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Chris Harris will ask Bears to trade him

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If he gets his way, Chris Harris will not be with the Bears much longer.

Harris will ask the Bears to trade him before the official deadline Tuesday afternoon, according to a source familiar with the situation. ESPN Chicago first reported the story.

It's been a roller coaster for Harris.

He started the season, but he injured his hamstring in the season opener and missed the next three games. Then, he returned to the lineup against the Detroit Lions but struggled. He was benched last week but expected to serve in a backup role.

Hours before kickoff, though, he was informed that he wouldn't even be active.

"If you're not in the starting lineup, you have to be able to play special teams. We base the rest of those positions on special teams," Bears coach Lovie Smith said when asked about Harris Sunday night. "It's how we've always done it. We'll continue to do it that way.

"When you say special teams are important, you have to have some guys that you feel like can do the job there. That was the main reason Chris didn't dress."

Several teams have a need at safety, including playoff contenders like the the New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys.

The Arizona Cardinals, Indianapolis Colts and Seattle Seahawks also could use some help at the position.

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I wouldn't trade Chris Harris, he still adds nice depth, but if he wants a trade, and the Bears are gonna stick with Major Wright, they gotta do what they gotta do. And for petes sake, don't trade Harris to the Packers, Saints, or Cowboys! I say Colts, their an AFC team, and they run a similar scheme to Chicago's. It would be a nice fit for Harris and it wouldn't help an NFC rival GO BEARS!!

tough... likeable guy but its good to see lovie dovie hold players accountable and like they all say" its a buisness"

good luck to him and his family for hes always been good with the fans ..

Wow who cars Harris was a bust ever sense Angelo drafted him. He can go for all I care bye bye see ya don't let the door hit youre a## on the way out.

I am now hearing all these Bears fans talk about about how great the Bears looked against the Vikes and how they turned things around. It makes me want to vomit in my mouth. Bears fans have to be some of the dummest people on the planitt. You idots do realize how bad Minnesota is right? Thereis no way the Bears go to tthe playoffs no f###### way so stop cheering. Ive been right about this team all along so trust me I now. I don't see them winning even three more games this years. They havent fixed anything. Its stoo bad the rest of you are to blind and stupid too see that but at the end of the season I'l be their saying I told yuou so.

Haven't been wrong yet about this team and dont plan on being wrong. Ever. Sorry I am that dam good.

What about Knox, Bears seem determined not to use him. Package Harris and Knox plus a pick for Marshall.

Game ball goes to Cutler for his F-Bombing Martz.

Easy there, Creighton. I think the jury is still out on Chicago making the playoffs. The win, while against a bad team, was very impressive considering the level of domination.

Food for thought:

1. Detroit is absolutley not as good as their record. Last week, the Bears WRs dropped key passes and the OL didn't show up to play at all. Detroit caught some breaks and the safetys imploded.

2. The Pack benefited from some serious phantom calls at Soldier Field in their 27-17 win. IMO, Woodsen should have been called for pass interference on at least a half dozen plays against Hester. The Bears were robbed of a chance at competing to win in that game. Yes, I am throwing the officials under the bus and making that excuse. I just re-watched pieces of the game on rewind and I think the officiating was terribly one-sided in that game.

3. The Saints legitimately trounced the Bears as Chicago's players repeatedly left the field with injuries and poor safety play, but adjustments have been made that should mitigate some of those problems.

4. I don't think anyone in their right mind thought that Minnesota could win that game, HOWEVER, the Bears OL played well against some talented pass-rushers and the DL was pretty solid against a very strong running team.

The Bears won that game in the first 20 minutes. That's pretty impressive, and there is some hope for them to make the playoffs. I am cautiously optimistic. We'll just have to see how the OL and WRs play in London against Tampa.

I like your idea to package Harris and Knox for Marshall. What about Eddie Royal?

And can someone tell me when we'll see Gabe Carimi, Earl Bennett, and Devin Hester back out on thei field? I think those injuries could really hurt the Bears in the coming weeks.

Creighton, you're soooooo smart. But you can't spell or use correct syntax worth a damn. Keep your thoughts in your head, genius. No one else can stand it.

Creighton is the same smart guy who made the same prediction last year. That's right. They were 4-3 going into the bye last year.So glad I didn't listen to him. I won $200 for the Bears playing in the NFC Championship. Creighton had to be the guy who never wore a jock, but was great at handing out towels as we exited the shower. He was able to do a little window shopping too. Go Bears !!!!!

Yeah I am a real idiot, except I not dumb enough to think I wrote that retards. If you read my actual post over the last two weeks, you will see I wrote the Bears have a good chance of making the playoff's given the schedule. So keep it to yourselves until you actually figure out which posts are mine, so far I have been dead on, on ever single game, and every problem they have.

estevenj you know better than to think that is me.

Why gang up on Creighton? My only objection to him is that he is too often verbose. He still makes good observations most of the time, although thinking the Bears will win only three more games is a fairly silly, if at least gutsy prediction. He is right that the Vikings are not much of a team and getting excited about the Bears beating them is hardly an assurance that the Super Bowl is in sight. I think the Bears look like they have resolved some of their problems and that they will maintain a higher level of play here on out. The game in London against a strong Tampa team should tell us how far the Bears have come or how far they still have to go. At this stage, I'd say they are staggering a bit but could come back strong. Let's hope they do. I am predicting, probably foolishly, that the Vikings will upset Green bay, with Peterson showing why he is the best back in the NFL.

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