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A look at available backup quarterbacks

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The Bears are expected to turn the starting quarterback position over to Caleb Hanie. But, with rookie Nate Enderle behind him, the Bears may have to bring in a veteran for depth purposes.

Surely, former quarterbacks who played under Mike Martz will be highlighted, players like Kurt Warner, Trent Green and Marc Bulger. Assuming the Bears couldn't coax one of those players out of retirement, the remaining list of players isn't all that impressive.

On his official Twitter account, Warner wrote: "I am bummed [for Cutler]. Been there [too] many times, and he was playing great [football]! Yes, I know and love offense. But, NO I am NOT unretiring!"

Click here to see the list from The Sideline View.

David Garrard is listed as the top available veteran, but he's expected to be out a few more weeks, after undergoing surgery.

One player that isn't mentioned on the list is former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper. He started 10 games for the Lions in 2008 and 2009.

During an appearance Monday morning with WBBM-AM, Bears coach Lovie Smith said his expectation of Hanie is high.

"Caleb has played a lot for us around here," Smith said. "We feel comfortable with him being our quarterback. It's always next guy up. We've had injuries at other positions, and that's what it will be.

"We're a good football team, and we still plan on winning."

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i say dont panic!! hanie is finally getting his shot and knows the system well.. at least the bears will finally know whether the kid can play or not..

Hey, anybody opposed to offering the QB job to Brett Favre....He is available.

Panic?? I say panic NOW! Someone call Favre and hire him immediately!!


Thanks for the list! I think the best choice would be Bulger with Delholmme a close 2nd as both have playoff experience. Garrard would be another choice. Until we get the report from the surgery on Cutler's thumb, I'm going to stay optimistic, but we will need a back-up in case Hanie goes down, we got the Raiders this week, so that is a possibility.

I do not like any of the veterans that might be available. Better the devil we know than the ones we do not.Haney could surprise us all and has shown occasional flashes of excellence, just not as often as one might hope. Maybe Orton would like to come back after being dissed in Denver. Wasn't he known for being a game manager? I suspect the Broncos will need him after they play the Chargers though.Just joking. Maybe Rex is ready to move back.

I suppose many fans enjoy discussing this subject; not me. Would rather go with Enderle than any of these old dogs, tried and rejected as they are. Favre? No real Bears fan would even consider him for a moment. You should be ashamed. Root for some other team please. Rent a team.

What about me?

NO to Farve! NO WAY!!! We're going to win with Hanie. Did I say NO to Farve? It's still NO!

Sick about hearing about Favre. Hanie almost beat the Packers last year. Just need a back-up for Hanie


I wouldn't let Favre pick up trash along the lakefront. That's a pretty sad list of retreads available for action. If all the Bears are looking for is a back-up for Hanie, then O'Sullivan or Delholmme. Does JaMarcus Russel even play anymore or did he eat his way out of league?

How about Garcia? He's semi-mobile. Played under a lot of different systems.

Bring back "The Legend", Vince Evans.

Chuckle! Chuckle! Hooray for the Favre haters! May those who wish him well have their mouths washed out with soap or something less palatable.

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