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Where was Johnny Knox?

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Johnny Knox started ahead of Roy Williams on Monday night, against the Detroit Lions.

And while I haven't had a chance to count up total plays, or even make an estimate, it appeared Knox's snap count wasn't very high. Sam Hurd, it seemed, got considerably more snaps than usual.

That may have been due to the Bears hope of running the ball more.

Ultimately, though, Knox caught the two passes targeted for him for 17 yards.

Rookie Dane Sanzenbacher was the most targeted player, catching six of the 10 passes for 64 yards. But, his longest play was just 15 yards, and he had at least one drop.

Devin Hester caught five of seven for 32 yards, including the 26-yarder.

Matt Forte caught four of seven for 35 yards.

Kellen Davis caught all three passes targeted for him for 25 yards, including a touchdown.

And Roy Williams, Matt Spaeth, Marion Barber and Tyler Klutts caught one ball apiece.

Hurd, meanwhile, caught four of five passes intended for him for 50 yards.

Asked if there was any indication that he might play a lot Monday, Hurd said, "It just happened.

"Things they did on defense, made us get into a lot of four wide receivers. I guess we just matched up well in certain situations."

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I'm pretty worked up this morning. Turned the game OFF after Best ran 88 yards without anyone laying a finger on him. We knew the offense was lame, but the defense pretty much sucks as well. Lovie needs to go. Going for it on 4th and 1 early in the game? Then you compound your mistake by challenging it when it was pretty clear the ball was spotted where it should be? This guy is a knucklehead, makes me wish DICK JAURON was coaching here! This is how bad it has gotten and the worst is yet to come.

Where was Knox? Probably the same place the rest of the Bears offense was with the exception of Cutler and Forte. They were the only two that showed up. Other thoughts:

If Martz ever calls a seven step drop again he should be publicly flogged.

I liked the Olsen trade at the time. The Bears need talent and that comes from draft picks and Davis seemed like he could easily step in and do what Olsen did while being a better blocker. Boy was I wrong. How does a player regress so much in their fourth year as a pro? Coaching maybe?

Is Levi Horn still on the practice squad? If so, time to bring him up and see what he's got. Omiyale should never see the field again. In fact, if I'm coaching he's on waivers this morning. Horn can't be any worse and it would send a nice message.

Knox isn't getting targeted because he isn't getting open. That is a byproduct of him not being able to get separation in the mirco seconds that Jay Cutler has to throw the ball before pass rushers destroy him.

Matt Forte is awesome, but he dropped a 20+ yard pass that hit him right in the stomach and killed a drive.

Devin Hester is amazing, but he dropped a possible touchdown pass from Cutler.

3 other drops plagued the Bears recievers to go along with the most ridiculous offensive line play I have ever seen. I've been following the 49ers for a number of years as well. They have had some horrible line play, but I think the Bears line is the worst.

I have to ask Angelo some quiestions:

Is Frank Omiyale really better than every other linemen on the waiver wire? Really?

Are you seriously not going to sign Matt Fote? Your best offensive player since Walter Payton? Arguably the most productive and balanced running back in all of pro football?

Could Terrell Owens - yup I said it - do any WORSE than Roy Williams? I know he doesn't know the offense, but surely he can get open - and maybe even stay on the field?

I have defended Angelo in the past, but you have the Kruetz situation and him feeling unwelcome and leaving for New Orleans, Angelo signing cast-offs from Dallas that can't even stay healthy, and then playing poker with Forte, arguably the best player on the team.

I would also like to add that I totally understand that players need to know the system to be effective - and that bringing in late-comers is often frowned upon by coaches.

But seriously, can it get any worse? What good is Roy Williams when he only has 9-10 catches over five games and two bailouts on routes that caused interceptions? It doesn't sound like his knowledge of the system is really that important at this juncture.

Knox does not fight for the ball. He does not run accurate routes. He rarely gets separation.

Also, I know the D missed assignments and gave up big plays. At least they've shown they can dominate and have a chance at "righting the ship." Whether they do or not remains to be seen.

In the pregame yesterday , Mike Ditka was asked to explain the Lions' success. He did not say Stafford, Johnson, or Suh; he said "management, scouting, drafting." Think he was pointing any fingers, guys? Maybe you think management is irrelevant? Then, your opinions are irreevant.


The reason why knox was target much is because he's a outside vertical WR and most of his catches are going to come 10 or beyond the line of scrimmage. With that said the bears oline wasnt blocking well enough for Knox to get open down found.
If you notice knox really runs slants or routes of that nature.
A better question is why Roy williams didt get many snaps. It really befuddles me you have 6'[3 Roy williams use that size to your advantage

Yea the lions draft better than the bears but look at where they drafted. Suh #2 pick, Stafford #1 pick(Personally I think he talent around him make him better that he is) Johnson#2 pick. The best player on there team are all top 2 picks so they better panned out. In some respect they sucked so long that had to turn it around.

In contrast though it no excuse the bears have drafted well , but i sure if they had the top 3 picks the las 5 years they may have somethin as well

Knox cant get open, Hester drops passes, the OL can't block, etc. So, what's the solution?

Are you serious? This mess is directly laid at Angelo's feet. He kept ignoring the trenches offense and defense, he's the one that hired Martz instead of a coordinator that fits his personnel. Lastly he kept Lovie and his jig is up cover2. This scheme has turned a premier pass rusher into a pedestrian DE. Successful defensive teams have a large mobile run stuffer all we have is a comp player and a bulked up running back. This roster is pathetic and that is directly the fault of the archeitect. This isn't Tampa in the 90's this is Chicago with a Tampa 80's roster.

Don't let Lovie off the hook guys. When they went for it on 4th down that was Lovie, not Martz. Even Martz was surprised he went for it he didn't have a play ready.

Matt Forte dropped that pass because it was a back shoulder throw, something Jay is really good at doing but doesn't have the recievers to execute it with. You need a good reciever to make that play and even though Forte is a good reciever, you need a real reciever to make that play work, Jennings or Driver make that catch. Forte is a really good recieving back but that is a big boy reciever football.

The D can't dominate anyone, they don't have the line, they don't have the Safeties, and they have a number 2 corner, throw in the fact that your 3 best defenders are all past their primes, and you have major issues.

I think Hester sent a memo to the coaching staff last night f### the no pocket, pocket this is what I look like when I move. Can't believe Lovie and Martz can't find a way to use him the way he should be used.

I could let all this bother me, but I have been telling people about this team for longer than I care too.

All I can say is good for Cutler last night, he snapped out of a funk and played big boy ball. He sent a message, "I am good, Matt is good, everyone else sucks!" I hope he keeps it I am wondering if Martz is mad at him for not getting knocked out of a game in coma. The line wouldn't protect him, and he protected himself and helped the team as much as anyone could. Poor Gruden was shocked, he and the monday night crew could not believe how bad the O-Line was, and I believe called it the worst line they had ever seen, and also pointed out he had no help at reciever. Gruden actually got more excited watching him play, I think his pants got tighter.

Anyone hear the pre game press confrence by Angelo, he started throwing coaches under the bus before the game? Lovie was throwing him under the bus after the game. Both need to be hit by the bus and Cutler should be driving it.

Angelo said they had all the talent, and pointed a finger at coaching, Lovie hinted they didn't have the pieces, still doesn't change the 4th down, late play call, timout, Ray Charles challenge flag throw he orchestrated. You got stuffed on third down easily, you got stuffed on 4th down, and nobody thought for a second that, that was a bad spot. That whole series was football retarded.

BigBear Horn is on practice squad, and i believe there is a big road grading guard there with him. I agree they can't do any worse, maybe the will add a little excitment.

I don't think hiring Martz was a "bad hire" per say. You're right about existing personnel not matching his system (except for Forte).

Also, Angelo has had (2) full offseasons and plenty of cap space to bring guys in that fit the scheme. He hasn't done squat. And like you said - this is all on him.

Lovie is not the best head coach in the league, but I think he is far from the worst. He has had above average success with poor general management and cheap owners.


Lovie is just as guilty, his failure to make halftime changes and personnel decisions have doomed this team to fail. His hard-headedness to keep up with the changes in the league and the division, his shortsightedness when it comes to his anointed ones. Melton is overmatched as a full time DT Idonidje is also a parttime player not a starter both players won't make the rotation on the teams in front of them. Angelo failing to spend money to protect and enhance their own investment (Cutler) won't invest in one of his FEW weapons (Forte) there are three offensive linemen out there maybe aging but still a far cry better than Omiyale. I would even go as far as to kick the yires on T.O during the bye week he still put up 935 yds at 35 yrs old in less games then Knox (Berrian-lite). It's pitiful when a undrafted free agent becomes your franchise players choice in a pinch what does that say for the drafted and free agents Angelo has collected.

"Anyone hear the pre game press confrence by Angelo, he started throwing coaches under the bus before the game? Lovie was throwing him under the bus after the game. Both need to be hit by the bus and Cutler should be driving it."

Creighton, I've got to give you credit for that one. That cracked me up.

Let's not make Lovie the scapegoat here. During the offseason what did Jerry Angelo do to give Lovie, Martz and co. the tools they needed succeed? He traded Olsen, 1st round pick (Carimi), useless receiver in RW and all the useless shuffling around of players on the defense, cutting Danieal Manning not bringing in another Corner back, what do you expect Lovie and co. to do? They are playing the cards they've been dealt and JA dealt them the most pathetic hand you can imagine.

Angelo really needs to go, let Lovie operate with some good quality draft picks and free agent signings and if he still fails then send him on his way.

I have been a supporter of Angelo over the years and his ability to make bargains, pick up draft picks, and manage money. Over the last two weeks it has become very obvious that you don't always get a bargain in the "bargain bin." There is a reason why people are not on certain teams and other teams are willing to let go other players in a trade. Our team is not set up to sustain for years to come. Our defense is old. Our O-Line is ridiculously slow, nonathletic, and inept. We trade away an athletic, offensive threat in Greg Olsen. Release a strong leader in Olin Kruetz. Will possibly lose Briggs this off season. Matt Forte's contract is still up in the air. I just don't get it. Is it that Angelo is blind, stubborn, has no direction, or all of the above. It makes my blue and orange blood boil. Mr. Halas is probably rolling in his grave. He would never stand for this. Where is the pride? Where do they honor our tradition?

Kreutz may have been a strong leader but he was unable to perform at a professional level any more. The Bears personnel decisions have been horrendous at best and continue to be seriously suspect but Briggs signed the contract and has no recourse it would be great to sign Forte as a building block to an offense but until the other issues are addressed i.e offensive line and wide recievers then he (Forte) won't last the life of any contract. This team if Cutler is a franchise QB then the system should complement the two (Cutler & Forte) players strengths right now again personnel decisions (Angelo) the scheme doesn't fit the personnel and the lack of flexibility of the staff to tailor the playbook to what they have. The defense is in the same condition, the players in the system don't fit it. They are playing a former running back and a pass rusher who has a history of being unable to stop the run at tackle (3 tech) and a journeyman DE who should be a back up as starters a safety the the Patriots dismissed after two pro bowls and a special teams player at LB. This is a team put together with glue and cardboard and the teams in the division have passed them up. Only the Viqueens are worse and that could change this week because Jared Allen will have a field day. Professionals will find the holes and exploit them these have been exposed the last 3 weeks. This has become the tradition the errosion of the team by complete mismanagement and negligence. Lovie is either spineless for not standing up to Angelo or is complicit. There is no pride only greed as their is plenty of money still on the books but no attempts to fix it.

One thing that really disgusts me as a fan, is that Angelo has only offered Matt 6 millioin per year. What a joke. And the whole "we have to pay him market-value for a non-restricted free agent" thing is so insulting to Matt and the fans.

Angelo is a d!@k idiot. They have gotten an incredible BARGAIN out of Forte at 600k per year. The situation is not being looked at from an ethical standpoint. Matt Forte is playing 8 million dollar man football. He has been for 3 years. The McCaskeys and Angelo are paying the many less than 10% of his actual worth. The Bears have made big money off Forte - and still trying to get a bargain!

The man saved you money!!!!!! Pay him what he's due!!!!

Deputy, not true about Kruetz, he starts for the Saints and his savvy, tough guy attitude and o line knowledge would have helped stabilize a bad Bears o line, garza could be starting at right guard and the Bears would have had only worry about the two tackle positions and left guard, instead of the whole f--------g line.

The blogs were good that pointed out the fact that Angelo and Lovie suck because they do, lack of quality players, decisions and no halftime adjustments make me puke up blood.

Two things we forgot that are the root and the ultimate solution for the Bears. The owners McCaskey family is not committed to winning, they are sitting on $38 million this year and Teddy boy Phillips is an account bean counter more interested in the profit rather than putting a championship caliber team on the field.

Chicago and Chicago Bear fans deserve better.

Looking at fault will always begin with the owners, because it always starts at the the top and works it's way down.

On Mike Martz, Dahli I think you remember when Martz was being discussed for this job several people here wer against it, and I think you know I was very against it. Now it's pretty well known that even Angelo did not want him, Lovie did and Lovie gets to pick his staff. Lovie has a long history of picking a poor staff and getting rid of the good ones, or one. However if the owners had been the football people they believed they would never have allowed this.

On talent and drafting, we all know Angelo pretty much sucks at talent evaluation and drafting and the scouting staff is poor. Some of us have known this a lot longer than other. Lovie also never seems to know who is good or bad or who to pick. But again this falls on the owners, they know he is bad and yet he is still here. The owners are around football but don't know much about it. If they did they would never let this go on.

On Jay Cutler and the offense. It is the owners that allowed a massive trade for Cutler to happen, but at no point have the owners said, Hester is not a number 1, find me some good recievers. At no point did the owners say I am paying this kid a ton of money and we mad a massive trade for Jay, so you better protect his a$$ or its gonna be your a$$ that's in trouble.

On Lovie Smith, Lovie is a defensive guy, and he seems to care little about the ofense and usually hires someone to run it for him. That's not a good thing, I have said it many times before, he is the head coach not the DC his job is the whole team not just the defense. At no point when Cutler was getting killed in the Giants game did he step in and say, "You try one more seven step and I will have Tice rip your arms off". He has put his QB in harms way, a very expensive QB at that and does nothing ot support him or help him, the same can be said for the way he treats the offense. Bill B would never let this happen to his QB, never! Then of course you have his Ray Chalres like challenges and his poor in game managment. Also of the eight years Smith has been here three of those years his defense was in the top 10, the other years it was ranked 21st, 28th, 21st, 17th and currently 29th and on pace to be the second worst Bears defense ever. At any point in any game Lovie can just tell Martz to knock it off with the crazy calls, last year it took him 7 weeks and QB being knocked out of a game to get him to say anything, this time it was a national embarrasment in week 5.

You know Lovie always got credit for those good defenses, but he never got blamed by most for the bad offenses under his regime. Turner got blamed, and Martz got blamed( a guy Lovie wanted brought in) but at the end of the day Lovie is the head coach, I repeat the Head coach, not the DC, not the LB , coach, not the D-Line coach, the Head coach. That's not the Martz offense, that is the Lovie offense and it has been the Lovie offense for 8 years. Who the hell is the Head Coach? Is it Martz, Turner, Babich? Lovie has one saving grace, his name is Dave Toub and he has saved Lovie's bacon more than once.

Jerry Angelo, aside from his drafting and talent evaluation problems, Angelo pretty much lets Lovie do what he wants. Hey Jerry your QB is getting killed you may want to say something. Then again he did little to help him this off-season so I am not so sure he has a clue.

All of that falls on the owners, it's their team and they make the calls. Problem is I really don't think they know a whole lot about actual football. Maybe they know about the buisness of the nfl, and I believe they want to win, but when it comes to football itself I think they are lost. They are to forgiving with there coaches, they to often settle for mediocre, and I don't think they have a clue about how to fix their problems. I think they look at Hester and go "gosh he is a great reciever, that's what Angelo tells me anyway and he is the best ever." Actually I am sure they look at the play on the field and go WTF, but again they don't know how to fix it. They are to often behind the times, and lets be honest they don't even know what type of football team should be on their home field, if they did they never would have hired Martz.

iI think you have to be utterly assinine to wish for Dick jauron over Lovie smith. Dick did nowhere what Lovie has as far as records and other things.

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