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Gabe Carimi ruled out for Monday night game

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Bears rookie offensive tackle Gabe Carimi fully participated in practice Thursday, but he hasn't practiced in the two days since and has been ruled out for Monday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

"Gabe Carimi hasn't responded as well as we wanted him to. So we're going to keep him out another week," Bears coach Lovie Smith said. "We're not going to play him this week. Besides that, have everybody else ready to go, ready to play the game."

Carimi partially dislocated his knee cap in the second quarter of the team's second game of the season, in New Orleans. He hasn't played in a game since, and he just returned to practice last week.

As a result, Lance Louis will start his third consecutive game at right tackle.

For the Eagles, only the status of defensive end Juqua Parker is in doubt. He's listed as doubtful with an ankle injury.

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Not great news. You would like to see Carimi at least be available to dress as the swing tackle. That would be good experience for Carimi and would allow the Bears to start deactivating Omiyale on game day.

We had to expect Carimi to struggle some his rookie year, but not to the point he has to start over again next year basically as a rookie again.

It's better if he returns during a home game anyway. No need for any extra pressure on a rookie coming back from an injury after extended time off. Philly is a tough place to play for anybody, visitor, home team, the band, cheerleaders. Lets hope there was not a two for 1 battery sale this week in Philly.

The word on rookie tackle Gabe Carimi is he still has soreness in his knee, thats also why he was held out of the last 2 practices. Carimi hasn't missed any extended playing time since 2008, he missed 3 games at Wisconsin with a right MCL sprain, Carimi got the injury vs Ohio State on October 4th of that season. The next season Carimi played banged up with a slight tear in his right MCL, a left shoulder sprain, and with the H1Ni virus, but didn't miss any time that season or after. The scary thing is he has a history with the knee, the good, he's still proved to be very durable with the injury starting 49 games in 4 seasons at left tackle for the Badgers.

With Chris Spencer coming on at right guard, and Lance Louis playing solid at right tackle, the Bears have the luxury to bring Carimi back slowly. The Bears have been winning with Spencer and Louis on the right side, thats good. Carimi's injury has slowed the development of the line, and as much as I would like to see him back on the field, no need to rush him back GO BEARS!!

Hopefully there was no battery sale as I'm going to the game tonight. Not sure yet whether I'll wear any Bears paraphernalia as I do want to make it out of the Linc alive, even if only to see the rest of the Bears mediocre season.

Don't do it, if you must wear a navy shirt with orange socks, throw them off.

You know Sean just reading up on this injury and it does not seem to be as much an injury as it does a defect. Full dislocation is one thing, but partial dislocation is usually because of a shallow socket, or you have a wierd gate, or to much lateral pressure. To help fix the problem it basically involves wearing special shoes that help remove some pressure, and strengthening the hip flexors.

Now weather you have a partial or full seperation, a brace is not considered very helpful. Redislocation rate is considered to be very high and usually requires surgery. Recovery from a partial seperation can take up to 14 weeks.

Me and a buddy of mine who is DPT talked about this and he said it's just hard to tell how long it will take cause the knee has so many veriables. He said if you have one problem with the knee you generally have more than one problem. Now he said the injury can take up to 3 even 4 months with set backs. But said that does not mean he is ready to play football. He said putting that much pressure on a knee that was partially seperated right after he recovered is never a good idea.

Now as Kevin pointed out he has had problems with that knee before. Just reading the list of injuries suggests a recurring stability problem with that knee. Which can be anything from a shallow socket to the way he walks. He may need minor off-season surgery to help fix the problem with stability, and if he does need surgery they should shut him down now and just do it.

Yeah, good advice Creighton. I may wear my "C" hat, and take it off when the game is over. Supposedly I'm sitting in decent seats away from the real Philly riff-raff, but with a wife and kids at home, I'm not inclined to start any altercations.

As for Carimi, what you say agrees with a lot of info out there: i.e. that bracing and rehab probably won't make a lot of difference once the patella has been dislocated a couple of times and has damaged the MPFL. Likely he will need surgery to correct the MPFL deficiency and that could potentially help him a lot. Would be a shame to shut him down for the season, but it may be for the best. Problem is, the only swing tackle left would guessed it: Frank OhmyGod. That is, unless they decided to bump Williams back over to T, which I'm sure isn't in Tice's plans.

Why is it better if he returns at a home game Creighton? So he could stand on the sidelines as a backup with the home crowd cheering? You know if he was active he wasn't going to start anyway because the Bears are happy with Louis, right?

Man, stupid people. How do they make it from day to day without severely injuring themselves?

Louis (and even Webb to a certain extent) played great last night. It was a beautiful thing to watch live, and I didn't even get harassed by Eagles fans. Except for 2-3 bad throws, Cutler looked great and was only let down by multiple drops from Roy, Devin and Dane. Bennett really was worth the wait. That cat can run routes, catch and get YAC like a professional receiver. too bad we don't have more like him.

Well retard, ummm most coaches prefer for their injur players to return at home and if you don't need to start them they can wait. Is that to hard for you to figure out. Outside of the fact that every major coach or basically every coach ever has stated that, I wonder how do you live with yourself?

If you think they will sit a first round pick who is not injured and was playing well before he got injured your nuts.

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