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Cutler: '[bleep] you' at Martz in Vikings game no big deal

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Jay Cutler said he doesn't regret telling offensive coordinator Mike Martz, ''[Bleep] you'' during the Bears' victory over the Vikings on Sunday night, but added that it's all part of competitors being competitive in the heat of battle.

''Things happen You guys were fighting in the hallways last week,'' he said Wednesday, referring to an altercation between rival reporters in the media room at Halas Hall. ''I'm not going to make a big deal of this. It's not a big deal. We're all in the same team in this building. We're going to try and win football games.''

Cutler was clearly upset after Devin Hester dropped a catchable ball on a second-and-seven play at the Vikings 32-yard line with 43 seconds left in the first half. Cutler glared at the sideline, made the play call in the huddle and after breaking the huddle turned to the Bears' sideline and said, ''Tell Martz I said [bleep] you.'' The incident was caught by NBC's cameras and on-field microphones.

Tempers have flared among teammates and coaches throughout the history of the NFL, but rarely with a 23-3 lead, and rarely while a quarterback is trying to run a third-down play with the play-clock running. But Cutler said that was not an indication that his issue with Martz was more than an isolated incident.

''I'm a competitor. So is he. So is everyone on this offense,'' Cutler explained. ''Whether we're up three touchdowns or three points, a second- and third-down call is as important as any one in the game. It is what it is. We're good. We're moving on. Excited about his week's game plan and excited to go play in London.''

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So... who was fighting in the media room? If you kids can't play nice I will have to take away your 360's and playstations.

Was it Cowley? It's usually Cowley.

I love that Cutler is willing to say that to Martz, but what was the issue here? He didn't like the play call after Devin dropped a 1st down? What was the call, a 13 step drop?

I think theres more to this story than we know, you gotta wonder, what is going on behind closed doors at Hals Hall between Cutler and Martz? We do know Cutler was all but begging Martz to give him more 3-5 step drops vs 7-step drops, and to change up the protection schemes. It worked, it worked last season. Martz tried to force feed his "greatest show on turf" 7-step drop offense last season at about this time and it didn't work. Chicago simply doesn't have the personnel to run that scheme, not up front or at receiver. What they did vs the Vikings with the 5-step drops and keeping the tight ends and backs in to help out in protection worked, again, it worked last season. Martz needs to let go of the "greatest show on turf" dreams, its over. Get the ball out of Cutlers hands and feed Forte the ball on the ground.

Since week 5 Cutler has been hot, vs the Lions and Vikings Cutler is 49 of 69 for an impressive 71.0% completion percentage. Cutler also has 3 td passes to 0 ints. I think in the Lions game Cutler said the heck with it and rolled out of the pocket, this is when Cutler is at his best, then in the Vikings game Martz finally went back to what the Bears were doing late last season, fewer step drops and running the ball. Cutler is a better QB because of this, hopefully Martz sticks to this, it could get really ugly if not GO BEARS!!

Jay Cutler leaves no question in my mind as to , why Denver traded him.

Hey Potash,
You must be sad that Bears' fans are coming to Cutler's defense. I would say that you and Pompeii are the top Cutler haters around. How about some objective journalism instead?

Jim McMahon and Mike Ditka got into arguments on the sideline all the time. There's tons of camera footage showing Phil Simms and Bill Parcells screaming at each other. There's audio too. This is a very intense game involving high emotions for three hours. Sometimes those emotions cause teammates to lash out at each other. That doesn't mean they won't still work together to win.

Must'a Been A Really Slow News Day, Huh Mark??

Da Fans That Blog Here, Say "*&%^$# Martz" Practically Every Day.. And We Get No 'Press' At All.


According to some rumblings from former players and coaches who worked with Martz in the past, they believe Martz is more intrested in furthering his own legacy and the Martz offense rather than always doing what a team needs to win. Other reports suggest Martz had to be pulled aside 3 times and told to get it together and he didn't it. It wasn't until Jay started dropping hints to the media that Martz felt pressed into doing it.

Outside of that players and coaches, players and players, players and the media, all have arguments.

Martz went to max protect and 5 step drops in the vikings game. Shorter and more simplified routs. But this usually only works against teams with bad secondaries. Lucky for the Bears the Bucs have a bad secondary. Bucs are better against the run than the vikes and will look to stop Forte and dictate passing downs. On the flip side Tampa will look to establish the run to set up the pass. The Bucs like to spread the ball around to their recievers. Not sure what their O-Line will do, Trueblood got paid and he got lazy he will need help on the edge, Penn is decent, and they have a couple of decent guards.

I was not going to comment on this one but can't resist. I can recall too many times when I wanted to say exactly what Cutler said when people in authority above me issued orders that were flat out stupid. I'm sure anyone who has had an idiot for a boss can readily relate. The times I acted on the impulse rarely worked out well for me however, especially in the military, which seems to frown greatly on insubordination. Generally though, the self-satisfaction on such occasions was worth the consequences. I do suspect that all this between Martz and Cutler is in fact much ado about nothing. They have reached a level of rapport, and although it may be tested on occasion,I doubt if it will be disruptive or affect the team's performance.

"No foul language should come out of your mouth, but only such as is good for needed edificafion, that it may impart grace to those who hear." Eph 4:29

My realtime thought was that Jay was pissed that Martz called a give-up draw play on third down. He gets the call, rolls his eyes, calls it in the huddle, and then gets his shot out at the sideline before lining up.

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