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Penn Staters Adams, Gould react to ouster of Joe Paterno

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It was another dark day for the Bears' Penn State alumni.

''Sad and disgusting,'' said defensive tackle Anthony Adams.

''Shocking ... and unfortunate,'' said place-kicker Robbie Gould.

Both players were reacting to the story of the day -- the firing of legendary Penn State coach Joe Paterno on Wednesday night. The Penn State board of trustees voted to immediately fire Paterno, who was in his 46th year as head coach at Penn State, in the wake of the sex abuse scandal centering on former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky.

''Penn State always taught me to become a man first and a football player second,'' Adams said. ''Being a student was why we were there and being a football player was kind of secondary. This right here is just ... it's sad. It's disgusting.''

While disappointed it came to this point for his coach, Adams said it was fair to hold Paterno to the same high standard he set for his players.

''Yeah, that's what we were based off of 'We are Penn State.' We do things different,'' Adams said. ''We hold ourselves to a higher standard anyway. So yeah, it's fair.''

Both players expressed sympathy for the victims as well as for their school, which has been stained to a degree that can't yet be determined.

''It's shocking, because everything we did at Penn State was by the book,'' Gould said. ''We held everyone to a high standard and it's tough to see guys go through this situation. I feel for the victims. And I hope the university can rebound ... at this point it's just about preventing this from happening again ... [and] making sure they can rebuild the name of the university.''

That could take some time, Adams said.

''I've never seen anything like this in football, period,'' he said. ''This is one of the biggest things that ever happened that I've seen. I don't know. It's going to be a long time.''

As for Joe Paterno's legacy, Adams' response seemed right on the money.

''I guess that chapter hasn't been closed yet,'' he said. ''It's sad. It's real sad. I don't know what else to say.''

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All I have to say is, "You don't hang a man 'cause his brother stole your horse." There is an investigation going on, and it was premature to sack Joe Paterno before its conclusion and findings were made known. Until then, the operative word is "alleged". Joe was tried and convicted by public opinion and the press, yet he was not a "person of interest" in this matter. This was a gutless, CYA, and totally wrong thing for Penn State to do.

No retard it was the right thing to do. Read the Grand Jury Report and listen to Paterno, he already he admitted he knew about some this and did nothing. You gotta a lot nerve comparing child rape to stealing a horse. You must be another of those Penn State Pro Child Rape retards. You know what you got right that was Paterno's brother and Paterno knowingly let his brother rape children. It wasn't someone stealing a horse, it was child rape and your sorry ### can't even admit that or say it.

Read the Grand Jury Report, until then shut the #### up. As far as I am concerned your just another one of those Penn State scum bags who supports child rape. Your defending Paterno why not Sandusky, is he innocent? How about the other 3 that were fired. Wait how about Mike McQueary, so your saying he is a liar, you have no proof he is liar, but your saying he was a liar. He lied why? To get a friend of his and his family in trouble for no reason? It's all just big scheme is it, to get rid of JoePa right?

Oh and if Joe Paterno is innocent why did he contact one of the best criminal defense attorney's in the country?

You want to know what gutless is scum bag, it's when you look the other way while a child is being raped because you worry about the reputation of your school and football program. Look at you you spinless wonder, you don't care about those kids its all about Penn State and JoePa.

Let me clue you in real quick, for thus of us who did not go Child Rape U, we kinda want to turn Happy Valley into Death Valley. Why don't you do the world a favor take your Child Rape U degree and shove it your mouth, buy gun stick it up your ### and blow your ###### brains out. I understand if you don't want to do that after all Penn State guys are cowards who let children get raped in showers. People at rape you clealy have their priorities a little screwed up. So help the rest of us help you, put a bumper sticker on your car that says I love Child Rape U, or Football is more important than the safety of children go Penn State, or JoePa is my daddy and I am to stupid to actully think for myself. Put on all your Penn state gear, wave your I love Paterno, I love Penn state we did nothing wrong, raping children is ok it's not as bad as stealing a horse right? So that way we will know you when we see you, and can deal with you.

"That was so wrong for Penn State to do, boo hoo hoo, poor JoePa" What you should be saying is those poor kids.

"Your brother steals a horse and" and shut the #### up, child rape is horse thievery.

Educate yourself or be educated, your just seeing the tip of the iceburg at this point, it's about to get a lot worse.

Sean I know you don't like these kinds of posts. But I am not letting that slide Sean, this isn't football this is different. Read that clowns post, I think I am more than justified on this.

Nope. Sorry dude. From what we know as a minimum they knew there was a possibility that a guy was a pediphile and didn't go to the law. After that there is a possibility the guy abused more victims. Joe said he wished he had done more.

Even if the dude is proven innocent, they did not do the minimum, let alone what any reasonable person would have done. Paterno is a father and grandfather. By his own admission, he did not do enough.

Losing his job as a public figure of trust is the least that could happen. If this animal is guilty of any of this stuff, Paterno needs to spend a few years sharing a cell..

Your name is as suave as your argument, guy. By another name , it's called "sophistry." It works legally and philosophically yet leaves us unsatisfied. Why? Because it leaves out the role of honor. An honorable man would have followed up on the report, not just kicked it upstairs to the athletic director. So, you and Joe have that much in common - you lack a sense of honor. Creighton, I iike what you suggest should be done to this guy, but it's hopeless to rid the world of all its dishonorable men. Chill, man; PSU and Joe won't survive this well. There will be more disgrace to come.

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