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Brian Urlacher talks about the passing of his mother

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In a conversation with ESPN in preparation for Monday Night Football, Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher talked about the passing of his mother in September.

* On learning of his mother's unexpected passing: "The people who found her called me. It was tough. I knew something was wrong when I answered the phone. She wasn't in great health. She had a lot of back issues. She smoked. My mom smoked since she was 14 until she was 51, and so it probably didn't help her situation. We're still waiting to figure out what happened."

* On why so many NFL players reached out to him: "I don't know. I think that just speaks to what kind of person she was and how boisterous and outgoing she was. The support we received was unreal. Guys I met before but never talked to and I don't have their phone numbers. I got hand-written letters from players.I can't tell you the last time I wrote a letter to another player. Some ewre from players in the division."

* On his teammates chartering a plane to attend her funeral: "It just says what kind of teammates and friends they are. Those guys, on their own dimes, chartered planes to come down. It was awesome."

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