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Roy Williams talks about being replaced in starting lineup

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I had a chance to chat with Bears receiver Roy Williams, who was supplanted in the starting lineup by Johnny Knox.

"Starting is just playing the first play. I mean, Johnny earns it," Williams told me. "We respect him on this football team. He's practicing better than anybody, and he's gotten better. You turn on the film from last year to this year, and he's not even the same guy.

"So he's growing and maturing, and that's all you can ask for, from a young guy."

Williams has five catches for 70 yards, while Knox leads all receivers with catches (12) and receiving yards (237).

Williams said his legs are feeling better.

"It's getting there. It's about 80 something percent," he said. "Stiffened up just a little bit [Sunday]. But it's getting better."

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Is this guy for real? ! No heart...the guy is the Tin Man... In fact, my bad, I just insulted the Tin Man...all the guy does is talk.. Livin on the past.. 2006 or whatever the year you last made the pro bowl is LONG LONG AGO, Roy ! Or should I say Featherstone! (had to go for the Unnecessary Roughness reference) Totally Disappointing...

You cantupset someone who doesn't care. Besides, Knox and Sachs will screw up again and Roy will be back out there.

Oh my Roy Wiliams is a special talent. I would make him first on my all-pro Bumstead fanatsy team along wit hArese Curie, Juaquin Iglesias, Mike Hass and David Ball! Yipee!

I was never a big fan of the Roy Williams signing from the get go, there was a reason Dallas let him go. I also never understood Williams being named a starter in front of Knox right when they brought him in? The Bears coaching staff goes on about how no one will be handed a starting job, and then they hand Williams one? Now Knox reclaims his job a couple games into the season? Williams has your prototypical size for the position (split end), but lacks the consistency and durability to ever be an effective receiver. I think the right guy is starting GO BEARS!!

80%? Really? That doesn't sound like he is hardly healthy enough to play. If he is still hurt, I really don't understand the controversy. There is not enough talent drop between Williams and Knox that Williams should be starting if he is injured. Sit him, or at least limit his reps, until he heals up.

Williams is a big boy now and understands how it works in the pros. Fans are critical if you sit with an injury, but the same fans are critical if they try to go, but play poorly because of an injury. It's part of big league sports.

I think we should be careful about drawing conclusions about any player who is playing through injury. That applies right up until it's clear that the player won't every stay healthy. Then you have to move on.

Kevin Armstead | July 29, 2011 10:01 AM | Reply
If Chicago does sign receiver Roy Williams, the move would make sense for the simple fact Williams could come in and already have some familiarity with Martz's scheme. Plus, with tight end Greg Olsen gone, the Bears are now gonna need a player with some size, especially down in the red zone. And quarterback Jay Cutler seems to like the bigger targets. Williams would also give the Bears a player that has the size to play the split end position. Williams is an 8 years vet and has been really erratic throughout his career, but he was a Pro Bowler in Martz's scheme. Maybe playing with a QB like Cutler and being in a scheme he's had past success in will rejuvenate his career? Great signing GO BEARS!!

Yeah you were real broken up about the Williams signing

Ha! Kevin Armstead just got called out...good stuff.

Ohhh you meany! There you haters go again taking my words and repeating them verbatim! Ohhh I'm so worked up I almost spilled my warm cocoa all over my lap!

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