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Will Bears trade Chris Harris?

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The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday, Oct. 18.

I suspect there's a chance that the Bears will ship safety Chris Harris elsewhere before then.

There's a clear divide between player and club.

Harris intercepted five passes last season, and he was named an All-Pro. But the Bears have treated him like a rent-a-player, drafting yet another safety (Chris Conte) and not making much of an effort to re-sign him to a contract, since his current deal expires after this season.

He was sidelined for three games, and his play was seemingly missed. But, in a start against the Detroit Lions, he and Brandon Meriweather had rough games, and they were both benched during the week.

The surprise, however, is that Harris was also inactive.

He wasn't available for comment, but Harris had some interesting posts on his Twitter account.

At 12:10, he wrote, "It's a beautiful day for football."

Then, about four hours later, he wrote, "... God will never put more on you than you can bear."

At 5:11, he wrote, "Most difficulties we face [are] pretty insignificant in the big scheme of things."

Then, after the game, he wrote, "Speak to me Lord!"

In the end, if given a chance, the Bears may take anything for Harris.

Bears coach Lovie Smith suggested Harris didn't play because he doesn't play special teams.

"That was the main reason Chris didn't dress," Smith said.

There, of course, has to be more. And if so, since he'll be a free-agent after the season anyway, the Bears may find a suitor who is thin at the position.

Behind starters Major Wright and rookie Chris Conte is Harris, Meriweather, Craig Steltz and undrafted rookie Anthony Walters.

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I don't recommend trading Chris Harris. Major Wright is the Bears strong safety, hopefully long term? But, Wright has never gone 16 games injury free. I say hold onto Harris for the rest of the season, for depth, and hopefully Wright can prove he can last the rest of the season without getting banged up again?

How about rookie defensive tackle Stephen Paea, 2 tackles and a safety/sack. Why wasn't this guy on the field sooner? Why did it take an injury to Matt Toeaina to get Paea on the field? Paea is an active defensive tackle, hopefully he continues to come on. Its nice to see someone other than Julius Peppers making plays up front.

The Bears offensive line play wasn't half bad last night either. I realize they did a lot of 5-step drops and kept the tight ends and backs in to help out in protection, but they did do some nice things, especially left guard Chris Williams who threw some nice blocks to help out in the running game. Williams seems to have the abiltiy to pull and get to the second level to seal off the linebackers. He was a key to the run game last night.

Devin Hester is headed to the Hall of Fame. The guy is simply amazing, he'll go down as the top returnman of all time, much like Payton is considered the best runner of all-time.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, PAY FORTE!! Now GO BEARS!!

This is a move to elevate the rookies and move some younger bodies in the line-up. Chris Conte has some major skills. The next move should be a solid WR or an OLB.

They played max protect and attacked Allen, same thing they have done to the vikes the last three or 4 times they played them.

I would hold off on the Paea love just now. No offense to him but it was one game. He was not on the field because Lovie has never known what he has and always plays vets over rookies or young players. But I would wait until we see them against a real teams with a QB who doesn't have one foot out the door.

As for Pay Forte, Angelo said they have made their offer it was the same offer as before. Forte's side wants even more money now. Some intresting things going on with that Forte deal Kevin. At this point don't you think Forte feels insulted? Angelo may just be getting ready to franchise him for a year and run him into the ground.

Sean can we trade Harris and a pick for Brandon Marshall? Reunite the Colorado connection, hell you could trade Harris, Knox, and a third round pick they have an extra. It's not like the Bears are using Knox.

"By Sean Jensen on October 17, 2011 1:29 AM"

Sean, you posted on your blog at 1:29 AM!!!! Oh, the horror. Didn't you know that I imposed a curfew on this blog, especially for critics of Jerry Angelo, Ted Phillips, and the entire coaching staff? If you post on this blog after a certain time and I don't like what you write, that fact alone invalidates all your facts and arguments. Kaput!

So, if you're having trouble sleeping and just decide to get on the computer to help you induce some ZZZs and make a blog post I don't like, you broke the Bumstead Thought Curfew!

p.s. You can also break the curfew if you post something I don't like from any time zone west of the Central one and it goes past Bumstead Bedtime. Those are the New Bumstead Rules!

1:29 AM!! Oh, the horror!

Something else, i would do , get rid of Mike Martz, his style of play doesn't fit what the Bears are, an definitely pay Forte what he's worth, JERRY ANGELO

Hahahaha, it's funny cause it's true.

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