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Chris Harris inactive, Johnny Knox starts ahead of Roy Williams

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The Bears announced that safety Chris Harris will be inactive, which means Major Wright and Brandon Meriweather will start today against the Carolina Panthers.

Officially, Wright will be the strong safety and Meriweather will be the strong safety.

There are also some interesting lineup changes. Despite practicing all week, after being sidelined with an ankle injury, Lance Louis lost his starting right guard spot to veteran Chris Spencer.

Also, receiver Roy Williams has been bumped from the starting lineup by Johnny Knox.

The Bears other inactives: RT Gabe Carimi, WR Earl Bennett, TE Matt Spaeth, DT Stephen Paea and DE Mario Addison.

Veteran Frank Omiyale will start again at right tackle, in place of Carimi. Omiyale told me last Sunday that he aimed to get the false starts under control.

With Spaeth sidelined, rookie Kyle Adams will get a chance to make an impression.

The most notable Panthers inactive is CB Chris Gamble. Third-year player Darius Butler will start in Gamble's spot at left cornerback.

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Wow is paea turning into another wasted draft pick? could have traded up and drafted another o-lineman instead. ja neeeds to go soon!

I realize the Carolina Panthers don't exactly have an elite front 7, but with that being said, how about Matt Forte and his 200 yard rushing performance? The guy is one of the leagues best backs, if he isn't gashing you for big gains on the ground like today, he'll get ya with a 100 yard receiving performance. The moral of my stroy, pay the guy. Oh yeah, and keep giving him more than 15 carries a game!

Gabe Carimi needs to hurry up and get healthy! I think Frank Omiyale played himself out of the starting lineup today. I see Lance Louis got the nod at right tackle late in the game, and the sad thing is, Cutler seemed to have more time in the pocket with Louis at right tackle, again, Carimi needs to hurry back!

The Bears defense is starting to worry me, not just because of all the big pass plays being given up, but they can't seem to stop the run this season? Thats a problem. I don't know if someone is not staying in their gaps? Bad tackling? Both? Maybe getting Chris Harris back will help not only in pass defense, but vs the run. They need to figure this out and fast! Next up the red hot Detroit Lions and maybe the leagues best receiver Calvin Johnson, not good! Like Carimi, Harris needs to hurry back GO BEARS!!

I thought Tice said Louis would have his starting spot back after he was healthy. But now he lost it, but then came to play after Spencer and Omiyale got hurt, but then Omiyale and Spencer reclaimed their starting spots.

I dont't get it, I thought Tice said he was hurt.

GB looks like they might have a decent offense, Orton is currently trying to pad his stats in a game that is over. Rodgers said he wsa not happy after they went into a game manage mode last week and wanted to play 4 full quarters. Well at least we know what the Packers look like at home when they are going for it.

Maybe we should keep louis at RT and move Carimi to LT, webb to LG, garza to RG and spencer to C. Its sad when we hope harris comes back quickly after signing a pro bowl S and drafting wright in the 3rd round. Sorry Kevin forte still does not belong at the top as a RB until he runs against some other team besides Carolina. You can put him at the top as far as pass catching RB but the bears need more than that. Lets wait a few more games with some good RUSHING YARDS before we spend a lot of money on him. Hopefully ja and company will be gone after this season.

I wouldn't worry too much about Paea just yet. Making a rookie sit for a year is not unusual for Lovie. Remember when Bennett sat out his rookie year even though the Bears were desperate for a receiver. All he's done since is catch everything thrown to him. When Paea was drafted the Bears only had two DTs under contract (Toena and Harrison) neither of them were anything special (especially Harrison). Adams was a free agent, Harris was cut, and it was unclear whether Melton was a tackle or end. Paea was considered the third best DT and the Bears had a real need especially considering the importance of that position in Lovie's defense. At the time there was no way of knowing whether Adams would come back or that Texans could cut Okoye and the Bears be able to sign him. I think it was a good pick, but of course, time will tell.

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