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Brian Urlacher: "Defensively, we stink"

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It isn't a surprise that the Bears offensive line is struggling.

With only modest changes, and first-round pick Gabe Carimi sidelined since the first half of the game in New Orleans, the Bears offensive line has been dogged once again.

But the dismal play of the Bears defense has been a surprise.

A unit that finished 9th last season and expected to challenge to be the league's best posted another forgettable game.

"Defensively, we stink. We can't stop the run, we can't stop the pass," Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher said.

He then described the 88-yard touchdown run by Jahvid Best.

"The quarterback took a snap, he handed it to the guy, and he ran 88 yards without being touched," Urlacher said. "That's what I saw. I don't know why it happened, but that's what I saw."

Undisciplined. Not physical enough. Those were among the concerns in the Bears locker room.

"We're not disciplined," outside linebacker Lance Briggs said. "We're not disciplined."

Asked what's most disappointing, he said, "Big plays.


Bears cornerback Charles Tillman put things in perspective.

"Until we get this figured out, it's going to be a long season," he said.

It already has been, right?

The Bears are 2-3, and the defense has been a huge part of the problem.

Tillman said he could have jammed receiver Calvin Johnson on his 73-yard touchdown catch, in which he beat both safeties in the middle of the field.

"Right now, we just really need to get back to the fundamentals of football. I feel our scheme is not difficult, but we seem to keep messing up," Tillman said. "We're doing the same thing we did last year. Same defense, same players."

Tillman then insisted that the players -- not coaches -- are to blame.

"I respect coach [Lovie] Smith and coach [Rod] Marinelli, because they'll be men and blame themselves," Tillman said. "But it really falls on the players. They're doing everything in their power. We, as players, can definitely man up and make the plays."

The Lions finished with 395 offensive yards. But Best had 163 rushing yards on just 12 carries. Subtract his 88-yarder, and he still averaged 6.8 yards on his other 11 carries.

Meanwhile, Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was sacked just once and pressured on three other instances. Not surprisingly, he completed 19 of 26 passes for 219 yards, with two touchdowns and one interception, for a rating of 107.7.

"Defensively, just can't give up big plays like that. Best is a good player, but we're not set up to give up easy runs or passes that way -- (we've) got to keep the ball in front of us and you know, to be able to have a base run go for a touchdown--it's kind of hard to swallow," Smith said.

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All I Expected To Watch Unfold, Was A Full Week's Worth Of Preperation And Game Planning.. Put Together With A Single Goal In Mind.. To Unseat An Undefeated Foe In Their Own Building.

What I Got.. What We All Got.. Was Rediculous!!!

Lovie's "Bend But Don't Break" Defense - 73 Through The Air / 88 On Da Ground - In 2 Plays.
Genius Mike's Offense - 3-N-Out..3-N-Out.. 3-N-Out.. etc.
Tice's Line... How Many False Starts?.. *Hint* We KNOW Da Snap Count!!
Hester - Run Out'a Bounds
Urlacher - "Stink"
Briggs - "Mo Money"
Tillman - Couldn't Cover Himself With A Blanket.

That 'Cluster'... Was A Full Week's Worth Of Work?

Dearest McCaskys...

These People Are Stealing Money From Your Company!!

The Entire Country, (*Armed Forces TV.. Da WORLD!) Just Watched Your Product Again Fail Miserably In Da Spotlight.. Because Of Inefficient And Ineffective Management.

Please, Either Dispatch Michael Downstairs To Do The 'Axe' Work (A'la Ditka)

Or, If You'd Rather It Came Directly From The Heart??

Call Me! I'll Do 'It '..For The Good Of Us All.
Send A Plane Ticket, A Hotel Reservation And A Meeting Time. (*Include Contact Numbers For Brian Billick, Bill Cowher, And Jon Gruden).. I'll Do 'It'!!

Do What Needs To Be Done. Do The 'Right' Thing. Do SOMETHING!!??

*Other Wise, It's A Very Early Hockey Season.

Brian Urlacher is.....right. They stink, bad. Its hard to really pin point the problem on defense to one player, this is a group effort here. Whats killing this defense is so many players are out of their gaps and are playing undisciplined football right now. The really sad thing about last nights game, you take away just 2 plays, just 2, the Best 88 yard touchdown run and the Calvin Johnson 73 yard td catch, and Chicago probably wins. My point being, Chicago is playing really undisciplined football right now, and it was plain as day on these two big plays that the Beas allowed, which for a veteran defense, they shouldn't have never allowed?

On the touchdown run by Best, someone was clearly out of their gap? It was kinda a misdirection thing with the way they moved their tight end that got the Bears linebackers all out of whack, but man, I just don't get it? This kinda of thing never use to happen to Chicago's defense before? On the touchdown catch by Calvin Johnson, it's like Tillman said, maybe he should have jammed CJ? But what was up with both safeties getting beat? Again, undisciplined football. This is something that needs to be fixed and fast!

At least Matt Forte has been playing lights out football as of late! Chalk up another 100 yarder, my point here, pay the man!! Forte might be on his way to the Pro-Bowl, if so, he's gonna bank in the off-season. Chicago should just suck it up and pay him now, it would be cheaper. In the off-season they're gonna be going against another club for Forte's services. They don't need to let him go, especially with no other playmakers on the team, pay him GO BEARS!!

i totally agree with both urlacher and tillman. I watched the game and it really didnt make since how my home team did defensively. Hopefully you guys do better next game.

Yes, Brian, you do stink. But, hey, you got Chris Harris back. That's going to make all the difference. Oops, maybe not. No pass rush, missed tackles, boneheaded plays, and a scheme that's worn out its welcome. Why is it that when the other team only rushes four there is nobody open, but when the Bears rush four there is always somebody wide open? It's partially because our receivers blow, and partially because Lovie's scheme blows. How can a defense designed to not give up big plays, give up big plays so easily? And I'm not just talking 88 yard runs and 80 yard passes. It is way to easy to convert on third and long against the Bears and it has been for a while now. More of the same isn't going to fix that.

Its time for Lovie and DeAngelo to man up , take responsibility and resign

Oh my what a terrific game! It was so exciting to see the ball get thrown around and also to see the football players running back and forth! Oh my!

It was a nitty gritty wrestling match bck and foth but we sneaked away with the win sense the Bears had the ball at the very end!

And Mr. Brian Urlacher if you think you stink then take a shower and wear deodarant silly!

Go Bears!! Yipee!!

Exactly. Throw in Ted Phillips, too.

Stink is a nice word for the Bears defensive play but the problem is far greater than that, the whole team is not disciplined and is disjointed. Do you think Belichek would put up with such discipline any good coach would not, where is the Bears pride, this team so far this year is an embarrassment to Chicago.

I have been all over Cutler as being a mediocre QB but he played his heart out while the rest of the team self destructed oh and Fcrte played well a( remember the guy we can't sign).

The team needs new direction, new coach, new Gm new owners that will bring a championship team to Chicago have pride in the team and just not be happy to fill the stadium.


The Safeties got beat last night, because they were cheating, or biting on motion. The Bears had no shot last night, yes if you take out the two TD's they scored the Bears would have won, unless Detroit sustained those drives and scored, or how about those 2 throws Stafford over threw too wide open recievers who would have scored. It's nice to play in fantasy land but the reality is they lost, and got their butt's kicked in the process.

Both of Best's big runs were cut backs. The reason you don't see anyone in their gaps is because they are getting blown out of their gaps.

Personally I wanted to see this D-Line play without Peppers for a bit, see how good the depth is, and how good the young guys are. Well last night put the nail in that coffin, they suck real bad.

You know i wouldn't nail Henery Melton so often so easily if the Bears organization had not built him up all training camp. But they did, they did build him up, they lied to me, and they must be punished. Henery Melton is a bigger turd than Hurd.

So just looking at the Bears, it looks like they need to rebuild pretty much the entire defense, 4 out f five on the O-Line, 2 recievers, and a pair of TE's. So basically they need a new team. Way to go Angelo and Smith.

Kevin has it occured to you that Forte may not want to stay in Chicago? I mean if your Forte and your looking at this team, would you want to stay through the entire rebuilding process when you have the option of going wherever you want? Would you want to stay in a place that you know is a joke, with a GM who sucks, with no O-Line, and a GM who under values you, in an offense being run by a nut job. Or would you rather go to the Pats, Packers, etc...?

What do the bears practice on all week? The upstairs is cheap but they will pay someone that's washed up. Give forte the money. Why get rid of aromashadou and greg olsen players that helped the offense. Bench knox for Roy Williams are you really for real. It seems to me every time we are behind or in the 4th quarter they start passing the ball. Watered down offensive line please spend money on the o-line. Jamarcus Webb flat out stink and williams. To win you have to spend money on key players and a good personnel. I think It's time for a change. No passing game waste timeouts constantly.

The bears organization will not fire love or angelo until they got there moneys worth. It will take 2 sucky more season from now bears make pay offs and love and Jerry have a new contract what a crock of crap

I think Urlacher is trying to pull a Mike Brown. It'll take more than that to get to a winning season this year, let alone a SuperBowl season.

I can help pin point the probelm and what I seen was defensive players not standing their ground, They move as soon as they see the ball handed off and are blocked out leaving holes and it shows. Our defense is being moved away from the designed plays, just like the passing play. If you stand your ground especially in a zone these big plays don't happen. Everyone wants to zero in on the ball carrier, and they want to gang tackle, well that is all fine and dandy but these OL's are opening big holes. We didn't do our homework, and we failed to shore up our defense, and offensive during the off season, Our receving core is bad, they drop passes, and don't get free to run good routes. Not to mention the OL! We knew we had issues last year, and we needed a few free agents. When the Viks cut Mckinny we should have jumped on this pro-bowler! We played in the NL Championship game last year, and we now look like some rebuilding club just like the Loins the past 2yrs. I stated we might be 7-9 maybe 8-8, and was TOLD I WAS NUTS. I was hoping I was wrong, but I noticed in pre season we didn't do much of anything to warrant a Super bowl run.

Lions fan here. While I'd love to see the Lions face him twice a year, the sooner the Bears get rid of Rod Marinelli the better off they'll be. He was in over his head as head coach, and he's over his head as DC.

Based on painful experience with him as head coach, it's obvious the guy is not very bright, and to compound the problem he's incredibly stubborn. He has way too much faith in his system, and can't see how it's failing.

When Schwartz took over, the difference was like night and day -- where Marinelli would blunder around and sputter the same sound bites, Schwartz would actually try to figure out what tools he had and fix things. I realize Marinelli is only a part of the problem, maybe just a symptom of a larger problem, but he's going to gum up the works until he's gone.

I felt I was watching a highschool football game and even Gruden was being kind when he said " ive never seen the bears defense look this bad"

poor coaching and an outdated system that every team has figured out.. also all our coaches were fired by other teams.. ie detroit!!

martzs system does not work with this team or this QB get jason bates on the phone who coached cutler in denver and knows how to use his skills..

every team i watch has improved and who do the bears get?????/ retreads!!

where was barber the so called " beast" roy willimas one catch? but lets get rid of kreutz and olsen..

ok rant over and bears right now you suck!!

The d can be fixed but for years now they have given up third and longs more,than,any other,team I have seen. And why is rod even a coach on,this team I mean really go 0-16 and,we,sign him to coach,our defense ad if they went 0-16 for offensive reasons only.,our recievers suck and why do,we have,so many lions castoffs on the team if,they were not good enough for those awful teams why would they be good here . Management wasted money they most likely didnt even want,to spend Please go get T.O or randy somebody that can make a play. Find a linemen anywhere but,who you got hell go,to,the cfl if,you have to. Defense can fix this,but offense need a facelift soon roy williams is,a bum hester and knox cant fight for the ball or get open are best reciever is the running back and a undrafted rookie are you serious. If coaching staff cant see what everybody els can they need to be replacec

Never thought I would see the day when the toughest guy on the Bears was the quarterback.

It looked to me like it was Urlacher who was in the wrong gap on the Best run. I doubt Briggs was supposed to get all the way to the A gap if his coverage assignment was the TE, and Urlacher and CHarris both filled a same gap on the left side of the defensive line, with Harris coming from a position much further to the left than Urlacher. If Harris has that gap (would the safety be assigned a gap on that play?), then I imagine Urlacher should have filled the hole that Best ran through.

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