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Jerry Angelo: Confident in Hanie; Favre a 'fantasy'

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Bears general manager Jerry Angelo said Caleb Hanie ''has to take the brunt'' of the responsibility for his three-interception performance in a 10-3 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs last week, but cautiously expressed confidence in his fourth-year quarterback.

''I'm confident in the fact that I know Caleb has the makeup we need to win,'' Angelo said in an exclusive interview with Larry Mayer of the Bears' web site, ''But he's got to go out and perform to his abilities and take care of business.''

Angelo echoed the sentiment of coach Lovie Smith that Hanie also needs better support than he received against the Chiefs.

''The players around him have to do [play better],'' Angelo said. ''It's not a one-man show. Everyone has to do their job. They don't have to do any more than that, just do your job. Unfortunately, we had too many miscues -- mental and physical -- that created issues in terms of being able to get the job done.''

Hanie was 11-for-24 for 133 yards, no touchdowns and three interceptions for a 28.3 passer rating Sunday. But he had one touchdown pass to Marion Barber nullified by an illegal formation penalty (Barber, lined up as a wide receiver, was not on the line of scrimmage), and lost another touchdown when Roy Williams bobbled a pass at the goal line that was intercepted in the end zone.

''I think 14 points would have gotten it done,'' Angelo told Mayer. ''And in that scenario we're sitting here feeling better about Caleb and saying, 'Hey, he needs to improve, but it was great that he did those things and won.'

''Unfortunately, we didn't win. It's not all his fault, but he's got to take the brunt of it. It was a Murphy's law game for us and we weren't able to overcome it.''

Angelo said it's too late in the season to sign a proven quarterback, such as Donovan McNabb.

''As I said when we brought in Josh McCown, it was with the understanding that whoever we brought in has to have a familiarity with the offense,'' Angelo said. ''We have only four games remaining. If that individual has to play, he's got to know as much as he can about the offense.

''That's really it. I'm not saying McNabb can't play. He's just not as familiar with our offense and we don't have the time to be grooming a backup given our situation.''

As for Brett Favre, who was reported to be open to listening to the Bears ...

''I'm not even factoring Brett Favre into the equation because he hasn't played or even practiced from the preseason on,'' Angelo said. ''We're all still assuming he's in great shape and frothing to come back and play football, which we all know is not true. So the Favre thing is just a fantasy.''

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Why anyone would read or listen to Angelo's inane press conferences is beyond me. Compare them to Theo Epstein's and you have a clear picture of the futility of rooting for the Bears. GO CUBS!

I'd call any talk of favre as a Bear more of a nightmare than a fantasy.

By the way, Mark, since the comments lately have started to emulate novels, short stoties or epic poems in length, I thought you might appreciate a couple of short ones.

Hey bigger is better Paul, and Epic is well, it's Epic, hello. Who does not love big epic posts? I got one I have working on for the last 6 months, wait till I drop that sucker blog, damn thing makes a phone book look like a comic book. I am sure Mark and Sean can't wait to read it. It's got everything in there, my thought on brine shrimp, the meaning of the universe, why god rested on the 7th day (hello he wanted to watch football), I got two whole chapters on how to be snarky. A section on how to screw in a light bulb, some songs I wrote, where to find the best coupons, dog training tips, insight on how to get a one night stand not to spend the night, one chapter is titled "flash lights, what are they really?" It's a good question, they don't flash. My opinion on "The Wizard of Oz" I think the wicked with was justified, who the hell was Dorothy, she shows up kills her sister and steals her shoes, I would pissed to. I can go on and on.

Which witch is which here, Creighton? I quit reading anything that long with such diverse lack of focus right after I read __War and Peace__, although I made an exception regarding a seminar paper I wrote on Coleridge's letters, (three volumes,about 2000 pages per volume). My major conclusion was that he was a hypochondriac who loved looking at his own writing, which he kept copies of, even every stupid, repetitious letter.

P.S. Creighton, you conclude your blog entry with : "I could go on and on." I would addd, and you usually do. I already know the "meaning of the universe," I've trained dogs and written my own tips, and actually some flashlights do flash. Can we hope that we will be in as good a humor after the Bronco game?

You clearly do not know the meaning of the universe. If you did you would have known to skip Coleridge, over hyped romantic movement piece of crap. Of course he loved reading his own work, he was part of the romantic movement, they all loved reading their own works. You know he smoked enough opium to kill an elephant or three? What you actually read was 6000 pages written by a high opium junkie. Which is weird cause opium junkies are never that hyper. But they do love everything, you paper should have concluded that Coleridge, Wodsworth and Southey did not jump start the romantic movement, opium did.

Oh and not all flashlights flash so they should not be called flashlights. Those that do flash are usually not actually flashing but blinking becuase you are pushing the button up and down. Flashlights are a lie and a scam.

Do not get me started on the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy was sociopathic killer who assembled a hit team to take down an old woman and her pet monkeys. It's starts with those damn munchkins. Did the munchikins look like they were hurting? Granted it looks like they built their whole villiage during a giant communal acid trip while watching the smurfs, but hey that's on them. Oh the poor munchkins, are you kidding me? They had their won damn road made of gold and listen to that song they sing. "Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch?" right there you got age discrimination not to mention they are singing in glee about a murder. "She's gone where the goblins go,Below - below - below." Basically she is going to hell happy happy times. "As Coroner I must aver, I thoroughly examined her. And she's not only merely dead, she's really most sincerely dead" Death is not even good enough for the munchkins, she isn't just dead she is totally and completly crushed casue this crazy chick dropped a house on her.

Then you have the good witch of the north. How do we she is good? Cause she tells us she is? A total stranger? You believe a total stranger and a bunch of crazy little midgets sining the happy death song whille tripping on acid? Oh yeah that's who I am gonna trust a chick that calles herself a witch and a bunch of acid junkies. And what do they do? They steal the womans valuabe slippers and send Dorothy off to kill again. Dorothy then puts together a hit team. The Scarecrow, really do scare crows seem that nice? There job is to scare stuff. The Tin man? More like an evil cyborg that wants to go hack an old woman up with his axe. Oh and a damn 500 pound man eating lion. Oh no wait he is a big old sweet scared kitty. Yeah cause that's how Lions are, big gentle cats that are scared of everything. Unless you live in Africa, go pet a Lion see how far that gets you.

Then you have the poor people of the Emerald city. Wait they live in a city made out of emeralds? They are totally one percenters. Oh and who runs the city a con man by the name of the wizard. Oh yes yes yes you must kill the wicked witch of the west.

So Dorothy goes off to this poor old womens house, breaks in and friggin melts her. What kind of nut job melts people? The final proof is when she finally gets home what does she tell her family? Oh I was in a wonderful place and there were all these great people. She kinda skips the part about the double homicide she commits and the grand larceny she perpetrated on this women and her sister.

Your first tip on dog training. We don;t train them, they train us. We feed them, bathe them, walk them, provide them with a home, give them the run of the house. We clean up after them, we pick up there damn poo for them. Oh yeah we train them.

As for the universe, well first we need to begin with physics, which is ancient greek for nature. Let us begin more than 2600 years in the past during the Archaic period 650 BCE to about 480 BCE. It all began when Thales of Miletus refused the supernatural. Thales attempted to explain natural phenomena without reference to mythology and was tremendously influential in this respect. Almost all of the other pre-Socratic philosophers follow him in attempting to provide an explanation of ultimate substance, change, and the existence of the world—without reference to mythology. Those philosophers were also influential, and eventually Thales' rejection of mythological explanations became an essential idea for the scientific revolution. He was also the first to define general principles and set forth hypotheses, and as a result has been dubbed the "Father of Science", though it is argued that Democritus is actually more deserving of this title. Democritus 460 BCE – ca. 370 BCE was an Ancient Greek philosopher born in Abdera, Thrace, Greece. He was an influential pre-Socratic philosopher and pupil of Leucippus, who formulated an atomic theory for the cosmos. Let us now take a look at the Thales Theorem DE/BC=AE/AC=AD/AB.

Suppose S is the intersection point of two lines and A, B are the intersections of the first line with the two parallels, such that B is further away from S than A, and similarly C, D are the intersections of the second line with the two parallels such that D is further away from S than C.
1.The ratios of any two segments on the first line equals the ratios of the according segments on the second line: | SA | : | AB | = | SC | : | CD | , | SB | : | AB | = | SD | : | CD | , | SA | : | SB | = | SC | : | SD |
2.The ratio of the two segments on the same line starting at S equals the ratio of the segments on the parallels: | SA | : | SB | = | SC | : | SD | = | AC | : | BD |
3.The converse of the first statement is true as well, i.e. if the two intersecting lines are intercepted by two arbitrary lines and | SA | : | AB | = | SC | : | CD | holds then the two intercepting lines are parallel. However the converse of the second statement is not true.
4.If you have more than two lines intersecting in S, then ratio of the two segments on a parallel equals the ratio of the according segments on the other parallel. An example for the case of three lines is given the second graphic below.

This would lead to Scalar Multiplication in Vector Spaces, Algebraic formulation of Compass and Ruler Constructions, Measuring/Survey, Parallel Lines in Triangles and Trapezoids.

Should I keep going Mark? I know it's exciting but it's a lot to type. Tell you what I will skip to the end.

Chapter 296 "The soul of the universe and final destination of Physics"


The End.

Very funny in places, Creighton, but your math is outrageously erroneous. However, once again you forgot that : " Brevity is the soul of wit."I also think humor and laughter are more likely than football as the "soul of the universe" but I admit that the comedy of errors that characterize most football games can be hilarious. "Come'on, Man!!"

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