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Robbie Gould talks about Penn State

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Bears kicker Robbie Gould played at Penn State, and he cast his support for his former head coach.

"He's got 409 career wins," Gould said of Joe Paterno. "Obviously, there's a situation that I know nothing about. It doesn't involve me. So obviously I'm not going to answer any questions involving the situation.

"But Joe is a great coach when I was there. He's always been a great coach. He'll continue to be a great coach for the rest of the season."

Asked what he learned from Paterno, Gould said, "I think the biggest part is, he made you become a better man.

"Obviously, being on time for things, making sure you're responsible for doing whatever homework or assignments or projects or helping your teammates out," Gould said. "Being held accountable for things you do, is something we all learned from him. We became better people and better athletes by attending Penn State and that's why you go there."

Gould said he would like to see Paterno finish the season.

"I think everybody would like to," he said. "As far as I know he's going to. Up until this point, I think he should. I think he will. Let's hope his kids can refocus now and worry about beating Nebraska and not worry about situations that are out of their control or not in their hands."

Gould declined to answer questions about parents and even coaches and athletes struggling with the trust issue, as it pertains to former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, who allegedly sexually abused at least eight children.

"I'm not going to answer any of those questions. They have nothing to do with me," Gould said.

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Robbie seems to have Happy Valley sickness, he doesn't want to talk about it, he doesn't want to know about it, but then he wants to support Paterno. Who is very very culpable, and Happy Valley is a sick little world run by even sicker people.

Have 409 career wins does not excuse ignoring the rape of children by his friend, someone may want to explain that to Gould. As far as I am concerned Sandusky, Paterno and the whole lot of them can't die fast enough. And if you support these pieces of crap, scum of the universe, then you can join them hell.

Read the Grand Jury report, that whole place is ###### up. Look at Gould he is supporting a guy who aided and abetted serial child rape for decades. He doesn't want to know the truth and because of that he is willing to support this piece of crap.

" I am not gonna talk about that, it has nothing to do with me." "Paterno is the best"

Someone needs to throw Robbie a beating.

Another coward!

I am a HUGE Bears fan and I have to say I have lost a lot of respect for Mr. Gould for his position related to Joe Pa.

It is beyond disgusting to hear a defense of Joe Paterno made here by Robbie Gould that completely IGNORES the devastating charges that have brought his name to the attention of the world.

There is no possible way that even a biased commenter (as Gould obviously is) could in good conscience ignore the 800-pound elephant in the room.

Beating Nebraska? Seriously? No wonder those little kids were abandoned by every adult at Penn State. Joe Paterno created an environment where the response of full grown men like Robbie Gould to horrific crimes against little boys is "Joe Paterno made us better men. Go Penn St. Beat Nebraska."

Wake up Robbie Gould. You are now a part of the problem.

GOULD and his ilk are part of the problem. It is exactly because of people like him that this tragedy lasted 10 years. Shame on you

Be on time, do your homework, kick the ball between the posts---great stuff you learned Gould. Hope you learned from others, not with PSU about not putting a 'GAME" above the safety of children. Word now is lots of players knew what the deal was with Sandusky and look away Joe and it became a joke. Next time keep your mouth shut Gould. Take a cue from dumbo Hester when he was caught on the rims and ho gifts out of U of M--he shut up. Best you do too. You sound like just another enabler to a sick set up at Penn State. Who cares you can kick a ball? It doesnt really matter much when the safety of children is compromised to protect a system and men that put more value on punctuality and assignment completions. Frauds, the whole lot of you. Just Shut up and Kick.

I gonna give Robbie the benefit of the doubt and assume his comments came before he knew the whole story. He has always presented himself as a good guy who would never condone the behavior we see coming out of Penn State. Let's don't ruin him for trusting someone and having that trust betrayed.

Paterno has to be some level of a father figure in Gould's life. It's natural that he would start out supportive of his coach and his school. Robbie is usually good for a real quote on a breaking issue. If you like him for that, you can't hang him after the fact for speaking his mind at the time. In a way it's just another ripple effect of what Paterno and Penn State did, or didn't do. When you betray people's trust, good people can wind up in bad places trying to defend you.

Robbie's words don't speak highly of a Penn State eduction.

hey tell so facks about you by tomorow

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