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Roy Williams makes it interesting - both positively and negatively

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Bears receiver Roy Williams scored a touchdown, and he led his team with 59 receiving yards.

That's good.

But Roy Williams also dropped a pass.

That's bad.

First the good.

Buccaneers cornerback E.J. Biggers tried to press him at the line of scrimmage. Williams got around him, and he got wide open en route to a 25-yard touchdown.

"I got lightning speed, man. Still got it," he said. "I'm 29 years old, and I still got it."

Williams said he expected an inside throw but Jay Cutler tossed it outside instead.

"He threw it away from the safety," Williams said. "He's smarter than me."

But in the first quarter, Williams lamented a drop in the middle of the field. On the next play, Cutler's pass to Marion Barber was deflected and intercepted.

"I made it interesting. My drop led to mistake after mistake," Williams said. "We had the momentum, and my drop led to the interception, and the safety the play after that. So I put that on me. You can't have that.

"I can't say it won't happen again, but it won't happen again."

Either way, Williams acknowledged the significance of the game.

"It was a big win for us, no matter how you win," he said. "They're in the other locker room sad and depressed, and have a long flight. Our flight is a little shorter - might be a little longer but in our eyes will be a little shorter - because we won the game.

"You have to win the ugly ones too."

He's got that right.

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It's off-subject, but hello from Texas where the wildfires are finally starting to cool off enough for us to read the internet sports news today.

I see Williams a potential real good news for the Bears in the second half. He doesn't have to be Andre Johnson, but he does need to win the battle when they put man coverage on him. If he can do that, the defense has to game plan for him. They either have to zone to his side, or put their best corner on him.

Hey Jerry Rice dropped passes, but there is a reason nobody worried about it much. I don't know if Williams will ever be a "traditional" number one receiver, but l also don't know that the Bears absolutely need one. They do need to have receivers that win their personal battles with the defense and get in the D-Coordinator's head. That is the critical impact from of a number one receiver. They get in the D Coordinator's head.

If Williams can do that consistently it will make the Bears offense better, maybe even good enough.

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