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Jay Cutler scheduled for thumb surgery Wednesday

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is scheduled to undergo surgery to repair his right thumb Wednesday, according to a league source.

Cutler injured his thumb in the fourth quarter of Sunday's victory over the San Diego Chargers, when he was trying to prevent cornerback Antoine Cason from returning an interception for a touchdown. Cutler slowed Cason enough to allow running back Matt Forte to shove him out of bounds at the Bears' 16-yard line. As he was going down, though, Cutler's right thumb hit the ground.

It's expected to be a routine procedure, and the club is hopeful that Cutler can return toward the end of the regular season. The Bears final regular season game is in Minnesota, against the Vikings, on Jan. 1.

More realistically, though, Cutler would be available after that game.

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Well, it looks like its Hanie or bust for the remainder of the season. The sad thing is, I really think the Bears could have made a run to win out with Cutler, as far as the remainder of the schedule. On paper, again, on paper, the Bears should be able to take the Chiefs, Broncos, and Seahawks, even without Cutler, that would give the Bears 10 wins. The Packers, Raiders, and yes even the Vikings are gonna be tough. If Chicago can take at least one of these games, they should get a wild card spot with 11 wins.

The Raiders game sunday is gonna be tough. The Raiders can run the ball with the best of them, even without Darren McFadden. Heck, their #2 runner Michael Bush might be just as good. Stopping the run will be key, Chicago has to stay in their gaps sunday. Passing wise, when healthy the Raiders might post a threat, but their banged up at receiver right now. Stop the run and Hanie and crew should be able to hang.

On offense Chicago needs to step up running wise. I look for the Raiders to drop their safeties and force Hanie to win it. Also they'll probably get blitz crazy, an effective running game will fix this. Cutler has basically been a game manager this season, but, there will be a drop off in the passing game because Hanie doesn't have the reps with the receivers like Cutler did, or Cutlers rocket arm. Once Hanie gets warmed up, I think he can be an effective passer, but, Forte having one of his monster 130 plus yard games would be great and enough to win it for Chicago GO BEARS!!

Hey, Kevin, you are just full of good observations today. Have you been taking smart pills? i agree with your comments for the most part but really do not see the Vikings as all that tough, and maybe you underrate the other teams a bit. I also think the blitzkrieg will be on but think screens and quick passes over the middle or on the flats might be more effective than runs to offset those blitzes.We will no doubt see come game time.

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