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Rush offer Terrell Owens a contract

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The Bears haven't expressed an interest in free-agent receiver Terrell Owens, but another Chicago football franchise has.

The Rush announced that they have extended a contract offer to the six-time Pro Bowl receiver for the 2012 season.

"We feel that this is an ideal time to approach the future NFL Hall of Famer," Rush general manager and team resident Gene Nudo said. "It would be a fantastic honor to add Terrell to our current roster for the 2012 season."

One of the concerns about Owens is some of the on- and off-field drama he generates. But the Rush would welcome that.

"Terrell would absolutely complement our current wide receiving corps," Rush coach Bob McMillen said. "His animation and over-the-top energy would be an excellent addition in the locker room, and the Chicago fans would undoubtedly welcome him here in Chicago."

The Rush went so far as to offer a special $81 Flex Plan, in honor of Owens' jersey number. It includes four tickets to a Rush home game, as well as four Rush hats and four Rush Nike Dri-Fit training shirts.

Owens held an open workout on Tuesday but not a single NFL team showed up. Here's an account of it from Pro Football Talk.

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TO sucks

I I would like to see Terrel Owens go to the Arizona football club

anyone who knows football can say that yes Terrell Owens has an off-field personality that isn't welcomed into any locker room. However nobody can disagree that he is one of the most reliable and outrageous WR to ever hit the field! His numbers last year were phenomenal and he was literally the #2 wide receiver for the Cincinati Bengals. #1 obviously to Chad Ochocinco who had the worst year in his professional career. T.O lead the team with 9 touchdowns and 983 yards in just 14 games! Anyone who says he sucks apparently don't know what they are talking about!


That's perfect.

Wilbon had a pretty interesting article on ESPN. He basically made the case for the Bears bringing TO in for the following reasonse:

1. His contract requirements are low-risk ad low-cap impact.
2. They can release him whenever they want.
3. Chicago's recieving corps is really not very good, even though they have a better grasp on the offense.

It was a really an intriguing take, and, while TO is a clown, Chicago could benefit from a playmaker. Heck, if he doesn't make the plays or stirs up troulbe - SNAP - he can be cut just like that.

I think it's worth kicking the tires. I don't think the Bears have even remote interest though.

Here's hoping Earl Bennett's return can bring some stability to the passing game. With that being said, can any of Chicago's recievers bring some big play (RAC) ability to their passing game? I seriously doubt it.

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