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Angelo: Hurd arrest 'ultimate selfish act' of betrayal

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Bears general manager Jerry Angelo reiterated his contention that "there was no way" the Bears could have known about a federal investigation of Sam Hurd that led to his arrest on drug charges this week and ripped Hurd for "the ultimate selfish act" of betrayal.

"Absolutely. Anybody would feel betrayed,'' Angelo told WBBM's Jeff Joniak on the Bears' pre-game show. ''We want loyalty. We give loyalty. It's a two-way street. He understands that. That's part of being a teammate. That' why makes this so upsetting. He knew what he was doing.''

Angelo said the Hurd arrest was shocking to everybody at Halas Hall because it came out of nowhere. ''This has been a model guy. He's out in the community. He's a great teammate, a good football player. There were absolutely no signs prior to us signing him and being here.

''He's been a model that way. That is what makes this dumbfounding and very very upset by it. It's the ultimate selfish act of a human being to affect the livelihoods and reputations of people [he works for and with].''

According to one investigator's affidavit, federal authorities interviewed Hurd just prior to Hurd signing with the Bears. But Angelo said it was "absolutely preposterous" that the Bears should have known about that.

''He wasn't charged with anything. I'm sure secrecy is a big part of what [federal investigators] do,'' he said. ''Nobody shared anything with us. There was no way we could have found out anything. We have an ex-FBI agent that works here with us every day and does a great job of researching [background]. I asked [him],'Is there anything we could have done?' He said, 'Jerry, nothing.' ''

The Hurd arrest cast suspicion on other players who might also be involved in drug activities. ''I can't answer that. I don't know,'' Angelo said when asked about the possibility that other players might be involved. ''We've got good players. We've got good kids. I would be very disappointed if anything negative comes out about our players. But I can't sit here and tell you I know anything for certain about anybody.''

That only adds to the frustration and anger. If a supposedly character guy like Hurd did this, there's no telling who else might be involved.

''This one takes you back,'' Angelo said. ''It does spook you.''

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Cant wait to hear the wiretaps from this case. I bet there are some SWEATING PEOPLE right now !!!!

The "ultimate act of betrayal" is that Angelo still thinks he's a competent GM, when, in fact, he's never been competent at all.

You know what the real "the ultimate selfish act" is........???

Angelo continuing to accept a paycheck..........

I can't say anything about Angelo without getting vulgar, so I guess I won't say anything at all.

You make your point, but you didn't pollute this blog with vulgarity. I appreciate that!

Hey Mark, I have a question for you, did you or are you planning on Whistling Dixie at the press conference? Cause that would be awsome.

If you want loyalty Jerry sign Forte. Forte wants a new contract butrMartz doesn't why is he around? Who is he loyal to? If you want loyalty Jerry do something on draft day so we don't waste our time watching that garbage. Yes its Hurds fault but it has happened on your watch and you should pack your things.

Loyalty? LOYALTY!? Remember Olin Kreutz? Thomas Jones? Yeah, the Bears are a real loyal organization.

And who cares about someone doing something that should be legal anyway. If plants like marijuana and drugs in general were just regulated like alcohol and tobacco, we wouldn't have any of these problems.

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