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Brandon Meriweather stays positive, after demotion

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Bears safety Brandon Meriweather refuses to make excuses, although he was thrust into the starting lineup in Week 2.

"I'm not an excuse maker. I feel, if you throw me in a situation, I'll come out feet first," he said. "I landed on my head, on this one. But it's still a long season. I'm hoping everything will get better, in time."

Meriweather acknowledged that the safeties have been giving up to many big plays and coaches have to act accordingly. Last week, he and Chris Harris were benched, and rookie Chris Conte and Major Wright started at the safety spots.

"The decision they made, of course I'm not happy about it. But I got to understand," he said. "It's a business. It's a, 'What have you done for me lately' business.

"I'm sure, sooner or later, I'll be back out there. I just have to be patient, and get back to the basics."

The Bears may want to consider putting him back in the lineup for the upcoming game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in London. In 2009, when he was with the New England Patriots, Meriweather intercepted two passes -- returning one of them for a 39-yard touchdown -- in a 35-7 rout of the Bucs.

Asked about his favorite part of the trip to London, he said, "The game was the highlight for me."

He said players will have fun there.

"It's something new. A lot of guys don't even leave the country, that often," he said. "So when you get a chance, you get to enjoy it."

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I like Meriweather's energy on the field and to be taken in the first round by New England leaves little doubt that he is extremely talented.

If he can settle down, learn the playbook and try not to launch himself helmet-first into offensive players in an attempt to liquify their brain matter, I think we might have a pretty decent free safety in the years to come.

We'll see what happens though...


I agree with you Mike - you can just see the energy in his eye. He just needs to get down to basics and discipline.

Sean, that was a terrific article you wrote last week on Charles Tlllman's home game. My family loves Peanut.

Bill B couldn't teach him a system or to stay in line. The guys an idiot.

Merriweather better learn the Lovie 2 if he wants to get "back out there." As of now, I am chalking up his signing as more dollars that could have and should have been paid to Mr. Forte.

Jerry, just sign Forte already. He's in his prime. He's the best offensive player the Bears have. The longer you pee all over the fence and the trees to mark your "we don't overpay for players" territory, the more expensive he is going to get.

It's time to get pragmatic. The Bears are not the Patriots. Sign the man and move on.

To quote Mr. Cutler: 'It's not that difficult!"

I am afraid you are are right about the guy being an idiot, though I hold out hope. Having that GO BEARS attitude makes me an idiot, does it not?

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