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Williams lauds Forte as top-5 NFL running back

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Bears wide receiver Roy Williams gave Matt Forte the ultimate endorsement Thursday.

''He's on my fantasy team. I'm starting him every week,'' Williams said.

With the pressure mounting for the Bears to sign Forte to a new contract, Williams called Forte one of the top five running backs in the NFL and ''one of those backs you gotta have.''

Forte leads the Bears with 324 rushing yards on 60 carries (5.4 per carry) and 26 receptions for 310 yards. He's on a pace to finish the season with 1,296 rushing yards and 104 receptions for 1,240 yards. And eight touchdowns.

''Best player on this team. Not just offense -- on this team,'' Williams said. ''He can catch it. He can run it. He can pass block. He can do it all. That's just one of the guys you have to give him the ball, one way or another. You have to give him the ball.''

Williams said his appreciation for Forte's ability has increased exponentially since he became his teammate.

''You watch him on SportsCenter and see the highlights and he'll take a screen for 80 yards and you're like 'Ok. Yeah,''' Williams said. ''When you get up close and personal with him, the guy is fast. He has more speed than what someone thinks watching him on TV.

''And he's powerful. He's always going forward. You never see him get hit backwards. He's just one of those backs you gotta have.''

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