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Bears offensive line moving up the charts

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Last season, the Bears had the worst offensive line, according to the New York Life Protection Index powered by Northbrook-based STATS.

But after eight weeks, the Bears are now 27th in the league.

The Protection Index factors in pass attempts, combined with penalties by offensive linemen, sacks allowed and quarterback hurries and knockdowns.

The league's best offensive line belongs to the New Orleans Saints, with a score of 81.8. The Bears are 27th with 46.6, followed by the Minnesota Vikings (45.5), Seattle Seahawks (44.0), St. Louis Rams (42.4), Miami Dolphins (42.1) and Jacksonville Jaguars (41.0).

In the NFC North, the Green Bay Packers are sixth with a 71.9 and the Detroit Lions are eighth with a 71.0.

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Thanks Sean. Should we be jumping for joy now?

A fine way to protect your $30M QB, eh?

If the OL doesn't end up in the top 15 by end of season, then Jerry will have failed.

Ummm call me crazy but didn't I see this a few weeks ago? Oh wait that was the Sep 15 article you did that had the Bears ranked 26th right? Now they are 27th, as they continue to improve, by going backwards.

Someone told me they improved they last few weeks. Hmmm... I guess I am not crazy and they really have not changed. They just scheme adjusted, to get more protection cause the O-Line couldn't get the job done.

Hey they are good at pulling. Yeah pulling linemen, the line is saved.

It's just a guess but until you van block with five on a regular basis and actually run a full offense the Bears will continue to have problems on offense. Seems so simple yet confuses so many.

Philly do your really think that just his one thing will have meant Angelo has failed? Givien everything that has happen and the decade he has spent trying to build an O-Line and failed and now this is finally the year? After a whole decade, this is the one that counts. Really?

You are basically looking at some of the worst football you will ever see league wide, some of the worst offensive line play you will ever see league wide and the Bears are currently a middle of the pack team, in a horrible football year, and a 27th ranked line in a year of just awful offensive lines. Bears have to be greatful that Angelo and Lovie are not starting Omiyale again, because they couldn't figure out he was really, really, really bad. He shouldn't even be in the nfl and he started for the Bears, cause they don't have another tackle and didn't want to waste time drafting or looking for one.

I believe Webb leads the team in sacks allowed and is currently third in sacks allowed among all tackles. Third among all tackles in penalties, lucky for Bears fans his run blocking is mediocre. Spencer can run block but can't pass block, Williams is an average pass protector against bad competition and can't run block. Then you have Roberto, who is just bad at center, but he can pull so that makes up for the bad pass blocking and run blocking.

But they have improved as long as they max protect and short drops. Well not according ot this they actually got a little worse the last few weeks, but worse is better in this case? Right? I don't know I never got the whole better thing, so...

Creighton, I was hardly implying that only this one thing makes Jerry a failure. He's failed all over the place for this team. His draft record has been consistently near the bottom of the league, especially when it comes to O, and he needs to go. What I meant was that he will have failed in this year's #1 task.

On your point that he has spent a decade trying to build an O-line, he's had a few good years from 2005-2007 with Tait, Brown and Kreutz (of course, 2/3 of those were FA;s), but since then it's been dogcrap.

Actually they were bad in 07, and none of the players you listed were draft picks of his. They gave up 31 sacks in 05 doing three steps and mostly handing the ball off. The ran mostly quick outs and quick drops. In 06 they only had 25 sacks, that was their one good year and again it was the turner short pass run the ball offense. They couldn't really generate much of a passing game or offense in general. That line was decent but not good, and that was only one year. Not one draft pick existed on either of those lines. In 07 they gave up 43 sacks. So out of a decade he had 1 decent year and they were all FA's or guys he traded for. And he did get lucky with Tait, the Chiefs couldn't afford him and put a transition tag on him and Angelo gave him 34-36 million. Tait never went to a Pro Bowl but at RT he was at that level.

I might add in the case of Tait that Tait gave Angelo more than enough time to replace him as he told Anglo the year before he was going to retire at the end of the next season because he wanted to be able to walk when he was older, then told Angelo again at the end of his the season that he was retiring. Angelo decided not to replace him and just beg him to return.

In 09 he tried to stop gap the line again with Omiyale, Pace and Shaffer. It blew up in his face, so in 2010 he unleashed his draft picks upon Jay Cutler to the tune of 56 sacks and multiple QB injuries. Most of the lines have been stop gap lines, except maybe the last two years.

By the way the guys you listed Kreutz, Brown and Tait were not discoveries by Angelo, I figure you already know this, they were well respected players long before Jerry met them.

I think the line is a little better than last year but I also think the league is worse than last year, the lack of an off-season is showing, and I really don't see any line that sticks out. Packers a little bit but they have no LT.

My thinking is even with the improvment they are not close to being a big boy line, they play max protect all the time, even on three steps I have seen it. Max protect is like training wheels for a line that can't ride on it's own. If the line does not step up then the offense can't either. Now either they get a better line that can actually run this offense or they get a new OC which means two years were just wasted and you may need an O-Line that can run that offense.

Your not gonna see any team knocking down the Bears door to get any of these guys save Carimi. I think Carimi will be next years Bulaga if that knee stays healthy. I think Garza will be a year older and is not a center, I think Spencer is stop gap who can't pass block and I don't think he is a good center, I don't think Williams can run block or Anchor, and Webb looks no different this year than he did last year. I think you can get away with a couple of guys who are not very good, but you need a LT and you need a guard and center who can Anchor the interior.

Oh and I know what you meant, I was just busting your chops, Sean's too a little.

Bottom line, no matter where they are ranked, is that not a single member of the Bears offensive line would start anywhere else, with the exception of Carimi, who isn't currently playing. These guys are awful. Now I will give credit where credit is due to Chris Williams, who has been more physical in the run game than I thought he could be, and has played better than I expected to see out of him. But conversely, Webb has been nothing short of a disaster on the left side, and Garza, Spencer, Louis, and Omiyale have been a train wreck. When you have to run 2 man routes because you need 8 protectors on a 7 step drop, that tells you a lot.

Just like we have all been saying the last 3 or 4 years. Jerry could spend the entire draft on the offensive line, and it would not be enough. The good thing is there are a lot of solid prospects in this draft at offensive line and wide receiver, and those are our biggest need positions. So that means Jerry will draft DTs and CBs for the first 5 rounds, and take a flier on a guard and another wimp like Knox in the 6th and 7th rounds...

I still think our best chance for success the rest of this season is to put Carimi in at left tackle, because Webb doesn't belong on the roster, let alone the field. False starts, poor footwork, and flat out lack of recognition is going to get Cutler killed. And then we need at least 2 new starters from this upcoming offseason, preferably 3 or 4, but that will be tough to pull off.

27th I think is a gift to the Bears OL, or there are some really bad OLs out there, because if they are worse than the Bears OL, they are probably on their 3rd QB of the season by now...

PPF wrote something on Chris Williams today. "You don’t spend the 14th overall pick on a tackle who turns into a terrible guard. That’s what the Bears managed to do and worse still, they persist with Williams."

Lines that PFF feel are worse than the Bears line this year. Seattle, and Minnesota. Lines that are worse at Pass protection, are Arizona, Seattle, San Fran, and Miami. Throw in penalties and only Seattle is ranked lower.

Webb is ranked 55th out of 73 tackles, placing him with Saffold, Charlie Johnson and Newhouse at LT. Better than Bakus, Baker, but he has recieved a lot more help than either of them.

Williams is ranked 53rd out of 72 guards,

Garza is ranked 29th out of 35 centers

Spencer is ranked 26th among guards, but only ranks 52nd for his pass blocking.

Joe when I look at the draft I also think the Bears will go D-Line, I am leaning more towards an end with the first pick though. My guess is if the Bears feel Carimi can anchor the right side next year, then they will feel they can scheme protect the left side with Webb add a TE to block heck add two TE's to block. Then they will totally ignore the interior of the line till the 7th round.

Can I just point something out, Geno Atkins and Drake Nevis. Mock both players to the Bears Atkins in 2010 and Nevis last year. They looked like solid 3 tech prospects to me. I really thought they would draft Atkins, he looked like Harris with healthy knees and was 4th round prospect. They drafted Wootton. Atkins is the number 1 rated 3 tech in the nfl right now. A 4th round pick, I know about 10 guys who brought his name up including bigs, he was a popular choice among a lot of fans. Would not need much help on the D-Line if they had drafted him. They did look at him but didn't like him. Had to vent on that a little bit.

It's early but I think I will throw Logan Harrells name out there as a mid round pick the Bears may consider at DT. Also Marcus Forston in the 2nd.

First round I would have to say Brandon Jenkins, Donte Paige-Moss. I would not call this a great year for D-Line prospects, so maybe their is an outside chance they take an OT, or maybe even a reciever. The O-Line class has some much needed talent in it. Maybe Matt Kalil drops to the Bears, and maybe Jerry Angelo becomes the greatest draft guru in nfl history.

Cry-ton, blah blah blah...why don't you SHUT UP for once!!??

You were complaining all last season about how bad the Bears were and said they weren't a playoff team remember that???? Well you were wrong big time you "loser"!!!

How does that crow taste?????

Wow not sure how to respond to anger or rage, oh wait I got it. I need to try communicating with you on your own level.

Now little Twippy, I thought we agreed you were going to be a big boy from now on. What have we said about your tempy and getting so angry. When your feeling this upset you need to tell mommy your diapy is dirty or that you need your ba ba cause your tum tums got the rumbles and you need some yummy yummy for your tummy tummy. Remember anger=danger and danger is never a good thing.

Okay, now who is gonna be a big boy from now on? Who's a big boy? Who's a big boy? Does a big boy know what sound a Bear makes? No silly not moo! That's a cow.

Now what else are going to work on beside your naughty tempy? That's right, if you just keep your finger out of your nose, it won't bleed so much, yeah no nose bleeds. Won't that be great? I know, I know, what good is mining for nose gold if you can't share it with the world. But it's icky and people really don't like when you share your nose gold, much like when you share your angry thoughts.

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Okay little Twippy, you have a wonderful day and go ask your momma for your ba ba. Dat's a big boy, yeah!

The right tackle has improved since Louis came into that position and also the right guard play has been better than I expected with Spencer.

Of course they rate really bad and they are really bad, but they have improved somewhat. Going from an F to a higher F grade is not quite getting there and substantially improving.

One last comment is that the play calling has helped the line play because the line has done ok with the running game which has been emphasized the last 3 games and the play calling to less 7 step drops emphasizing the 3-5 steps and adding a full back and many times two tight end has helped start to turn the overall offenses performance and have less pressure and sacks for Cutler.

They are making improvement and yes Angelo has done a very poor job with the O line, why do you think the McCaskeys are sitting on more than $35 million in cash, mainly because Angelo and Phillips go cheap with the cash. Forte is a prime example of that course of action. George Halas was known for his frugality and so has his heir Mrs McCaskey, tight as they come.

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