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Jerry Angelo explains why Bears aren't interested in Bernard Berrian

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During his weekly chat with the Bears website, general manager Jerry Angelo explained why former receiver Bernard Berrian isn't a fit at Halas Hall anymore.

Berrian, who signed a lucrative six-year, $42 million free agent deal with the Minnesota Vikings less than four years ago, was released Tuesday and replaced by a seventh-round draft pick.

His best season with the Vikings was his first, when he had 48 catches for 964 yards and scored seven touchdowns. In the three seasons since, though, Berrian has scored just four touchdowns.

Asked about the interest in Berrian, Angelo said, "Right now we're doing everything we can to get our receivers in a groove.

"We just talked about Roy [Williams]. Then there's Johnny Knox, Devin Hester and Earl Bennett will be back now. It's not about the quantity of receivers; it's about the quality.

"What Bernard can do well, we have receivers who can do those same things. We certainly have respect for Bernard and like Bernard. We just don't want to run up and down the starting line because when you bring players in they take reps, and then whose reps does he take?"

The Bears also have undrafted rookie Dane Sanzenbacher, who leads his team with three receiving touchdowns.

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The Bears are not interested because that have a bad offense. The run the NO OFFENSE HUDDLE. They are also very cheap. Tradition? You bet. They have a winning season 4 out of every ten years, going back 50 years. And get some cheerleaders

Bring back Berrian? Are you serious? Who the heck asked Angelo that question!?

What a joke! This is right in Angelo's wheelhouse--taking other team's unwanted cast-offs.
Someone must be forcing him to say that.

Berrian got paid and then got really bad, he wasn't great before but man did he go in the the tank. Vikings should have dumped him a long time ago.

"It's not about the quantity of receivers; it's about the quality"

Really Jerry? If that is the case why is Hester still a starter, A five year project who you claimed was your number 1 reciever. Who Jerry claimed was a number 1 reciever. The same Jerry who said there are only a handful of true number 1 recievers in the league, pointing out Steve Smith, Wes Welker, Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, etc... If it's all about quality, which it is, how come he has not drafted a reciever in the first round once in his decade in Chicago?

Devin Hester leads all Bear recievers in snaps, if this is your main guy you have a huge hole at reciever. Hester would be the 5th or 6th best receiver on the Packers. Hell on his own team he is the 4th best reciever behind Forte, Knox and Bennett. Did the Bears bring in Roy Williams because he has been such a quality player? What are Angelo's standards so high that nobody is good enough for the Bears? Well except for his draft picks, cause they are just so... elite. I mean in 09 they could have had Mike Wallace, pretty damn good player, and the Bears wanted to take a reciever in the third round which they did, but not before they went D-Line with the amazing pool jumping boy. Could have had Greg Jennings, took Manning instead, he had one good year and then they let him walk. Don't want none of that Greg Jennings, to good, to strong, to fast. Could have had Brandon Marshall, but who wants a reciever with size when you can have Dusty D, a undersized NT with injury issues. Oh yeah baby, that's drafting. Could have had Vincent Jackson, Roddy White, hell he is not a reciever, but they could have had Aaron Rodgers, but not whilke Ced Benson was on the Board. Couldn't pass that up. Got Mark Bradley in round 2, so much better than Vincient Jackson. I mean they were looking for a QB that year, they did draft Orton. Let me see Orton or Rodgers? Ummmmm tough choice if your name is Kevin or Jerry, but I think Rodgers.

So in one draft they could have had Rodgers and Vincent Jackson, but took Ced Benson and Mark Bradley. They did take a QB and reciever in that draft, Orton and Curry. Also failed to notice Justin Tuck and Trent Cole.

Jerry is right, it is tough to find a good reciever, it's even tougher trying to make one. It does not help that he puts no value on the position, and the highlight of his reciever drafting consists of Johnny Knox. No offense to Johnny, it's just after a decade you would think maybe Angelo could have done a little better. Let me add not just Angelo but the whole scouting team he put together.

So glad Angelo isn't even contemplating bringing him back.

well said Creighton!!

Woah, easy there Creighton. Yes, it would be nice to have all those star players you mentioned, but hindsight is always 20/20.

You want to slam Angelo for missing out on the League's superstars but several teams and GMs missed out Rodgers, as they did Jennings, Wallace and Marshall and so on and so on.

Not to defend Angelo, who by no means is perfect, but give me your can't-miss picks for the 2012 draft and we'll see just how many you hit on.

Mike my draft record is all over this board and has been for years. I post my picks every year before the draft. I have done that for years I always give lists of players. Were have you been that you suddenly don't know this? Every draft I post my picks and favorite players, been doing for years. Every year before and during the draft I grade the Bears picks. What brain cramp did you suddenly have, that you don't know this?

You want some names I was right about? I got a better question when have I been wrong about an Angelo draft?

Lets start with Andrew Luck, call me crazy he is this QB out of Stanford, I think he will be really good.

A.J. Jenkins, I have him as a mid round pick and think the Bears will go after him. Not a fan myself.

Rueben Randle, two or three year project. Needs to get better at his routs, nice size, speed, hands, body control, needs to add 10-15 pounds as well.

Matt Kalil LT out of USC,

Everyone knows about Coples out of North Carolina, not a huge fan myself, he is all about the money and I worry what happens to him when he gets a top 5 contract. Lots of talent,

John Martin out of Stanford, him I really like

Lamar Miller

Alshon Jeffery

Chris Owusu waiting to how how his knee holds up for a whole season. Lots of big recievers this year.

Mike Brewster

David DeCastro

Dre Kirkpatrick

Luke Kuechly

Trent Richardson worried about the miles with him.

Matt Barkley

D.J. Fluker

Cam Johnson, 2 year project, will be a solid starter.

Justin Blackmon

Mike Floyd, has everything you want in a reciever and the off field issues to go with them.

I still have to see how the season ends and who comes out, and who gets hurt. How players finish the season, bowl games. So it's really hard to give any locks when I don't know everyone who will be in the draft yet. Call me crazy, but I do need to know who is on the block. Then you gotta watch where a player goes, you know a reciever going to team with no QB, a bad O-Line a bad OC, etc... is not going to produce as much as he can.

But look at the players Angelo took its not like I didn't tell you if I liked or did not like them before they ever took the field. Even Kevin will back me up on that. You should too you have been here long enough. No offense but I have made it really obvious what players I like, what types of systems I like and who I like. I don't know how much more I can say about it. It's pretty blatant, I can't get any more blatant, I can't point out any more players because I have pointed them out, over and over.

I did list Wallace by the way and the board didn't exist during the Jackson and Jennings draft. They took Gilbert in 09 and thats when I said they should have taken Wallace. Are you gonna tell me I was a Gilbert fan? When don't I go off on a draft Mike? I have literally posted on every draft who I like and don't like. Did you suddenly forget the last 5 years of fighting with Kevin, Brando, Tripper, MD, etc... When I have I not named players early and often?

Tell me a draft or player I have not commented on, that will be shocking to me.

Rodgers was not a mystery by the way, he was the second QB picked in the draft, and a lot of people thought he was the best QB in the draft. The mystery is why he dropped, nobody knows. They talked about it on draft day.

The reason I listed all those players is because it was known in those years that the Bears were looking at all those positions and looked at some of those players. All save Rodgers because they believed Sexy Rexy was the best ever.

Alex Smith a spread offense QB with an average arm and slow release over a Pro style QB with a cannon and one of the wuickest releases you will see.

The Mark Bradley pick, not only did I pick him to be a bust, and state it on this board when everyone thought oh boy he is our new number 1, I also said he would get cut and when it would happen.

Lets be honest Mike other teams hit on those players, somebody found them. But it's never the Bears is it? you want to go over Angelo's draft record? Really? Other teams can find players, we couldn't draft a QB and still have not, name the best reciever on the Bears in the last 3 decades, name the best offesive lineman in the last two decades, name the best DB in the last two decades, best LB in the last two decades, best DE in the last two decades, etc...

Other teams, hit on their picks, Joe F has hit on more players than Angelo, I have, hell even Kevin has, then the Bears draft someone who sucks and Kevin gewts all retarded, but before the draft he names so good players.

When have I ever liked Angelo draft picks? It's rare Mike, you know this.

As for the players I listed most are obvious picks. I like Brewster for the Bears, but I think they will be looking at a DT even though it is not a great class, maybe corner but, its a solid corner class, but Angelo has never been much on first round corners, recievers, guards, centers, DB's in general. Which is basically the whole reason I worte that post, he only deems certain positons worthy of a first round pick, rather than any position depending on the player. Which is how you should look at a draft. The dude has needed linmen, and recievers for the last 10 years. He could not find a QB Mike, he couldn't do it, he had to trade for one, plenty of QB's came up on the radar over those years, but he skipped them. Other teams hit on those QB's just not him. Could not find a DE, had to sign Peppers and trade for Goon and Adams. Could not find a reciever, tried drafting, FA's, tried making one, can not find a legit 1 or 2.

I have hit on more picks than Jerry, most people have, the only reason most of his picks will make the Bears roster for a few years is because he doesn't have anyone else and is to embarrassed to cut them.

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