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Bears' Adams 'heartbroken' over Penn State sex scandal

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Bears defensive tackle Anthony Adams played his first two seasons at Penn State for defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky. So he is even more conflicted than most proud Penn State alums over the charges against Sandusky of 40 counts of sexual assault on young boys.

''I put a lot of pride in my school and the coaching staff that was there. For this to go on, it's heartbreaking,'' said Adams, who played at Penn State from 1998-2001. ''The man I knew was very respectful. He did everything the Penn State way.

''So I don't know what's going on now, but when he was coaching there at Penn State, when he was coaching us, he was always very respectful, very professional, and just somebody that's a role model. I don't know what's going on now. I keep saying it's heartbreaking.''

Adams said he never saw Sandusky bring any young boys on campus.

''No, no,'' he said. ''It was just always him coaching. I was there, my freshman year '98, '99, and he retired. So all I saw was just him being a defensive coordinator. I didn't see anything like that at all.''

Just seeing the affable Adams answer questions about the Penn State sex scandal, you could see how difficult the situation was for him to handle.

''It's extremely difficult,'' he said. ''Just for it to be allegations is difficult. You know what I mean? For Penn State and the coaches to even be in the same [sentence] ... If you see the Penn State logo and you see "sex scandal" under that, it's just like, 'Wow.' As a parent, as a player, as just a regular person, it's just like, Penn State shouldn't be involved in any of that.''

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I agree with Adams, Sandusky did everything the Penn State way, an entire university covered up a child rape nightmare for to protect a stinking football program and their stinking reputation. In fact they made it worse when they helped start his own child rape buffet chariety and let him rape those children on campus and just looked the other way. Not even that, they helped him cover it up.

Poor Adams he is heartbroken, I feel so bad for him. Poor Happy Valley, poor players, poor football program. No #### him, #### the football program, #### Penn State, #### Happy Valley. He's heartbroken? No those kids are heartbroken, those families are devestated. Adams doesn't get to be heartbroken, what he should be is enraged. What he should want is to cave in Jerry Sandusky ####### skull. It's difficult for Adams? How difficult is it for those kids? Poor Adams.

You know what Paterno already admitted he new, you know what he said today he has better things to do than talk about it. He's got football to coach, #### those kids it's football time.

Mark you need to walk up to Adams and Gould hand them the grand jury report and tell them to take their heads out of their happy valley. They want to feel bad for themselves and their coaches, but not one damn word about those poor kids? What normal human is worried about the reputation of a school or a football program in this kind of nightmare? Penn state should not be involved in it Anthony? Well they are more than involved in it.

This jackass is more worried about the damn Penn State logo. He has the Penn State sickness and I think Adams is lying, I think he heard jokes about this guy and I think he heard whispers. But again the only thing he is concerned about is Penn State, and his reputation.

Nobody was worried about doing what was right. It's sick and those poor kids paid the price. Imagine it was you kid, what would you do?

Where are the damn feds, Penn state has to much power in state, they transported children across state lines, where are the feds? I want some very serious very nasty people in black SUV's dropping the bomb on this school.

Mark, what is wrong with you? This is not a "sex scandal". It is a rape scandal. It is not about scandalous sex, as if we were talking about some congressman and a hooker. It's about Jerry Sandusky buggering a 10 year old boy in the showers.

Got to feel for our Pen State guys. They are unsurpassed in school/team pride and this must really hurt. Sad, sad, story all around

You are taking this wrong, Creighton. I believe that Adams and Gould feel disgraced by their school, after lifetimes of feeling pride in it. Do you think any Penn State grad or fan woudn't give it a second thought before wearing a Penn State sweatshirt out on the street? Sure, this doesn't matter compared to the kids, but do you really think you are more outraged than Adams and Gould? Only difference is that they, additionally, have to deal with personal disgrace.
Point your guns at Penn State, not at Anthony Adams?

Adams said "it is sad...and disgusting?" What more do you want from him?

Bull both these morons have spoken of only one thing, poor Penn State. Well #### Penn State, they did this to themselves. Who cares about reputation when a child is in danger?

Where did he say "sad and disgusting"? I don't see it anywhere so you made that up to protect your little Bear. All he talked about was Penn State, the roll modle Sandusky was when he was there, and how it's heartbreaking to hear Penn State and sex scandle in the same sentence. Not one word about the kids, all about poor Penn State.

Also stop making up things he did not say in this article. Look at you your even talking about poor Penn State, what the hell is wrong with you, I don't feel for Penn state, that school is the scum of the universe as far as I am concerned.

You go support child rape you Western, you do that,.your a real class guy.

Tubby Adams has a voice, he knew man, Mike Haynes hammered Penn state, he went their too. Adams talking about how great Sandusky was, not one word about those poor kids, he said some things to protect himself, and he feels bad for Penn State, not the kids, Penn state.

See November 10 post by Potash, "PennStaters Adams and Gould react to ouster of Paterno" for Adams comment that the events alleged are "sad and disgusting." I didn't make this up, Creighton. I am Western Roll. You'll have to ask Potash where he got his information. Maybe he, too, is just making it up and should be thrown under the bus along with everyone else you feel doesn't match your fury.

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