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Ndamukong Suh: "His helmet so happened to come off"

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Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh defended charges that he and his team is dirty during an appearance Tuesday morning on ESPN SportsCenter.

During the second quarter, as Jay Cutler scrambled toward his team's sideline, he was tackled by Suh, who also ripped off the quarterback's helmet.

"Honestly, my particular play, I'm going in and tackling and it's within the play," Suh told ESPN. "His helmet so happened to come off.

"It's a part of the game. Things happen. It's not a big deal... You just get up and play the next play. That's why there was no flags on that particular play."

Suh also added that he has "never been considered a dirty player" and that he won't concern himself until family and close friends tell him that "I'm crossing the line."

As for accusations his entire team is dirty, Suh said, "I don't necessarily see what they see.

"Maybe because we're a little too physical, we don't take anything from anybody. And we're going to continue to play hard and not be pushed around. Maybe that's why we're considered dirty."

Suh said he didn't see the particulars of the brawl near the Lions sideline. But he said cornerback D.J. Moore going after Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was a "no-no on our team."

"We had to protect our quarterback," Suh said.

Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher naturally defended Moore on ESPN 1000 Monday, saying teh cornerback shouldn't have been ejected.

As for whether the Lions are dirty, Urlacher cleverly said, "They play to the echo of the whistle.

"How about that? You can't be mad, because that's the way the game should be played. They play fast, they play physical, and sometimes they go a little bit too far. But you know what? Sometimes, they get away with it."

Urlacher added that he liked Lions coach Jim Schwartz.

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Interesting Sean-

Suh's trying to play the innocent role eh? Anybody with eyes can see that you grab at anything above the shoulder, you are out-of-line- PERIOD!

Karma's gonna catch this dude if he keeps this up...

I understand they are trying to re-make the Lion's image but they just looks like a (team) cheap-shot artists- at the moment.

Detroit needs t(1st) win more than they lose, GET into the playoffs, THAT IS where they will get their respect.

I can see a nice chop-block in his future if he keeps up the(borderline) cheap-shots. He won't have to wait for the League to reprimand him, opponents will straighten it out on the field...

No team has consistently lacked class more than the Lions over the years, Barry Sanders, Gary Danielson and a few others excepted. But looks like we've got with it a resurrection of old-school, black-and-blue hostility. Should be lots of fun over the next years. But we've got to shore up our OL to protect Jay and Forte from those uglies. Fairley is dirtier than Suh, even.

We would all love him if he were a Bear.

He destroyed the Bears line all game, dude is an animal. That play where he wrecked Garza and Williams on the same play. I was like damn, but the rest of the detroit line is not close to being what he is, some good players but not like that monster. He tore up the run and pass blocking of the Bears.

Suh saying that he's not dirty is like Sandusky saying that he's not a pedophile. No body believes that. Like Sandusky, going public does not help his case and makes him look worse.

How does one's helmet happened to come off? The replay clearly show that Suh had his hand on Cutler's helmet and pulled it off. He doesn't even have the guts or common sense to owe up to what he did. What a coward!

Suh's a bully and like most bullies, he probably has insecurities, a poor self image, and anger issues. He compensates for this by picking on people that are smaller and weaker than he is (i.e. quarterbacks and running backs) because this makes him feel empowered. He may have been abused as a child.

Instead of meeting with Roger Goodell, Suh would have been better off meeting with a psychiatrist.

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