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Jay Cutler on his thumb: "I got to be smart about it"

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler isn't used to watching a practice and nursing an injury.

One of his endearing qualities as a football player is his durability.

But Cutler suffered a broken right thumb against the San Diego Chargers, and, despite the temptation, he begrudgingly accepts he has to be careful not to rush himself back too quickly.

"I got to be smart about it," Cutler said. "It could be, I'm done for the season."

Those are difficult words for Cutler to utter. But, according to projections by several hand surgeons, that's the likely timetable.

Cutler had surgery on Wednesday, Nov. 23, in Vail, CO. He had to have two pins and three screws to mobilize his right thumb, which he injured while trying to prevent a touchdown after an interception against the Chargers.

He's already started rehab.

"Just getting some movement back in it," Cutler said.

Cutler, though, declined to provide a timetable, although renowned hand surgeon Steve Shin told the Sun-Times it would be six to eight weeks. That would put his return at the beginning of January, on the early end.

"I don't know. We'll just have to see, week-by-week," Cutler said. "I don't want to put a number on it, because I just don't know."

Meanwhile, Cutler confirmed that he's engaged to Kristin Cavallari, who announced the news on her Twitter account earlier today.

"I just heard about that too. I'm joking," Cutler playfully said. "No, no, there's no date for that."

Asked if he could confirm the news, he said, "Yeah."

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Too bad. Bears were playing great.

I still think he will be back if they make the playoffs, unless he has ligament or cartilage damage.

I'm happy for Jay that the engagement is back on. Cavalleri is obviously a gorgeous young woman. Maybe she can boost his spirits and speed his rehabilitation.

My money is on his return on Christmas Day....especially if the Bears are still somehow in contention for the Division crown....

I think Cutler is done for the year. This is way too tricky of an injury. Hope I am wrong on this one, but I am just not sure...

Yeah but it could go the other way too. He called it off before so he could concentrate on football. Obviously he has some time on his hands now(pun intended). The thing is, if Cutler comes back having lost some hop on his fastball, we won't know if it's the thumb or the engagement?

Seriously. It's not sounding encouraging on getting him back this year. The weather could be a factor too. Playing quarterback with a sore hand when it's 10 degrees out doesn't sound like fun to me.

I am still worried about his thumb even after it heals. He's going to have three screws left in, that's going to change the way his hand feels and his grip strength.

Hey, MsBearsFan, is "some hop on his fastball" a carefully planned double entendre or an inadvertent one? By the way, Sean, "Bears fan" should read "Bears' fan." Donot forget those apostophes, or at least avoid them, please.

I'm surprised you didn't ask Creighton a similar question. But I guess with him the answer to any "carefully planned" question is a given.

Does anyone on the blog know the type of thumb fracture that Rothlesberger has as compared to Cutler? Nice place, Vail, kick back relax, enjoy life with the soon to be new bride. I am sure that will take his mind off of the broken thumb. Little Champagne,fire in the fireplaces throughout the suite, sweet!

Favre or McNabb has my vote to come to the Bears and if Caleb can't get it done at least there is a proven talent although old that might rally the troops in the time of need.
It would be kind of sweet to see Farve get revenge on the Packers in Rush Limbaugh field on Christmas day and in the playoffs when the Bears play in the NFC Championship against the happy packers.

Please stop refering to Favre, dahlilama. He's a dead horse who just turned out to be another ass.

If I was Cutler's doctor, I'd put a bone stimulator on his hand to speed up the healing process.

The screws will not have any effect on the feeling and grip of his hand. His healing will largely depend on his nutrition and his diabetes. If his diabetes is well controlled, which I assume it is, this will help the healing process.

With solid internal fixation (i.e. the screws), he should be able to start throwing in 4 weeks after the surgery. Returning to the field in 7 weeks (whic would be the first weekend of the playoffs) after the surgery is very realistic.

In the meantime he should be working on his conditioning to maintain his stamina and lower body strength, as well as his throwing motion to maintain muscle memory.

St.Louis, please take a trip to Vail fast as Cutler is enjoying life in Vail in front of the Fire Place drinking Champagne, charge your trip and time to the CST Sports Department and rescue the Bears SuperBowl destiny!

Totally different breaks, I believe Bens break is at the tip of his thumb,l and not really that bad, Cutlers is at the base of his thumb and is a break and full dislocation, they had to put 2 pins and three screws in it. Remember when Urlacher hurt his wrist a couple years ago and missed the season? Well Cutlers thumb injury is similar to that, only smaller, cause it's a thumb and not a wrist, he could play football with that injury though, just not anything that would require him to throw and catch. It's also known as skiers thumb, and you tend to get this injury during a fall when thumb gets bent backwards.

Creighton, thanks for the information on the thumbs.

It is too bad that when Cutler was starting to really find his rhythm and was making good decisions with his passes that he gets injured. Well now it is up to Hanie and I am confident he will rise to the occasion over the remainder of the year.

Hanie is mobile so it would be nice if they used that mobility in some ways to stimulate the offense and get him away from the rush.

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