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Lovie Smith pitches NyQuil/ DayQuil

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Bears coach Lovie Smith turns down endorsement opportunities.

But he couldn't think of any reason to pass when NyQuil and DayQuil came calling.

"For me, I don't do a lot," Smith said. "But it's easy because it's a product that I use.

"They approached us, with their theme about, "There are no sick days for an NFL coach.' As a coach, you don't miss for any reason, so you need something to help you go to work."

Smith and his son Matt, who helped finalize the deal, traveled to Vancouver in May to shoot the commercial.

"I just loved doing the commercial," he said. "We had a blast."

A man of few words, Smith doesn't utter a single word in the commercial, although there are scenes of him on the sideline and in front of a white board, talking to his players. The best part, though, is him snoring and sleeping, in his Bears pajamas, with NyQuil on his nightstand.

Smith recalled how NyQuil was a part of his life growing up in Texas.

"They didn't have a Day Quil," he said. "The green cups. Yes. Vivid [memories]."

Interestingly, Smith said he started to feel sick right after his commercial shoot, heading to a pharmacy to get some.

Other than funerals, Smith hasn't missed any work days during his NFL coaching career.

He said prevention is a key, which is why he works out regularly, consumes vitamins and eats healthy.

"This was a name brand, national company," Smith said. "We're getting ready to go to London this week, and we're going over there to spread the Chicago Bears brand."

Here is Smith's Nyquil/ Dayquil commercial.

On an aside, NyQuil/ DayQuil is looking for the most dedicated fan. To enter, fans should visit the Facebook page (click here) and submit a photo, with a personalized rally cry that shows why they are the Most Dedicated Fan.

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Does Lovie's regular consumption of NyQuil explain his glazed-eye'd, sideline demeanor during games?

I can't stop laughing, he's doing a NyQuil commercial. I mean really? How are they gonna make him look awake? He's got that sleepy face. Does Lovie actually have a sense of humor? I mean of all the things to pick, he picks NyQuil. This may be the first time I have ever liked Lovie. The ending is priceless, he's got Bears Jammies on.

"Burning through your timeouts?" "Challenge flags got you down?" "Can't sleep cause your OC is crazy?" "Got an 8 hour flight to London and you need a nap?" "Try the green dragon, NyQuil!" "The no timeout using, challenge flag saving, OC drugging, take two shots and knock your ass out on a flight, coughy, achy, stuffy head, fever so you can rest medicine."

Bet they are handing the green dragon out on this flight like there is no tomorrow. "He fellas look what I got and it's all free."

Sean, so how is the driving going? Finding the roads a bit cramped and crowded?

Hey if you see Pompei can you do me a favor. Can you tell him that the next time he wants to bash Cutlers leadership skill because he gave Sanz the evil eye after he dropped a TD pass. Oh excuse me the "Doe eyed rookie Dane Sanzenbacher," yes he refered to another man as "Doe eyed." Could you tell him, if he wants Cutler to be a better leader and not a big meannie that he probably should not use Napoleon, and Sun Tzu as examples of who he should be more like. He actually wrote this and quoted both men. Before you quote "The Art of War" you need to read it. He does not seem to know that both Napoleon a war monger who killed 6 million people and was famed for inslaving people and killing anyone who made him mad, and Sun Tzu a man who would make examples of his own men who failed him by executing them, his most famous example being when he killed two of the kings concubines who failed to turn right when he told them to turn right.

Aside from the fact that Manning, Brady, Brees, Elway, Marione and just about every QB in the nfl would have been waiting on the sideline to rip Dane a new one for that, does Dan really want to see Cutler be nicer, Pompei's idea of being nicer, being that he act more like Napoleon and Sun Tzu. So I guess Dane better watch out next time the rookie who has the second most drops in the nfl, drops a pass it's off with his head.

Or maybe you can just punch Dan in the face for me, tell him your trying to be more like Sun Tzu and Napoleon.

Pretty effective commercial. Lovie looks so relaxed in his Bears' jammies.
Hooray for Lovie!

After showing a lot of personal growth in his analytical and writing skills over the years, Pompei came out in approval of the firing of Hank Williams, Jr. by oh-so-politically-correct ESPN, and I opened the Dan Pompei mailbag for the last time. I guess I missed what he said about Jay and Sanzenbacher. Did he put Jay in the trash for being a meanie? Jay Cutler? Punch Dan in the face for me, too.

There certainly is a degree of irony in Lovie doing these particular commercials. He does look half asleep on the sidelines quite often, so maybe he really does take DayQuil as a tranquilizer when Cutler is getting sacked and the defense is allowing back to back runs down the middle of thirty or more yards. On those occasions perhaps I should try that remedy. The passes allowed by the Bear defense bugs me the most though. I can hardly stand it when a blown assignment allows a receiver to be wide open for a forty or fifty yard touchdown against the Bears.However they're great when the Bears and Cutler do them, and I would prefer to be wide awake when that happens.

What song did they use in this video anyways?

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