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Josh McCown practices Thursday with the Bears

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Josh McCown didn't waste any time, hopping on a flight a couple hours after he was signed by the Bears and practicing with his new team today at Halas Hall.

"For whatever reason, last night, it wasn't too bad," McCown said. "We went to the airport in Charlotte, and it wasn't too busy. It was pretty easy."

Of course, the hardest part was leaving his family.

"But that's the nature of this business," he said. "They understand that."

McCown spent part of training camp with the San Francisco 49ers, and he completed all four preseason pass attempts for 51 yards. But he was released, and he has been coaching high school football in the Charlotte area since.

"I'm just thankful to have a job," he said.

His high school team got knocked out of the playoffs last week.

Asked if that helped him, McCown said, "I think so.

"We'll see. But I think so. I would think, as opposed to not doing anything, football related, I think it's got to be better.

"You always think you know what coaches are thinking. But until you're on that side, in that capacity, you have a new respect for it. So it'll be good."

McCown said offensive coordinator Mike Martz's playbook isn't all that different from the one he had when he played under him in 2006, in Detroit.

"A lot of stuff is very similar. It's just getting back up to speed," McCown said. "There are little wrinkles here and there. Over the years, things change. Mike is always pushing the envelope, and creating new things. It's just getting used to those, and getting acclimated to timing and speed."

McCown said he felt bad that Jay Cutler was injured, but he realized that was the way he was going to get an NFL job this season.

"I knew my situation, wanting to play again, I knew it was going to come on the heels of someone getting hurt. You hate to see that happen, but at the same time, you know with it being here, and having the familiarity with Mike's offense, I knew that was a possibility that I'd get a call," he said.

McCown pulled out his Martz playbook from Detroit Monday, and he started flipping through it.

"I was getting excited, then it started dragging out. I was thinking, 'This might not happen.' I said, 'I need to put this up, because it's going to be a big let down.' You start to look at the plays in his system, and you get excited as a quarterback," McCown said. "So thankfully got the call and I'm here."

Currently, rookie Nate Enderle is the backup to Caleb Hanie. Asked if he can move up, McCown said, "Kind of coming in late like this, it would be hard to hop in there and be the two right now.

"But we'll see how that goes. I just want to be here and help these guys, whatever spot they put me at. And be a sounding board for Caleb and Nate."

In the meantime, McCown wasn't entirely certain where he would spend his Thanksgiving, since the Bears ended practice early so everyone could have the afternoon and evening with their families.

"Hey, if anyone has a spot at their table, I'll take it," he jokingly said.

But McCown said several new teammates already invited him to their homes. He said he wanted to study his playbook and that he may end up at the home of his Chicago-based agent, Mike McCartney of Priority Sports.

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I like the signing, McCown has played under Martz before in Detroit back in 2006. So he at least has a working knowledge of Mike Martz's scheme, that will help. The last time McCown got extensive playing time back in 2007 with the Panthers, he had a 58.4% completion percentage, which is solid but not spectacular, and in 9 starts had 10 td passes, but also had 11 interceptions. For his career McCown has completed 57.7% of his passes, solid, you like to see a passer get over 60%, and has 35 td passes to 40 ints. McCown is not a starter, but will do as a #2 or emergency quarterback.

As big of a Kyle Orton fan as I was when he was here in Chicago, I actually didn't want to see him brought in. I just didn't like the timing of the situation. For one, Orton doesn't have any experience in Martz's scheme, McCown at least does, not saying with time Orton couldn't run Martz's scheme, but time is one thing Chicago doesn't have right now. Another reason, you can't tell me had Orton been brought in Hanie wouldn't have constantly been looking over his shoulder. That would have caused a mess, for every incomplete pass or int, you would have heard everyone lobbying for Kyle Orton, a QB controversy is never never a good thing, especially for a team trying to make a playoff run. As for Orton, going to Kansas City is better for him anyways, Chicago is Cutlers team, at least in Kansas City if Orton comes in and shows something he could stick? I just don't think Matt Cassel has showed enough in Kansas City for that to be his team. I have confidence in Caleb Hanie here in Chicago, he'll do fine GO BEARS!!

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ohhht hat ANGELO.....h em akes me on HOT LITTEL POTATOE HE DOES!!! ohhh o HAT HAT HATE TAHT ANGELO!!!!!

if i wa sa dog ans angelo cam enear me i woud BITE him in the leg ans go grrrr ruff ruff!! ans teh i would jump into mendenhalls lap were i would be so so happy! :)

but ou guys now me old crap-ton....just trying to be posative

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Kevin, that's quite impressive that McClown got "extensive playing time" with Carolina in '07. I mean, especially since he was on the Oakland Raiders at the same time where he also got "extensive playing time" including a game against the Chicago Bears where Wale Ogunleye got a strip/sack on him in the fourth sealing the win for Chicago.

But hey, we picked up quite the superstar for him to be playing on two teams in one NFL season.

Sorry Mike, I ment the Raiders, was in a hurry when I typed that post. The only point I was trying to make was the guy has experience in Martz's scheme. The time with the Raiders was the last time he got "extensixe playing time", sorry......not really, but I'll act like I am. Oh well, GO BEARS!!

Oh, my!! I just get chills down my neck when I think of Total Beasts like Josh Loverboy McCown.

I cried and cried the day Chrissy Williams was put on IR. (I'm sure Chrissy was crying in front of his locker again too, at the time. I hadn't cried like that since the day Jim Hendry was fired and the Chicago Flubs hired this horrible nobody Epstein. I mean, what exactly did this guy do for the Red Sox?)

But oh well, Josh has given me Bumstead Tears of Joy, just like Todd Collins did. He has extensive playing time. And besides, Hater MIke, anybody who's played for two teams has to be better than someone who played for only one, like that LOSER John Elway.

Yeah Kevin a lot of people sure are lobbying for Orton, they just lobbed him right out of Denver. Mike is right he was on the Raiders in 07, and he started 9 games and then they cut him. But he was on Detroit in 06. Sort of, he was on the practice squad and only dressed for 2 games, so I am not so sure how much of the Martz system he knows. He was the starter for Arizona 2004. But honestly does anyone really remember watching him play? He is a blur to me, and hasn't he been out of the league for almost 2 seasons? Am I wrong or did McCown play more WR than QB for detroit?

I hear Potash really likes him. I think it's the name though, Cade McNoun is still his all time favorite QB, not a joke. McCown, McNoun, old Mark is probably running around going it's the second coming, to bad he is not a short red head.

This is the best thing I could find writen about McCown "On February 29, 2008, McCown signed a two-year contract with the Miami Dolphins.[1] Prior to training camp in July, McCown needed six stitches in his throwing hand's index finger. He suffered the injury holding firewood as his brother Luke chopped it."

"Now when I nod my head, you hit with the axe." Hahahahaha, what kind of moron holds the wood while someone else chops it? 'Wait let me get my throwing hand in there, I'll have a better grip on the wood."

I don't remember the guy at all, but I think I will invite him over and see what kind of wacky stunts he gets into. "Hey watch this, I am gonna take this here umbrella and jump off the roof, just like Mary Poppins."

Oh and Kevin I think you may be underestemating Chicago fans. After all it was only a a year ago people were calling for Cutlers head and calling him a quitter. Heck there was this one guy I remember, I think I will call him Evan Farmstead, anyway Evan thought Kyle Orton was the bees knees and claimed he was one of the best QB's in the nfl and had the strongewst arm he had ever seen. Later he claimed Dan Lefevour would develop into a great QB who would eventually replace Cutler or be traded for a first round pick. Boy that Evan is a character, I am pretty sure at some point someone will say McCown is 6'4 and should be the starter cause he is 6'4 and had extensive playing time for the Panthers. Old Evan sure gets worked up about stuff. Oh and no you will not be able to find any names close to Creighton that sound like it. So what's Danny doing these days anyway?

Lets just hope Hanie does not have any major problems. I hope Hanie does well Martz has been riding him and digging on him from day one, and I would like to see Hanie stick it to that nut.

Evan Farmstead, that is freaking hilarious.

And Kevin, you should be sorry. Remember, nobody on here is supposed to surpass your Bears fandom. After all, you do that signature "Go Bears!!" thing at the end of your posts. So for you to make a flub like that leaves me in doubt that you're as big a fan as you've claimed to be over the years. In fact, I think a guy like Tripper is more of a fan than you and there's something very wrong with his medulla oblongata.

Also, easy on the Josh McClown praise. The last time you went gaga over a veteran backup was when the Bears brought Todd Collins in. I told you he was garbage, but you insisted he was a "proven winner." How did that work out by the way?

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