verses being lived out.

1 Thessalonians 5:11
Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

Hebrews 3:13
But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin's deceitfulness.

Galatians 6:2
Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

1 Thessalonians 5:14
And we urge you, brothers, admonish the idle, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with them all.

Tebow isn't perfect, he'll be the first to tell you.
And I'm sure he expects some of the criticism he experiences because of his faith.

Watching the reaction by some to Tebow is not a surprise.
If another player mocked a Muslim (or any other person of a non-christian faith) on the field of play because of how he prays, it would cause an uproar coast to coast and across the globe.
But because Tebow is a Christian, somehow another person mocking him is tolerated.

It seems 'Christian' is the only faith that can be mocked anymore without media and blog lash-outs.

It might be "unfair" to some. But it is not surprising.

Matthew 5:11
"Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.

John 15
18 “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.
19 If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.
20 Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also.

Why doesn't Tebow lash back at his critics?

Again, he studies the Scripture and tries to live it out.

Romans 12:14
"Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse."

He may mess up from time to time. He's not perfect. I'm not perfect either.
But he is trying to live by the teachings of the NT.
On and off the field.

The Denver game is the absolute personification of who the Bears are, who they have been, and who they will continue to be - at least as long as Lovie and Angelo are in charge. The Bears:

- have no depth beyond their starters
- starters would struggle to even make another NFL team
- head coach is passive and so the team is passive
- GM whiffs on 60-70 percent of his draft choices
- have no offensive identity
- have a very vanilla defensive identity
- cannot consistently develop talent
- have constant turnover in assistant coaches

This is who they have been since Lovie took over and the problems that were in place since Angelo took over have only been magnified by Lovie.

The best thing as a Bears fan is, yes get angry, but accept the fact that any short term success that the Bears have is an illusion and cannot be sustained beyond a few games and if there are virtually no significant injuries, can be sustained for maybe a season.

I have been saying for seven years that this situation will not change until Angelo at a minimum, and probably Lovie, are gone.

Well,Ceighon, you must have been reading Mark Twain, who said : "If you can't get a compliment any other way, give yourself one.Of course, if this is not the real Creighton, my apologies. Twain went on to say that ther were two most remarkable men in the world : " Kpling is one, and I am the other. Between us we cover all knowledge : he knows all that can be known , and I know the rest."
Most depressing fiasco of a Bear game so far.

I'm lovely, I'm smart and I love me some me... I bet Sean gets a kick out of your "self-Aggrandizing Rants Cretin...

When you get tired from patting yourself on the back. Did you consider the fact that this team was plying quite well until the injury bug hit this team- BIG TIME.

Chris Williams had found his spot at Guard, Carimi was pancaking "D" linemen and Cutler was getting the gumption to tell Martz his plays stunk!

I think it's not too far-fetched to think that a Bear team with a healthy- Cutler, Forte, Chris Williams, an Carimi would have beat the Raiders, K.C. and Denver- respectively.

They would have won despite Martz and Lovie.

The only people I want to see "Purged" from this team are- Lovie, Angelo, Martz, Omiyale, Roy Wiliams, Hanie, Anthony Adams and Merriweather.

This team isn't far off from being a contender. It will take a SMART- GM to fill-in the team's roster via GOOD draft picks and a few free-agent signing. And a "Cerebral" coach who KNOWS how to make "in-game" adjustments. When you think of all the times the Bears have been "Out Coached", "Out-Smarted" by lesser teams, it's enough to make you sick-to-your-stomach.

Frankly, I'm tired of Lovie's Aww shucks, Andy Griffith approach to coaching...

Brian Billick would look great running this team...

It is very hard to win a football game if you play the game to not loose it. Poor play calling and substandard coaching lost the game. They ran running plays that got nowhere. Maybe three passes would have gone nowhere, but you only needed one to extend the possession. They need a better backup quarterback but they also need a coach to help them win. If they loose let them loose fighting to win.

Brian Billick would look like an idiot running this or any other team, and why do you call yourself cretin?

Billick would look like an idiot running this team. Why do you call yourself cretin?

Billick is 1- of the smartest Coaches around. Not only does he KNOW football, he understands the "Nuances" of the game.

I know most Bear fans are numb from 7-8 years of Lovie. Believe me, there are coaches out there who know the game.

And, you can bet he'd have his team- "Well Prepared" far better than Lovie's- "Deer-in-the-headlights" style of coaching during games.

Why do you call yourself western roll???

Hey Dahli, I agree with your 1st paragraph about the defensive play calling, no doubt about it. Most coaches don't understand what the prevent defense is for and lose games because they use when they shouldn't. And like you said, they shut out Denver almost the entire game, so why change?

But the real reason the Bears lost that and the past two games is because their offensive line and receivers stink. If Hanie could have come in to a decent situation with a competent line and receivers, I have no doubt that the Bears would have scored enough to be 10-3. But it's delusional to think that a guy who has never started a regular season game could possibly be successful with this bunch of clowns. In fact most starting QBs would have a hard time!

As to the Denver game, you can't blame a defense that only gives up ten points in regulation, even if all ten were in the last few minutes. Those points should not have mattered, and that's solely on the offense. And as you said, the blame for that starts with the McKaskeys.

Try Nyquil.

Wrigley, you are right as well, o line and wr's are average at best, as you suggest and I believe the fish stinks from the head, the McCaskey's have created this culture, hired the Gm, president and head coach.

Bears have been a little better than average for the last quarter century, certainly the broad shoulders of Chicago deserves better and a new owner committed to championship teams.

Hope the Raiders can beat Detroit tomorrow and Bears pull a win out, could put them back in the hunt, still need a blizzard on Christmas in Rush limbaugh field for real hope of making the playoffs.

Wrigley happy holiday's and stellar 2012

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