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Pick the score of the Bears-Raiders game

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I picked the Bears to win 23-20 today.

The key for the Bears is to get off to a fast start, establish Matt Forte as a threat and empower Caleb Hanie to make some plays.

On the flip side, the Bears defense has to stop Michael Bush, who really paces that Raiders offense. With Denarius Moore and Jacoby Ford inactive, the Raiders are thin at the receiver position. Darrius Heyward-Bey is active, but he was limited in practice the last few days.

If they can limit Bush, I don't believe Carson Palmer will be able to punish the Bears secondary.

So what you project? Provide a score a quick line on why.

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Bears 20, Oakland 16

Bears redzone D comes strong today limiting the Raiders to 3 FG. Bears pick off Palmer late to seal the victory. Hanie is efficient and outplays Palmer in a hard-hitting, field position game.

Bear down!

Well the Raiders are at home and 15 guys on the disabled list or is it 13? They have a lot of guys hurt, I'll just say that. But they are at home and unlike Philly they have heart, they also stupid, usually they are their own worst enemy, kind of like Detroit. They have a new QB in Palmer, and the last time he saw the Bears he just destroyed them.

As we all know the Bears are without Cutler, and I believe Moore. Oh and a new long snapper, I'll die if this game is decided by a bad snap, can you imagine that? Anyway Raiders have a nasty front 7 which could be a problem, and I don't know if they will blitz much. Bears shouldn't blitz cause when they do they usually get burned. Both O lines have been up and down all year and neither is very talented.

So my score is? I have no clue, I just have no clue other than it will probably be close and hard fought. I have no clue what Hanie will do, and the Raiders are all over the place this year. I don't know if the Raiders have any clue what the Bears will do with Hanie. I could see Martz try a deep ball early to try and scare the Raiders.

The Raiders only really do one thing well, and that's run the ball and their lead back is down, and the middle of the field is wide open on third down. The secondary sucks apart from Huff, so what will the score be?

Ummm 20-20 and goes to OT after that it's a coin toss. Really I have no clue about this one, but a game going to OT is always fun, It's like thinking there is no pizza left in the box, but you open it anyway and you still got a slice left.

It's all about you isn't it? Your deadline and you being pressed for time. Are you happy now? We got no OT. Broncos went to OT. What you don't like heart stopping games, that stress you out and cause your work to be late. Well I rooted for OT knowing you would already be pressed and behind because of the Time zone change, I wanted to watch you suffer Jensen, it's my evilness (can't believe that's really a word)

I didn't actually root for OT, I was just trying to figure out what kind of wierd, strange, game the Bears would find themselves in this week in the mysterious place known as the black hole, nothing ever escapes and it looks like a scene out of Beyond Thunder dome. "'Two teams enter, one team leave," " two teams enter one team leave.'"

Oooh Return of the King is on, I wonder if the good guys will win this time. Don't want to watch football when that kind of on screen magic is going on.

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