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Matt Forte's agent insists his client focused on season

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With a report suggesting that teams may be interested in his client, agent Adisa Bakari insisted Matt Forte is focused on the current season.

The Chicago Tribune reported that teams have expressed an interest in Forte but ESPN Chicago quoted Bears general manager Jerry Angelo as saying no teams had contacted him about his star running back.

"Matt's a Bear and wants to remain a Bear," Bakari said. "We're unaware of any teams expressing an interest to trade for him by today's deadline. Matt's focused on continuing to help the Bears win in 2011."

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On Oct. 5, 2011 Sean Jensen wrote in his article "Matt Forte’s numbers are impressive, but will Bears pay up? "

"Depending on how he finishes the season, Forte could net at least a second-round pick, which would allow the Bears to recoup their initial investment in him. "

Matt Forte and his agent think Forte is "Elite".

"Elite" players are worth more than a 2nd round pick. I'd expect a 1st and 3rd at least. What did Denver and Detroit get for Jay Cutler and Roy Wiliams?


But by the very fact that Sean has to GUESS what Forte would be worth, DEPENDING on what happens the rest of the season, says even HE doesn't believe Forte is worth more than a 2nd round pick RIGHT NOW!

Otherwise, Sean would be saying, WITHOUT A DOUBT, that the Bears should be expecting to get quite a haul in picks for the " ELITE" Forte. Just like Cutler and Williams were traded for.

The Bears needed to tell Forte's agent to go find teams that would trade for Forte and give up "ELITE" compensation. When Forte's agent fails to do that and finds out the best he can do is get a 2nd rounder, THEN Forte would really know what he is worth!

Forte is worth no more than NY Giants Ahmad Bradshaw based on last years production. 4 years at $4.5 million a year. Total $18 million, $9 million guaranteed.

The Bears wanted to overpay the now injured Kreutz $4 million ,when all he got from New Orleans was $2 mil guaranteed and up to $4 mil in incentives.

Then the Bears wanted to extend Mike Martz' contract but he turned them down because he wanted more money. That's an example of dumb and dumber.

The Bears stated plan for this season was supposed to be passing more, getting more players involved and reducing Forte's role. Making Forte be 46% or more of your offensive production is ridiculous. And unsustainable.

Forte knows all this. If he really thought he was that good, he'd be refusing to sign an extension and want to get to Free Agency and the big payday there.

The rumors are two teams are looking to trade for him. If those teams buy into the Forte hype, the Bears are fools not to dump Forte now. Get a 1st and 3rd and more if possible to rebuild for the future.

Giving Forte $8 mil a year when you can get a real O-lineman or a real WR for that money is ridiculous. You can get just about the same production from the other RB's on the team and by spreading the ball around to the TE's and WR's.

Forte is NOT an "Elite" talent. But since the Bears don't give anybody else a chance to touch the ball, the perception is he's all the Bears have got.

Forte then gets to run up his stats against bad run defenses and you think he's God. What a joke!

We are not going to win the Superbowl by OVERPAYING for the RB position. Keep Forte and you'll end up 7-9, 8-8, or 9-7. Or have you forgotten last year was mostly luck?

Reporter Mike Mulligan recently said maybe we should trade Jay Cutler to build for the future. I believe he was joking.

If only he had said Matt Forte instead!



why is he loosr bust? 2 rerasons one is teaht NAGELO drafted him ans we all now that he only gets BUSTS ans two? number two loosers is taht I WANTED MENDEHALL!!!! ojhhh Mendy....Mndy Mendy Mendy you are my soul raeson for living....waht a HUNK rashearrd maendenhall is !! hubb a hubba jhoo yaha!!

but youy guys now me old carp-ton...justtry in to be posartive

ps di you looser s now? i AM wallways r right abns i ongly give FACTS! I AM YOUREE KING!!!!!!! bow down ans warship me in my pink pantees! Tee hhee! :0

Why would you trade him right no?, He may be the one player on the team who is perfect for the offense and he is having a very good season. Granted I would really like to see some rushing TD's out of the guy but he is putting up the yards.

Your not going ot get a 1st and 3rd for Forte, teams in the league just don't pay that much for backs anymore, I heard people saying today that Brandon Marshall was only worth a 4th or 5th round pick because he is in his sixth year and his domestic issues. He's not on the block but you can seee the value of players is never very high, most GM's feel they can draft better than that or don;t want to take on a huge contract. Unless your the Raiders that is, sheesh I guess they are willing to do both. Forte is more than holding up his end of the deal, and can you say without any doubt that the Bears would take any draft picks they get for him and do better?

He is no threat to leave and the Bears hold all the cards, they can franchise him anytime they want, the Bears are making a buisness choice. Forte want's 40 million the Bears are offering 30 million. If anything they will wait to till the season is over if they were to trade him. Draft picks increase in value the closer you get to the draft. You can't trade him now anyway because the deadline is over, but if they had traded him now, they would have no starting back and the season would be over.

Which I understand your point you rise in the draft and all that. But you don't tank a season, I don't care who you are. They have him, he fits, Lovie is not going anywhere, Angelo is not going anywhere, most teams hold the value of picks over players, GM's live for the draft, your not going to get a 1st and a 3rd anyway. While I think the Bradshaw sigining was a good one, that's is not what backs are getting right now. Forte is looking for compensation equal to his production. The contract market is bloated, the Panthers bloated it, and the Bears are waiting for the dust to settle. No big hurry to do anything, it's not like he is tanking the season. He keeps playing this way and his value goes up, it's good for him, it's good for the Bears that he is playign this way, and his value will be higher at the end of the season.

If he gets hurt he gets hurt, nobody can control that, and you can't run a team worrying about what if's.

Are you kiddin? Are you serious? You obviously don't like Matt Forte, whatever. There is debate weather Forte is elite or not? Forte leads the NFL in total yards and is among the NFL leaders in rushing and receptions. Many outsiders would call that elite, crybaby Bear fans call that not good enough, he should lead the league in passing also right? As an NFL team, you have to do what is best for the team in the NOW. Chicago, AS OF RIGHT NOW, still has a chance to make the playoffs believe it or not. You do not trade off your star player on offense when your in the middle of a season trying to make the playoffs for draft picks. If the Bears had a record like the Vikings, who are basically out of the playoff race, then maybe you trade for draft picks to build for tomorrow. But that is not the case for the Bears. Football is a TODAY game, you play for TODAY. To many fans like yourself think of tomorrow, thats not how you win, thats how you dream.

Keep Forte and the Bears are 7-9, 8-8, or 9-7, without Forte, the Bears are probably 7-9, 6-10, or 5-11. But hey, at least they'll have some draft picks right? Thats dumb and dumber logic. If the Bears trade Forte and go 5-11, I guarantee you'd be on here crying about Angelo getting rid of Forte, I guarantee it. I know your type of fan. With Forte the Bears have a chance at 10-6 or maybe 11-5, GET REAL.

Forte has ran against some pretty good defenses. He ran against a bad Carolina defense and put up 200 yards, only a hand full of runners in NFL history have ever done that. Adrian Peterson, who is elite, put up under 40 yards rushing against the Bears bottom of the barrel defense. So whats up, how come Forte can put up 200 against a very bad Carolina run defense with Chicago's offensive line, but Adrian Peterson, who has an all-pro left guard can't muster more than 40 against a Bear defense thats has been struggling against the run this year? Why? Tell me? I don't get it? Don't give me no nonsense about Forte has played bad defenses, you play who is on the schedule, Forte hasn't played anyone any easier than any of the other top backs. My Peterson example is proof.

And whats this bull about the Bears don't give any one else a chance? Are you kidding me? Who else do they have? Barber has been banged up for most of the season, and Forte is way more effective than Barber. What receiver is there to give a chance? Forte is all they have. Even with a bad line, Forte is still putting up ELITE numbers. And whats this bull about spreading the ball around to the tight ends, they're using blocking tight ends, I don't get that logic? Trade Forte and then the tight ends will get used, no, you are wrong,. The tight ends will not get used in Mike Martz's scheme. Trade Forte, you have no running game, Barber will get banged up with more carries, and the receivers aren't ELITE. You think the offense is bad now, without Forte, they'd be horrible, but hey, at least they'd have draft picks right?

I like Sean Jensen, and it sounded like Jensen said Forte is worth the money? Nothing against Jensen, but why do you care what he thinks? Does he think for you? Oh yeah, Mike Mulligan wasn't joking. GO BEARS!!


Creighton and Armstead are actually in agreement over something?


Oh my god we agree? Jupiter is in the moons view, rivers have turned red with blood.

But I don't agree with this "I like Sean Jensen, and it sounded like Jensen said Forte is worth the money? Nothing against Jensen, but why do you care what he thinks? Does he think for you? Oh yeah, Mike Mulligan wasn't joking."

Why do you read Sean's stuff or post here and read other people's stuff if you don't want to know what htey think Kevin. Generally that is why people read a lot of what we read. It's why their are different papers and different media groups and why people follow certain writers, reporters, etc...

Oh and for your comments on Barber, he sucks and looks done, its not just a matter of getting banged up, he is a lot slower than he used to be. Leaving a massive depth problem at running back.

Bears may be waiting for the Ray Rice contract to work itself out. He is in the exact same boat as Forte and Forte's numbers are probably closest to Rice's numbers.

I get the fear of the second contract with Backs, and the way they are using Forte this year, they are putting a lot of miles on him. Carolina really screwed everyone. The Bears offered him more than Gore, and Peterson and Johnson are so over paid it's not even funny.

For a second Contract 30 million with 14 million guranteed is pretty good, that's about what MJD got with the Jags 2 years ago. All I know is if he keeps this up Forte's value will keep going up. I think the Bears want to franchise him, and run him into the ground.

You gotta Love the way Angelo is working Forte. Right Kevin?

Tampa Bay Coaching staff reports that they believe it will be a huge Bears turnout and are piping in crowd noise at practice. I agree and this should be like a Bears home game, exactly like a home game, I don't think the British fans will know when to cheer and will loud the whole time. So basically a typical Bears home game with fans cheering through the Cadence and huddle.

Bad news is the game is not sold out and the BBC has not mentioned the game once. Oh I see the problem the Goo Goo Dolls are doing the Pregame. That could kill any football game. They seem like more of a Lingerie football league pregame band, that or Hockey. What?

You guys obviously must not know that game of football. Forte is a stub for pulling the numbers he does with what he has to work with. The Bears need to get him locked in a long term multi-million dollar contract. As with Cutler, this is the best duo we've had in Chicago in decades!! Wake up guys and study the game and stats. With a solid O-line these guys would even be more deadly!!

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