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Who wins: Bears or Panthers?

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Time to get your score on record.

The Bears are 1-2, and I've heard plenty of people picking the Carolina Panthers. Frankly, if the Bears lose today, then I would definitely sound the alarms. I just don't see it happening, and I picked the Bears to win comfortably, 27-13.

What's your score?

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This should be an intresting game, both teams have feature backs but neither team has gotten the run game going. Carolina is weak against the run with two rookie DT's starting. I also expect Peppers to finally get going, he has been silent this year but Gross is off to a slow start and Peppers probably wants to remind his former team who he is. The Carolina line is average this year on the interior Kalil is a stud but Wharton and Hangarter are pretty bad even by Bear standards. I look for guys like Melton to take advantage of this weakness.

This game should be no problem for the Bears, but Carolina may think this is their Super Bowl. I expect the Bears to dominate one of the worst teams in the nfl. Newton should have major problems against the cover 2, the tight windows mean he needs to be more accurate with his throws, I don't think he can do that yet.

I also expect the Bears special teams to have a comming out party. If this game is close it's not a good thing and if the Bears lose, this season will have imploded.

Bears 32-16 Bears.

Bears 27-12

Well I was right about Special teams, and running, but my god Cam Newton is a beast and what the hell happened to the Bears defense. Carolina offense out scored Bears offense, special teams accounts for a 10 point swing, special teams put up 14. The final scores by the Bears and Panthers meant nothing.

Denver is already relying on trick plays and are getting killed.

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