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Jerry Angelo: "It's not about being cute or tricking anybody"

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Bears general manger Jerry Angelo said the key to his team's success isn't all that complicated.

"If you can run the ball and stop the run, you're going to win a lot of football games, and that's basically what we've been able to do. It's not about being cute or tricking anybody," Angelo told the team's website in a weekly interview. "Football is still football and if you can do those two things, you're going to be tough to beat.

"That's what we've been able to do, and hopefully we'll continue doing it."

The Bears, though, will have to move forward without left guard Chris Williams, who suffered a season-ending wrist injury against the Detroit Lions.

"It's unfortunate because Chris was having a really fine year and his injury is going to have an impact. As we've said, at that position you want the same five playing together each and every week, and that's not going to be the case," Angelo said. "But I'm confident that our coaches will make the needed adjustments.

"It's a speed bump and we've just got to get through it."

Angelo also warned not to overlook the San Diego Chargers, losers of four straight games.

"They're still a good football team irrelevant of what their record is. They have a Pro Bowl quarterback, a potential Hall of Fame tight end, excellent wide receivers and a running back who was taken high in the draft and for good reason. So they can put points on the board," Angelo said. "They're in a slump, but they're not a bad team. Opponents become extremely dangerous if you take them lightly."

Finally, Angelo explained why the Bears released Nick Reed and replaced him with another defensive end, Chauncey Davis.

"We just felt like Chauncey fit us a little bit better and we wanted to take a look at him. It's not in cement," Angelo said. "We've brought players in here before thinking that they were going to upgrade us and they didn't, and we acted accordingly. The good news is that our coaches and personnel staff are open-minded about improving the team.

"He's strong and he's around 280 pounds, so he brings a little bit more girth to the position. He's athletic and he started 26 games with the Falcons. He fits our scheme in terms of what we want at the defensive end position. He has the versatility of playing both sides and he's a young player."

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I don't remember the Chicago Bears ever being cute or tricking anybody, Jerry? Does anyone else?

Right on, Mr. Angelo.

Run the ball, stop the run. It really is that simple. Great to see the Bears are executing. I see great things for this team in fact I'ce known al allong that this was the kind of team that could make a deep playoof run.

To bad about Chris Williams. He was haveing what I would call a pro bowl type year. Reall ya great athlete and even though he had those back injuries when Angelo drafetd him I new he had incrdeible talent and football smarts. A shame he's on IR but the next guy will have to step up.

ANd how about that Major Wright? You know I felt like he could really be something and I wrote that maybe a hundred times on this board before he was drafted. I like the kid, tackles well and has a knows for the ball. He and Conte could both be biggest steals of the draft.

Forte. Is. god.

So Maybe now the haters will stop trying to cut down the players and the coaches all the time? It makes me sick when all these "fans" keep ripping on Jerry Angelo and Coach Lovie Smith and the young players on this team who are still learning. This is a great team so shut up and enjoy the show. If any you could do better then why arent you working for an NFL team? yeah thats what I thought.

Go Bears.

If Jerry could draft we would not need undrafted free agents and players off the scrap heap.

Chris Williams was having a fine year? Really? He is one of the worst run blockers in the league. Is that why the Bears have gone to max protect so often? Cause of the great line play? Is that why they got rid of almost all the deep drops and started moving Cutler around, cause of the great line play? Is that why most of Forte's yardage has come outside the tackles cause of great line play? He spends all game either helping double someone or pulling and going after a DB.

Oh and Creighton "blue," Wright does suck, that's why the Bears switched to a single deep, they put Wright close to the line so he does not have to cover deep, and they dropped Conte off the map and are having the corners play man so they don't dump off to the safeties anymore. Cause they love the Safeties so much that they hide them. One plays 25 yards off the line and is late on just about everything, and the other plays between Briggs and Urlacher so someone can hold his hand. Urlacher and Briggs are playing extended zones because they can't cover, and the Corners are playing man.

Yeah that Angelo is real genius, he hired Martz for his rushing attack. Oh and for the record the Bears are not that good at stopping the run, the 49ers, they can stop the run.

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