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Gabe Carimi has another "minor" setback

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Bears rookie right tackle Gabe Carimi has suffered what a league source termed as a "minor" setback, and he won't be able to play for a few more weeks.

It's unclear exactly what is wrong. But the team remains hopeful that Carimi will be healthy and able to contribute toward the end of this season.

Carimi has missed the last six games with a partially dislocated right knee cap.

Bears offensive line coach Mike Tice said Carimi was playing the best of the linemen when he partially dislocated his knee in the second game of the season. But the unit has performed remarkably over the last three games, with Lance Louis playing better and better at right tackle.

Even when Carimi's knees are fine, he may need at least another week to get his conditioning back to a proper level.

UPDATE: Bears announce that Carimi is set to undergo arthroscopic debridement procedure on his knee today.

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Long term implications aside, that leaves an interesting situation behind the starters. Omiyale still shows as the backup on both tackle positions. Unless something has changed in Frankie's game, that would spell disaster. I can't explain it, but Omiyale has progressed from a decent swing tackle to a swinging gate. If Webb or Louis go down against Detroit, Cutler is in trouble. I would seriously consider giving up the game and bringing in Haney just to leave some chance for the season.

Sean, I wonder if there will be any thought to promoting Levi Horn or somebody from the practice squad? Or am I missing it on Omiyale? At one time he was a fair, if unspectacular lineman, but not this year.

Bull, sorry but this is bull. I have been asking the same question about Carimi for 3 weeks, I have asked it here twice. "Is he going to need surgery?" There was no set back. They feel secure with Louis so now they feel like they can let him have surgery instead of trying to get him healthy enough to play the rest of the year and having it done in the off season. The score reported weeks ago that he would need surgery.

His injury almost always requires some form of surgery to repair it properly.

Anyone else thinking Marc Colombo right now? I sincerely hope not, both for the sake of Carimi, who seems like he can be a solid Bear for his entire career, and for the team, who finally seemed like they hit on an offensive lineman in the draft. Hopefully this is a minor setback, and Gabe will be back by the end of the month. I would be ok if they put him on IR, just to make sure he is all the way back before they rush him into the lineup, but we have dog crap on the roster for depth, so we will likely need him before the end of the year.

I still think his future is at left tackle, in place of Webb, who is nothing short of awful. if he is going to ole` every DE with some speed, I would rather it be on Cutler's front side, where he can at least see the guy coming. Carimi has way better footwork, more discipline, and has more of a nasty streak. You need that going up against RDEs in the NFL.

i like him, too, Joe, though at Right Tackle where is run-blocking skills can best be utiilzed. I agree that he'd be better at Left Tackle than Webb but maybe we can draft or trade for one next year as our first way out of this.

Sounds crazy, but I think Lance Louis may be the better left tackle prospect of the three. His measureables are not ideal because is a little short, but Louis plays better in space. Left is all about playing in space. Carimi and Webb both seem better suited to right tackle.

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