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Raiders will bring the heat against Caleb Hanie

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The Oakland Raiders defense doesn't do very much well.

They're ranked 24th overall, 25th against the run and 20th against the pass.

They also give up more first downs than all but one team.

But the Raiders are tied for 6th in the NFL, with 28 sacks, and they boast a defense that -- if maybe not so disciplined -- is arguably among the fastest in the NFL.

That's why the Raiders emphasis will be to stop running back Matt Forte and attack Caleb Hanie, who will make his first NFL start.

The Bears expect that, anyway.

"Really, probably the blue print of how they're going to play us - I'm guessing - is what they did against that rookie quarterback in Minnesota, where they pressured a lot more than they had been pressuring," Bears offensive line coach Mike Tice said. "I look for them to do something like that, to us. And they've got a nice blitz package. We'll be ready for it.

"We're 11, 12 weeks into the season. We've seen just about everything. There are only so many blitzes."

Against Minnesota's Christian Ponder, the Raiders racked up five sacks and five pressures. None of those sacks even came from Richard Seymour, a six-time Pro Bowl selection.

Hanie, for his part, also expects the Raiders to do all they can to slow and stop Forte.

"Teams have tried to play us the last few weeks, they stack the box, try to get the running game out, and beat them with the pass," Hanie said. "Luckily last week we were able to beat them with the pass. Hopefully we can keep the big plays and keep our explosiveness."

Much of that, though, will depend on him.

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Of course they will bring the heat, which should leave some open plays with receivers and some screens etc.
Still expect Forte to get his numbers maybe more receiving than running. Hanie will get 200+ hopefully without turnovers.

Defense can hold Oakland to 17 with a good game and special teams should help put Bears in scoring position, if d can create turnovers Bears should win.

I've lived in the Bay Area about half my life and have also been a Raider fan since they moved back from hated southern California (they were in L.A. when I moved out here, so they were just another team to me until they moved back). I can tell you this about them:

Their defense is totally undisciplined and hasn't shown up in the 2d half yet this season. They've blown two big leads and come close to blowing some others, including last week in Minnesota. However, they're not afraid to blitz now that Al Davis is not looking over everyone's shoulder, so the Bears will get a lot of pressure when they pass. And despite being undisciplined, the Raider defense has a lot of talent, especially in the front seven. J'Marcus Webb is going to have his hands full with Kamerion Wimbley, who's an excellent speed rusher. The Bears had better plan on giving Webb some help of it's going to be a long day for him, Hanie, and the offense. Fortunately for the Bears, DT Richard Seymour is injured and only played v. in passing situations last week, and the same is expected this week.

Offensively, Oakland's running game is excellent, behind a line that opens huge holes. If Darren McFadden plays (seems unlikely), the Bears must make sure that he doesn't get into the open field or he's gone. They have to play him the way they do Michael Vick. If McFadden doesn't play, Michael Bush weighs 245 lbs. and is a load to bring down. He's had some big runs since McFadden went down due to huge holes where he's not touched 'til he's 30 or 40 yards downfield. If it had been McFadden on those runs, they'd have been TDs. The Raider O line can run block with the best of them. On top of that, Carson Palmer is looking really good and getting better as he gets more into shape and used to his new team. The Raiders don't have much in the way of receivers, but Palmer has made up for that to a large extent. However, the Raiders have several injuries to receivers and it's not clear who will play v. the Bears, so the Bears could catch a break there. The Raiders' best receiver is rookie Denarius Moore, who runs the smoothest routes I've ever seen, is really fast, and seems to have great hands (haven't yet seen if he can hold onto the ball when hit, but he's made some great catches). Moore is injured and hasn't practiced so far this week, but the Raiders are hoping that he'll practice Friday and be able to play Sunday.

Overall, this is a winnable game for the Bears, but should also be their toughest v. the AFC West. They'll need to contain the Raider running game and be balanced offensively. If they get too conservative offensively because of Hanie, the Raider defense could swallow them, so they've got to walk the fine line between not letting Hanie make costly mistakes and letting him make plays. If they're too one-dimensional, the Raiders easily have enough talent to shut down their running game.

Hey Dahli,

I'll be at this game, should be a lot of fun.

Don't underestimate the Raiders. Their running game is better than the Bears' and they have ton of talent on defense, they're just not disciplined and haven't shown up in the 2d half. But their 6-4 record is no accident, and Carson Palmer looks as good as he did in Cincinnati. He had a spectacular 1st half v. San Diego a week-and-a-half ago, and this guy hasn't played since last season, nor does he have much to throw to except that his receivers are fast and athletic (imagine a group of Johnny Knoxes). But this is potentially a very dangerous offense between Palmer and the running game that's based on great run-blocking, and Oakland is also built on speed and athleticism. The Bears will need a top effort to hold this team to 17 points and I wouldn't count on that.

Offensively for the Bears, screens usually work well against the Raiders, though you can only do that so many times even against them. J'Marcus Webb will not be able to block Kamerion Wimbley by himself on pass plays, Wimbley is an excellent speed rusher who had four sacks v. San Diego. But the Bears cannot get one-dimensional by being too conservative or they risk being shut down even by this undisciplined group. Keeping the Raider defense off balance is the best way to beat them, especially in the 2d half.

They will be fine if that happens. Hanie is not Ponder. Ponder is a rookie, Hanie is a 4 year vet. Also the Bears are much better equipped to handle a speed rush compared to a bull rush. It's the big strong lines like they have in Detroit that they have more trouble with.

Sean, Speaking of Detroit, do you think Suh will be suspended? I do.

Bring it on, Oakland!
Caleb will make them pay with his feet!
Bears 35- Raiders 13

Oakland will bring the heat, the key will be for Matt Forte to be effective as a runner, and Chicago to be able to pick up the Oakland blitz.

As far as Oakland's front four, they don't get much of a rush from their defensive ends, between DE's Lamarr Houston and Jarvis Moss, the Raiders have only gotten 2.5 sacks so far this season. Inside is where the Raiders get their push, defensive tackles Richard Seymour 5 sacks, and Tommy Kelly 5.5 sacks, give the Raiders 10.5 sacks inside on the season. Seymour is playing with a bum knee right now, but I can see Tommy Kelly being a problem for Chicago. My key matchup will be left guard Edwin Williams vs Kelly, that will be a matchup to watch and a key for the game.

The Raiders have also gotten 6 sacks from strongside linebacker Kamerion Wimbley, another key matchup will be how tight end Kellen Davis does vs Wimbley as far as pass blocking. Wimbley will be one to watch on blitzes also, Chicago needs to keep an eye on him, maybe a heavy dose of fullback Tyler Clutts and tight end Matt Spaeth on Wimbley could be the remedy for keeping Wimbley off Hanie. Should be interesting GO BEARS!!

ahhh...shut you fasce looser! IA Mking HEAR ANS NO ONE ELSE CAN TALK UNLESS I SAY SO!!

noe lets get won thing strait.....haney is a BUST. he will FAIL jist leik wehn he played against my precius PAKSERS!!! doo dood doo dod GO PAKC GO!!! hahahaha is good to be rooting for teh best tamn ever!! hahaha i new it all along taht the PACK would win ans i have been with tehm sense the beginnig! waht can is ay eccpet I AM ALLWASY REIFHT AND O INOLY GIVE FCTS!!!

but you huys noe me old rapt-in jus tryig nt obe prosarie

ps pink panties?? ahhh how abuot green ans yellow panties with #12 on tehm?? :)

Hey Wrigley how is it going?

You are right on with your comments and you are right I am worried about holding the Raiders to 17 but I do think it is possible if the Bears D shows up and plays more bump and run instead of just letting these receivers off the line of scrimmage without contact.

I am going to be at Rickey's in San Leandro, I am sure the Oakland fans in there will not appreciate me as a Bears fan and I was hoping to meet the famous Wrigley Field Bear in person, well have a great time at the game.

The Raiders do have a great running game but the Bears have been playing well lately against the run so strength vs strength. The Raindeers have been nicked up at Receiver so it should be a good and tough game, definitely hard hitting which is what I love to watch.

Hanie will positively surprise this week. Bears finish 12-4 with win in Green Bay against Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood and in Minnesota to finish the year and start the playoffs.

Too bad you're going to Ricky's this weekend, all of our group who are normally there will be at the game. If you're going to be at Ricky's for any other games, let me know.

I expect the hardest hitting game of the year except maybe the Pittsburgh-Baltimore games. The hardest hitting one I've ever seen was the Bears & Raiders in 1984. I'm hoping this game is like that one.

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