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Chris Harris' agent: "It's nothing personal"

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The agent for safety Chris Harris insisted the opportunity to shop for a new club isn't personal and downplayed any problems if his client remains with the Bears.

"Jerry is a mentor to me. We go back a long way," agent Albert Elias said. "He does things the right way.

"This was a situation where I wasn't happy, and I had to represent my client. At the end of the day, we shook hands, hugged each other and moved on. It's nothing personal. It's business," Elias said.

Asked if Harris would create any problems if he stayed on the team, Elias said, "No.

"Chris will be a head coach one day. We're not just going to be traded to any team. All we wanted was an opportunity. If it doesn't work out, then Chris will be a back up and support his team."

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Chris Harris was an above avg player. He is not known for his speed and in Lovie's system speed is a must.Im not sure what kind of value the Bears have on Chris but I cant see a team giving up more then a 5th round pick for him.
Conte play well vs the Vikings.I like his play, he is fast and is around the ball. I dont care that in college he had 70+ tackles or not, last night he did his job.Some people{creighton} didnt like him being drafted in the 3rd round, I can care less if he was drafted in the first round as long as he plays at a high level.
Jay Cutler the last 2 games has been really good.I am impressed! He keeps up this level of play he might win over some fans.
One more thing, Lance Louis played like an animal. I wonder if he keeps up a high level of play at right tackle if will continue to play there after Carmini comes back. That happens I would like to see Carmini move over to the left side and keep Webb as their swing tackle.

Harris seems to be pulling an attitude with the demotion from the first team. His play earned him the demotion, now he is hoping for a trade? Better to have him move on if he is not capable of being a team leader and keeping his personal emotion above team.

You never learn, Conte played 25 yards off the line last night and didn't much of anything. Let him play against a team that has a QB that does not have one foot out the door, let him play on the road against a QB in his prime. You think Rodgers is sitting in GB going oh no it's Conte?

Louis played with help all night, he also played outside all night, anyone with an inside counter will beat him. Bears played Max protect most of the night with 5 step drops. It's not a difficult job when you do that.

Let me know where the cards fall at the end of the year. Well that is if you don't go into hiding again. Bunch of Bears fans who only show up after a win. A win against one of the worst teams in the nfl. I believe the Bears won 40-14 last year against the Vilkings on the road, not sure why this a surprise win.

Almost forgot which plays exactly did Conte impress you on? I really didn't see much of him.

Sean how come the Bears are waiting till Thursday to head out? Bucs already left? Reminds me of a bad movie, the Bad news Bears go to London. I am trying to picture Lovie in London, "Yall sure talk funny" "Why yall keep putting beans on my eggs, I likes Beans just fine, but not on my eggs" "Hey I asked for Fish and chips, not french fries, and what's with the Vinegar, dontcha have Katsup, it's read made from tomatoes." "My goodness, what's wrong with this place, people talk funny, it's night when it should be day, they put beans on everything, they aint got no darn BBQ. Everything is expensive, they use funny looking money, what the heck a doodle is a pound? They put vinegar on fries and call them chips. I'm in hell, I hate change, change is bad, different is evil."

Can't wait for it though 90 thousand fans of Soccer cheering for real football. What are the odds that the Brits do the wave?

Yeah the Bucs said they did that last time and it blew up in their faces, hope that's not the case. Yeah right I would go reall early too, that is a great city. I wanted to go to this game bag but it didn't work out.

Can you seriously tell me what Conte did, Bears played so much cover 1 and he was playing so deep I did not see him except when he got in on a couple of tackles. I don't think the 8 man front and him as your oly deep man will work so well against better QB's and better teams.

Anyway bring on the enigma that is the Bucs, can't figure out how they beat the Saints, didn't se the game and the Bucs just don't seem all that great.

Blount is out and that's huge, Graham looked decent though. Williams is having problems catching the ball this year, which is also huge. Freeman has been a lot better than his numbers suggest but his line sucks and the recievers are not playing well as a group. There D-Line has been impressive, Bennett, and McCoy, and, Clayborn and Crowder look like a nice group. Jones is ok in the secondary but that is about it, I can't believe Barber is still playing.

Anyway have fun, and enjoy your puddle jump across the pond. If you need anything translated let me know I speak english good well. English is a sub-dialect of Great Britianese you know? So I am able to translate many of their words.

Remember one thing be a good chap and don't forget to take your noon tea. Greatest british custom of all time. Not breakfast tea, although you will want to try that as well, black tea with milk or cream.

And fish and chips are good just about any place you go, but some of the local places use fresh caught "Two Brothers Fish Restaurant" is the best but can be really crowded, lots of big names though, "Geales" and "Masters Super Fish" are really good as well. I would try Masters, ignore the Peas. Trust me you will understand when you get there. Chips are only ok as well, but the fish is usually really good. There is also Seafresh in Victoria on Wilton rd. Give any of them a shot, it's better than Longs Johns by a wide margin.

As for noon tea, The Capitol on Basil st. or the English Tea Room at Brown's Hotel.

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