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Omiyale takes his share of blame for line's tough night

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What else could Frank Omiyale say?

''He just beat me off the snap. Once he got in there, I couldn't take him over. He did get me,'' the affable veteran right tackle said when asked about the fourth-and-one play that Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh blew up almost single-handedly in the Bears' 24-13 loss to the Lions on Monday night at Ford Field.

It was that kind of night for the Bears. The biggest mistakes were so obvious, it was awkward to ask for answers because you know they were pretty simple: They just got beat.

Omiyale and the Bears' offensive line took the brunt of the criticism. It was the line that set the tone for a difficult night with three false-start penalties on their first offensive series -- by tight end Kellen Davis on the first lay, left guard Chris Williams on the fourth play and left tackle J'Marcus Webb on the fifth play.

Webb finished with three false starts, Davis had two and Omiyale one as the Bears had nine false-start penalties, including one on Matt Forte and another on rookie Chris Conte on special teams.

''We knew what it was going to be like coming in,'' Omiyale said. ''I myself have to do a better job of handling crowd noise and different situations. I just want to be there for my teammates when my number's called. I definitely fell short of that today.''

There was no getting around harsh judgments even without seeing the film after the disappointing effort that dropped the Bears to 2-3. Omiyale in particular will be on the hot seat this week. His number might not be called this week if Chris Spencer's broken right hand is healed enough to play, or even if it's not. Edwin Williams played right guard and Lance Louis moved to right tackle late in Monday night's game.

''Anytime you lose it's a disappointment,'' Omiyale said. ''We put a lot of work into what we do. When you don't get the results you want, it's hard. I definitely have to look at myself and where I'm at right now. I have to dig deep and get better.''

The Bears were so jittery on the line it was hard to tell who jumped when. Even Omiyale said, ''I know I had a couple [of penalties] myself'' when officially, anyway, he only had one. Adjusting to the crowd noise at Ford Field also was problematic.

''Well, we were going [on] cadence .... We did try to adjust,'' Omiyale said. ''I don't' know what to say. It was just one of those nights.''

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Frank Omiyale is "affable?' That's just great.

Unfortunately for Omiyale, though he may be "affable" and though he may dig deeper, he isn't going to get any better. He is at his ceiling, and last year's stats would tell the same tale. PFF called him one of the worst tackles in the NFL, and he is showing that this year. At this point, there's got to be a FA on the street or on someone's practice squad who can be plugged in and play better than Omiyale.

I going to look at this lose through rose colored glasses and hopefully i maybe right.
First off on the offense side of the ball I think we can all agree the bears arent that talented of a team so when you lose your starting RT there will be trouble.

I think Omiyale had a domino effect on the whole line and caused some panic. For the most part Suh was contained as well as you want a player of his caliber and Webb had a few hiccups, but it was when the bears was in a must pass sitution all caused by Omiyale setting the bears back and his effect on the oline. The bears oline is probably better suited for a power running game and not playing behind, you throw in fact Carmi isnt playing your going to have struggle if you defense plays the way it did.

You throw in the 14 penalties, The poor oline play and the big plays given up on defense the bears were still in the game up until the last 5 minutes. In hindsight the lions did what they were suppose to at home. Next time around we should have Carimi, we will be at home so crowd noise wont be a factor along with 14 penalties it will be a little better.

Also Chris spencer didnt play and he could of played LG and allow Lance Louis to play RT(he was more effective than Omiyale. At the end of the day injuries happen to everyone, but some teams are talented enough to overcome or adapt. One other brigth spot was the bears were able to run the ball.

I'd like to take a moment to congratulate Jerry Angelo for building not only one of the least talented offensive lines in NFL history, but also one of the most stupid.

The o line was a joke, the pass rush was nothing special the coaching was pathetic, blowing 2 timeouts and not kicking a field goal on the 25 yard line prior to the challenge by Lovie/Dovie.

The defense was not prepared and this team is not a disciplined team, the penalties etc.

I can' remember the last time the Bears made good halftime adjustments, what do they do go into the locker room at half for a latte and a card game.

Lovie's coaching is a joke, Angelo's decisions this year are pathetic losing Kruetz over $500k and not spending the money needed to sign Forte and bring in o line help at tackle. I really wish the McCaskey!s to a committed owner that will not just be happy to fill a stadium but an owner that demands championship quality. Oh forgot the bean counter Phillips, who should go count corn in Iowa. Rice pull your head out
a make a line out of mediocre talent.

Let's not even talk about the defense, no heart or discipline in that unit. Wholesale changes are needed in Chicago and let's start with making Cowher an offer he can't refuse. Oh I forgot, the McCaskey's own the team. Forget all that I said, it will never happen.

No talent and stupid? Sounds like a description of Angelo, Rob. Might even add lazy.

I agree with PhillyBearsFan, it's time for Omiyale to Go ! His play last night was terrible and getting benched for two staright games is never a good sign. Yes, Carmini is out, but this guy has been on the roster for three years and he is getting worse not better. I also think it'z time to cut the cord on Williams as well, passing game was putrid at best last night and this is with Cutter having an outstanding ball, I never thought that I'd see him look like a leader in a BEARS uniform,but Cutler fought and along with Forte kept the Bears in the game.

What the hell is going on with the defense, all the lIons scoring plays were off BIG plays, against this team's staple defense. you get OLD quick in the NFL, and right now the BEARS look old and slow, I've been saying we need playmakers on defense to help before, 90, 55, &54 get old, if this does not illustrate that nothing will.

Omiyale is statistically the worst OT in the league, Angelo signed him, Lovie plays him that is enough to get both fired. Angelo made this mess and Lovie co-signs on it. Take it a step further Cutler has been placed in a no-win situation so bad he took grief from no-playoff players. No the idiots won't sign the player that accounts for 50% of their total offense. Get these clowns out of town before they completely ruin two of the best players on the team. Finally Melton is not even close to being a DT this team has no anchor in the middle again point at Angelo and Lovie undersized DT's get run over (see the Best run) last year was a bit of pure luck this year the opponents are healthy look at the results. Angelo and Lovie lost the rabbits foot.

The bottom line is this... After being terrible for MANY years , the Lions high draft picks are playing like first cround picks , and after 10 years of Jerry Angelo mis-firing on picks year after year , the Lions simply have more talent.This is sad , but get used to it. Angelo has left the Bears old and bereft of talent. This is a 6 year rebuilding project at this point. Urlacher , Peppers and Briggs are ALL over 30 , and there is NOONE on the roster to replace them. There is not a #1 reciever on the roster , and Carimi is only the first piece on an O-line that needs a COMPLETE overhaul. Sorry Bears fans , but this team will wallow in mediocrity for years , third in the divison as long as Jerry Angelo remains as GM.

Yes Omiyale sucks, he sucked before he got here when Angelo signed him to an 11 million dollar contract day one of free agency and deemed him the big signing. But it is not all him, Webb gets smoked every week and played just as bad as Omiyale, Chris Williams just sucks, and what is with the Louis love? He sucks, he can't play guard, and you think he can play tackle? He sucked last night, he lost his starting job to Spencer, they need Carimi back and they need him to progress which will be hard unless Spencer is playing next to him.

Louis can't block anyone, he literally keeps whiffing on guys. Chris Williams can't anchor and needs help blocking a blitzing corner who runs directly into him, Webb is slow out of his stance, and what the hell is with the rocking, stand still you big dumb tard. Garza can't run or pass block. Omiyale isn't terrible and he is not even the worst player.

Omiyale had one false start, Webb had three, one of which came when the Vanden Bosch tricked him into doing it by giving him a little of the buisness. Chris Williams got blown up multiple times. They couldn't get a yard on a team when they needed it and had two tries, take a look at who got crushed. All of them. Go ahead and fire Omiyale he sucks, but he is a backup and the starters were all as bad or worse than him.

Off topic, if anyone should get cut, it should be Meriweather. Jesus Christ, when Bill B takes a 4th year first round pick who has been to two pro bowls and cuts him, then that is your first clue he sucks. And when the hell is Urlacher going to pull Peppers aside and tell him to get his head out of his butt? Beason had to do that in Carolina, when things are going bad and Peppers feels the team sucks, he does not go 100%, that's not a media point of view, that is Jon Beason.

Cut Omiyale, cut Meriweather, fire Martz, fire Angelo, Ruskell, fire Lovie. Can't call a play, can't block, can't do anything but get the QB beaten sensless. Cut the DT's while your at it fools are getting blown off the ball. The Lions O-Line sucks and they blew the Bears D-Line off the ball. I want some real heads on some real sticks, you think cutting Omiyale will fix this team? Dream on, cutting a backup isn't going to do jack.

I gotta watch a QB make one of the best throws I have ever seen by a Bear QB and Hester drops the ball, kick his butt off offense. That was the best throw I have seen all week, do you know how hard it was to make that throw?

You are all right and ALL Wrong. You have got to go to the top! And, that means the McCaskies. They must go for the Bears to ever have a chance. How do you fire the owners? Easy...starve them out. Don't but tickets, don,t watch games, don't buy Bear stuff. An empty stadium every Sunday will send the message. Get out of town Virginia, take your kids, husbands, and other hangers on with you. That includes Lovie and Angelo. George (where ever you are) get back here and kick some butt.

I know, I know, watching the OL I could not believe my eyes. Same with Hester's drop. Same on that long run by Best. What fools we Bears' fans are to hang in there with this sorry, sorry bunch.

HOW is Frank Omiyale still in the National Football League????

WHY is Jerry Angelo not FIRED IMMEDIATELY????

For the millionth time--Webb and Louis do NOT have the talent to start in the NFL.

On the night:

If you get rid of all the plays nullified by penalties, the Lions would had 31 combined sacks, hits and hurries on the day. The Bears managed two. That would be 31 out of 38 attempts. They settled for a mild 22 QB disruptions. and guess what, it is going to get worse. Wait till Suh hits year 3, and what about Fairley, last night was his first game, he basically missed everything and came in on monday night football game and had 3 pressures on 13 rushing attempts, played the run well and early in the second QT he basically launched Garza just by shoving him, and he is not even up to speed yet. Lucky for the Bears Lawrence Jackson is only 26 and is finally starting to come into his own with the Lions. That way when Vanden Bosch is done they will just slide him in to replace him. How nice for the Lions.

Wait till they address their secondary and O-Line this off season.

Twd, you are absolutely right. I think Sean should close the website, post your blog. and we all should go away until the McCaskeys are all gone. I am.

Perhaps everything wrong with the Bears is bad karma, the result of Angelo cheating the Ravens out of a draft choice on draft day.

Anyone take a look at the vikings frront 7? Vanden Bosch's crazy meaner brother is having an insane year, and Robinson looks like he is drinking the Allen crazy juice cause he is playing really, really well, and Williams has decided to become a one man Williams wall. Griffin is also giving them some depth, that Viking team may not be as bad as everyone thinks. Bears better be ready cause they are playing with nothing to lose.

But both are so athletic, that's the line of bull AngeLovie sells. Webb is a stiff and Louis is brittle none are football players. Let's dump Omiyale and see what Levi Horn has it can't be worse the the human turnstiles that are playing now. Look at all the failed #1 draft choices they wasted time with they can draft so they try all the castoffs that reasonable GM's dump what that says is "I'm smarter than everyone else". Until Lovie, Mike & Jerry show leave Halas Hall it will be mediocrity and a waste of potentially the best QB we had in this town in years.

Close the blog? Then what would I do?!!! Stick out with me and the McCaskeys. :)

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