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Inside look at the Bears snap count

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There's a lot of fancy statistics nowadays, and the website Pro Football Focus has many of them.

But there's a rudimentary one that tells you plenty about how a team views its players. How many snaps do they get?

Here's a look at the snap count of the Bears on offense and defense, courtesy of Pro Football Focus. On an aside, I had a chance to spend time with two of the heads of PFF, Neil Hornsby and Khaled Elsayed, while in London, where they are based. They are passionate about football and, if you are too, you'll love many of the stats they track.


1) Roberto Garza, J'Marcus Webb and Chris Williams with 459 snaps.

2) Jay Cutler with 453 snaps.

3) Matt Forte with 372 snaps.

4) Devin Hester with 348 snaps.

5) Chris Spencer with 342 snaps.

6) Kellen Davis with 323 snaps.

7) Lance Louis with 276 snaps.

8) Johnny Knox with 273 snaps.

9) Dane Sanzenbacher with 240 snaps.

10) Frank Omiyale with 181 snaps.

11) Roy Williams with 180 snaps.

12) Sam Hurd with 153 snaps.

13) Tyler Klutts with 133 snaps.

14) Matt Spaeth with 114 snaps.

15) Gabe Carimi with 100 snaps.

16) Earl Bennett with 56 snaps.

17) Marion Barber with 47 snaps.

18) Kahlil Bell with 40 snaps.

19) Edwin Williams with 24 snaps.

20) Kyle Adams with 11 snaps.

21) Caleb Hanie with 6 snaps.


1) Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs with 491 snaps.

2) Charles Tillman with 489 snaps.

3) Tim Jennings with 485 snaps.

4) Israel Idonije with 431 snaps.

5) Julius Peppers with 413 snaps.

6) Henry Melton with 315 snaps.

7) Brandon Meriweather with 290 snaps.

8) D.J. Moore with 275 snaps.

9) Major Wright with 254 snaps.

10) Amobi Okoye with 236 snaps.

11) Nick Roach with 216 snaps.

12) Matt Toeaina with 187 snaps.

13) Anthony Adams with 185 snaps.

14) Chris Harris with 181 snaps.

15) Chris Conte with 150 snaps.

16) Craig Steltz with 99 snaps.

17) Nick Reed with 95 snaps.

18) Stephen Paea with 71 snaps.

19) Mario Addison with 18 snaps.

20) Zack Bowman with 16 snaps.

21) Corey Wootton with 12 snaps.

22) Corey Graham with 1 snap.

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Hey Sean i've been talking abot PFF for years now. Looks like the manestream media finally caught up with me. Wow its about time. Everyone nose that when it comes to football, I am the undisdsputed king.

Go back and look at my posts. I have been 100% right on eveything with this Bearsz team. I canrt help it if I am that dam good. I am freaking immortal.

Oh but there have been a few who dared challange me. Lets see waht happened to those guys? Where are you Brando/Tripper/? Oh that's right I crushed you so bad in the last few debats that you crawled back into your hole. The same with MD Kevin havent seen him in a while. I smacked Kevin A around so bad that he had a sex change. Oh and then there was Mike my moat recent casualty. Don't even ask me what I did to him.

All I can say is bring it on jabronis. Im not scared and I will lay the samckdown on you.

Great site, every year they find on heard of players using their system and sure enough within a couple of years people are talking about these guys. They told me they couldn't figure out Bears, who sit at the bottom of their rankings in offense and defense.

The site expects most people to use common sense when reading their stuff. They give you a bunch of stuff for free but the premium stats are the really outstanding. Stuff like how many missed tackles a running back has forced, what QB's passer rating is when throwing at certain DB's etc...

They also ask questions like why didn't the Bears take a look at Carlos Rogers in the off season? When they needed help in the secondary and they were grabbing every first round draft release they could.

Or things like Asante Samuel has never had a good game against the Bears, usually he has a flat game. Cromartie is having a bad year, Asomughe is having a really bad year and can't play in a zone or at least has not fully figured it out yet, but has improved his last two weeks. They will tell you the Eagles are bad at LB, but have a nasty front 4. The Eagles center is horrible, and their recievers have struggled.

Bye weeks are good things, but so is home field. Should be a close game.

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