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Break down of Bears offense from the other side

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Here's a feature on the Philadelphia Eagles website called Film Room. Adam Caplan of the Sideline View website and Greg Cosell, executive producer of NFL Matchup show, provide a break down of Bears running back Mat Forte and the the Bears' passing game with Jay Cutler.

For Forte, click here

For the passing game, click here

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Very good film study on Forte and Cutler. I wish we were able to see more of this film on a week to week basis.

So is it true Sean? Did you really risk your life by going "behind enemy lines" in Philly?

I like some of the breakdowns they showed, but let me tell you the real key to the game Sean. Little known fact Julius Peppers is a dog lover, he has his own line of doggy T-Shirts and Vick must pay the Peppers what is do the Peppers.

Outside of that you mentioned D-Line, Melton will see a lot of rookie Danny Watkins this game, Watkins has struggled and I think Lovie called Melton out this week for a reason. Every time I have seen Lovie call a guy out it's when Lovie feels the matchup favors his player. So Melton who did well against a bad rookie in week one, gets a struggling Rookie this week. It should be a good game for him. But because the Bears rush 4 so much somtimes they send a dog, but because of the 4 man rush in general it means they have to run stunts, which mean we could see Melton on a TE or on Hermans who is pretty good. But looking at the Igles, Center and RG are major holes for that team, center more so than RG, so again not just melton but the interior should have good game.

Eagles secondary has not been that good this year. Bears secondary is in the same boat. Conte being 25 yards deep is not helping the Bears corners because they have to extend their zones in order to cover him, the Bears are basically hoping the pass rush gets there before the other teams recievers can get to the Bears safeties.

Key to the game? Peppers=dog lover= Vick=dog killer. So P+D>V-D or P+V=V getting a beating. Nobody hurts puppies on Peppers watch.

Either way it's been a good matchup for years now, Vick is not that great against zone defenses, and the LB's for the Igles kinda of suck so Cutler should be able to find some gaps.

Hey, Cr-HATE-on, I don't think there will be many dogs in the stands
tonight to boo Michael Vick. Here's a tongue twister for you. It's
a Bumstead original.

Julius Peppers picked a peck of pickled puppies;
A peck of pickled puppies Julius Peppers picked;
If Julius Peppers picked a peck of pickled puppies,
Where's the peck of pickled puppies Julius Peppers picked?

By the way, if you want to shore up our offensive line, we need Josh Beekman
and Kirk Barton back. Tandem total beasts!

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