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Jay Cutler press conference highlights

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler addressed reporters, for his usual mid-week press conference. It usually takes place on Wednesday. But, for an NFL team that plays Monday night, Thursday is Wednesday.

Without further ado, heeereee's Jay...

* On playing the Philadelphia Eagles so much and how they look different this year: "They've changed their front up a little bit. But, secondary wise, they got Nnamdi over there. Personnel is a little different. But they're still doing a lot of things they've done in the past."

* On if road communication heading into Monday has improved: "I hope so. That's all you can do, at this point. There's going to be some problems, some glitches, like in any game. Hopefully, we're consistent throughout the game, in what we're trying to get done."

* On getting Earl Bennett back: "I hope so. He looked good, whenever we practiced on Tuesday. I'm excited for him. He's a heck of a football player. He adds some energy to that room, and some energy to our huddle. He's going to be a good face to welcome back. He's just a guy who is consistent. He's an even keel guy in that wide receiver room. He has some experience. It's going to help them out a lot, having him back."

* On importance of Roy Williams Monday night: "They're all going to be important. All those guys are going to be important. I'm not going to single out Roy against anybody, and we're not going to single out or any of those receivers. They've all got to play at a certain level, and we expect them to go out there on Monday and give it everything they've got."

* On the issues for the offense on the road: "We've been down that road, and hopefully we've learned from it. Hopefully, we limit our turnovers and our false starts, and get the calls in, and hopefully it's smooth. We won't know until we get into it Monday, though."

* On getting Eagles fans to turn on their team at home: "That's anywhere. That's any city. You start losing, you're going to start losing fans pretty quickly. But they're a resilient group. They understand that that's what's going to happen. They've got a veteran head coach, and he's been down this road. They're playing good football right now. You can't take anything away from them."

* On if he's more comfortable with his offense, thanks to better offensive line play: "It's getting better and better. Getting better and better. We're getting there. Getting some guys healthy. I think the group we have right now is really consistent and has a good feel for what we're trying to get done. The communication is a lot better. What we're doing is really helping them out. Simplifying stuff, getting the ball out of my hands, the way Matt's running the football. He presents problems for defenses. So it's going to be interesting to see how they play us."

* On why the Bears had such a strong performance against the Eagles last season: "We started off hot. We passed the ball well. We ran the ball well. We converted on third down. Whenever we got in the red zone, we were scoring touchdowns and not kicking for field goals. You know, sometimes games just go like that."

* On why he's more optimistic at 4-3 this year as opposed to last year: "I felt good last year. It's a process. It's a long season. If we only played seven games, we'd be in trouble. But we don't. We play 16, and we know that. So we're not going to get down on ourselves. We're going to try each and every week to get better."

* On the problem with missed opportunities: "It's a lot of different things. Not executing. Missed assignments. Missing throws. Missing hots. Lining up wrong. It's numerous amount of things that can go wrong on a play. At the end of the day, we're not executing like we should, when we get down there."

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Getting Earl Bennett back will help, and yes, Roy Williams needs to continue to step up and will be a key to this game. I read that Roy Williams doesn't think this is a must win game? Wrong answer. Every game in November and December is a must win, especially for teams like Chicago who are still in the hunt. I don't like that attitude from Williams. He needs to go out and play like this is his final season in the league, if not, maybe it will be?

Its gonna be interesting to see if offensive tackle Gabe Carimi plays or not? Chicago needs to be 100% sure he's ready before putting him back out there, especially vs a defensive line like the Eagles. Lance Louis has been geting the job done, if Carimi has to sit another week, sit him. Chicago can win with Louis at right tackle. To me, Carimi is the Bears starting right tackle, and is gonna be a good one. I just wouldn't rush him back, but, if he's ready, play him. Continuity is a key to developing a line. Continuity is also why I'd like to see Louis get his right guard spot back. Chris Spencer has played well, but so has Louis, and Spencer's future with the Bears will be at center, just like Louis will be at right guard. This should be interesting GO BEARS!!

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