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Brawl breaks out at Soldier Field

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It was a wild scene, after Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was intercepted for the third time.

Early in the fourth quarter, Tim Jennings picked off a pass intended for former Bears receiver Rashied Davis, and he was sprinting down the Lions sideline. He was later ruled out, after just one yard, but players on both sides presumed Jennings was trying to score. As he was falling, Stafford pulled Bears cornerback D.J. Moore down on the turf by his face mask. Moore bounced up and he jumped toward Stafford, inciting Lions to come to their quarterback's defense.

"[Expletive] happens," Lions center Dominic Raiola said, according to the Detroit News. "We were getting blown out. But we're not gonna let somebody spear the quarterback or whatever he did.

"That's just not gonna fly around here. They can say all they want, 'Look at the scoreboard,' blah, blah, blah. But we're not gonna back down from anybody. No matter when it is, where it is. The game was lost on the field. All the extra [expletive], we're not gonna put up with."

Lions tight end Brandon Pettigrew said he isn't going to tolerate any opponent taking a shot at anyone on his team.

"I'm not gonna be the bad guy, always in there trying to be the bully or whatever," he said. "I'm just sticking up for my teammates."

There were a handful of questionable actions: Stafford pulling Moore down by the face mask, Moore retaliating, Nate Burleson drilling Jennings hard, near the sideline; and more than a dozen players mixing it up in a scrum that took several minutes to break up.

"When you are going after my livelihood -- my neck -- and you trying to hurt me," Moore said, "I just can't let that happen."

Asked about arguing the ejection, Moore said, "I felt like I was cool.

"I felt that we were both wrong. I felt that it was like, 'Keep him in the game because he is important.' We were both in the wrong."

Stafford said Moore blocked him and he was "trying to get him off of me the best I knew how."

"I guess he didn't like the way I did it, and he wanted to ask me about it."

Asked about the discipline of his team, Lions coach Jim Schwartz said, "Discipline for what?

"For their guy getting kicked out of the game? For Did Matt get penalized? No, Matt didn't get penalized."

Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher suggested the Lions got frustrated, because they were down.

"D.J., that was a bad call," he said. "I don't know why he got thrown out of the game. That was stupid. Not on his part. But the call was bad."

Bears defensive end Israel Idonije said he was exhausted, stuck at the bottom of the pile during the melee.

"Those are so tiring," he said. "Those drain the tank, being on the bottom of that pile.

"But one's in, we're all in. That's what our team is all about."

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Awesome game by the Chicago Bears. It's about time somebody shut up those thugs from Detroilet who were getting way too full of themselves over a handful of wins.

The hit by Fairley on Cutler, the helmet yank on Cutler by Suh, the Stafford neck twist on Moore etc. just goes to show the true colors of the Lions: dirty, undisciplined and classless. Maybe it starts with the coach but who knows? Anyway on that Stafford-Moore fight, if it's any other player besides the quarterback who did what Stafford did, would he have gotten penalized? Absolutely. So hopefully Goodell sends Stafford a nice big fat fine notice in the mail. Otherwise all his yapping about player safety is a load of crap.

Congrats to all the dbs on this team for their sweet picks. Conte should've had one though, same with Moore, but this should help boost their confidence overall.

And I almost forgot about #23, because he's spoiled us for several years to the point where we take those great returns for granted, but man oh man what a special player. Hall of Fame for sure.

The Lions are a dirty team and their coach is proving himself to be quite the d!*%. Suh's little sit down with Goddell didn't amount to much. How many times do we have to watch him try to rip someone's head off? He should be suspended for the next game. Same with Fairley. I had visions of McMahon being thrown to the frozen field by that piece of garbage from Green Bay and injuring his shoulder for the rest of the season (career really). Maybe Goddell needs to fine Schwartz. When a team is consistently dirty like the Lions, it starts at the top.

This game will help define the Bears season and the simple fact that no team can come into Chicago and intimidate the Bears, no team!

Simply a great game, sweet to see the hitting and intensity. The whole team deserves credit for this win and for the fantastic effort to drive put these thugs back where they belong back as a loser. It is pathetic when a team has to take cheap shots to win games and the plays by Suh, Farley, Stafford, etc etc were pathetic and their coach is definitely pushing the cheap shot attitude of the Lions. Why do you think that Harbaugh gave this guy the hand shake he did when the niners beat the Lions.

The Lions coach and organization should be fined to the hilt and maybe a few game suspensions should be sent to people like Suh who still plays football as a cheap shot artist.

The real problem is that the Bears will probably get as many fines as Detroit but in truth the Bears just played a damn good and tough game of football and only reacted to the cheap shots the Lions delivered time after time.

Go Bears, it was good to see that the Bears dominated the tough game and played with sportsmanship but still was the tougher team when it counted.

Bush league plays by players who should be above that stuff. Suh is young and apparently thinks it's cool to play the bad guy, but sometime soon someone will tire of his act and cheap shot him back---possibly ending his career---then will it be so cool? If Butkus was playing in this game, one or more of the Lions would be going off on a stretcher.

Suh is good enough to dominate without the extra stuff. So is fairley, even Vanden Bosch should he choose to remember his teammates free him up for one-on-one blocking. Stafford's takedown was the equivalent of a horse collar tackle--that the refs missed it doesn't make it any less dangerous. Had anyone tackled HIM that way we would still be hearing the wailing from Detroit.

The Lions play dirty, following the lead of Suh. If Goodell had the stones he would invite the boy named Suh to his office for a review of some of his not-so-greatest plays.

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