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Details on fines from Lions-Bears

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After reviewing film, the NFL apparently didn't rule that there was a fight between the Bears and Detroit Lions last Sunday.

Here's exactly who got fined, how much and for what, from a league spokesman:

* Bears cornerback D.J. Moore was fined $15,000 for unnecessary roughness. "After the play, he struck an opponent late."

* Lions offensive lineman Rob Sims was fined $7,500 for unnecessary roughness, striking an opponent late.

* Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was fined $7,500 for unnecessary roughness, grabbing an opponent by the helmet opening.

* Lions rookie defensive tackle Nick Fairley was fined $15,000 for roughing the passer and "unnecessarily" driving an opposing quarterback into the ground.

* Bears receiver Earl Bennett was fined $10,000 for a uniform violation, wearing "dominantly orange shoes." It was his second offense.

* Lions defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch was fined $7,500 for unnecessary roughness, "unnecessarily" striking an opponent late.

Bears linebacker Lance Briggs was not fined for his hit on Calvin Johnson, although he was flagged. And Ndamukong Suh was not fined for ripping the helmet off of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

My thoughts: It seems odd that Stafford, who started the entire scrum, was fined less than Moore. It also seems odd because $7,500 means so little to Stafford, a former No. 1 pick who received $41.75 million guaranteed, not to mention a base salary for this season that's also higher than Moore. Meanwhile, after taxes, Moore essentially played last Sunday's game for free.

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Moore got hosed. Stafford's fine should have been the same as his, at a minimum.

The good news for the Bears coaching staff is they have some excellent film to use the next time Detroit pops up on the schedule. I hope Stafford has time to contemplate about Julius Peppers preparing for the game by alternating film of Stafford trying tear off Moore's head, followed by Suh trying to tear off Cutler's head. Especially when he and Suh basically got away with it.

Sean, we are relying on you to ask him about that when the time comes.

It appears that Suh's trip to talk over league rules with Goodell has paid off. It truly is ridiculous that he did not get fined for his play with Cutler.

Since I believe in the various conspiracy theories from the Kennedy's to Obama how about this as a new one.

Goodell recognizes that Suh is becoming a huge marketing tool for the NFL that will bring millions more to the league, so just maybe he is starting to look the other way
When Suh acts out on the field?

Suh should be sent to his room for various incidents on the field of play, Cutler's being the most recent.

Stafford's fine also shows a little favoritism by the commish, if any QB wants to mix it up on the field like Stafford did with the throw down of Moore, that QB should be fair game, not protected behind mommy's skirt.

Kevin I almost forgot I think the Bears do have a swing tackle and it's probably Louis in the future.

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